Top 10 Most Polluted Cities in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Polluted Cities in The World in 2017.Cities are the ‘face’ of any country, and their physical appearance tells us more about the specific countries.However, pollution in a majority of cities has made them famous for degrading the environment, leading to unsustainable development.According to the World Health Organization, more than 225,000 people have died from lung cancer caused by air pollution.More than a half of those deaths are in China and East Asia.Pollution has caused global warming, respiratory problems and heart diseases.Over 200 million people are affected by air pollution, with outdoor air pollution causing over 4 million premature deaths around the globe in 2012. Iran, India, and Pakistan are home to the world’s most polluted cities, considering the level of suspended particulate matter.Be prepared, here are the most polluted cities in the world 2017.

List of top ten most polluted cities in the world 2017:

10. Lahore, Pakistan

Lahore, Pakistan Top Popular Polluted Cities in The World 2018

Lahore is a famous, beautiful and historic town in Pakistan.Despite all the beauty, Lahore is one of the most polluted cities in the world.The city has an annual mean figure of 200mcg/m3.The city is also the third most contaminated in the country and the tenth in the entire world.

9. Kanpur, India

Kanpur, India Most Polluted Cities in The World 2017

Kanpur is famous for its leather industry, which is a significant economic activity that employs hundreds of Indians.The city, however, rated as the most polluted in the world, with an annual mean figure that ranges around 210mcg/m3, according to research conducted in 2008.Kanpur is the second most contaminated city in India and the ninth globally.

8. Yasuj, Iran


Yasuj is an Iranian city loved by many due to its economic activities and its historical heritage.However, many inhabitants of the city and many others from around the world have no idea that the town is number four regarding contamination in Iran.Strange to many is a more surprising fact that Yasuj town is the eighth most contaminated city in the world.According to a study carried out in 2009, the city has an annual mean level of around 216mcg/m3.

7. Gaborone, Botswana


African countries are famous for their high rates of pollution.Factors such as poverty and over-reliance on natural resources cause the contamination.Gaborone, the city in Botswana, is not any different.Despite the city being in a state that has a relatively small population, it is the seventh most polluted town in the world.Gaborone has a 216 mcg/m3 annual mean figure, according to research conducted in the African country in the year 2005.

6. Peshawar, Pakistan

Peshawar, Pakistan Top Most Popular Polluted Cities in The World 2018

The middle east is familiar with high pollution levels.Pakistan, in particular, has some of the most polluted cities in the world.Here is another Pakistani town, Peshawar.The city is an urban favorite for many, and is considered to be far much better regarding facilities in comparison to rural Pakistan.The shocking truth about the city is that it is the sixth most polluted town in the world.Peshawar has an annual mean figure of around 218mcg/m3, according to research conducted in 2003.The city is the second most contaminated city in the entire country of Pakistan.Some of the sources of pollution in this town include burning of refuse and solid waste, vehicle emissions, brick kiln emissions and industrial emissions.

5. Kermanshah, Iran


Kermanshah is a major city in the oil-producing country of Iran, located in the heart of the middle east.With every passing day, over five million people in developing countries are poisoned by pollution, and this happens in Iran as well.Despite Kermanshah being inhabited by many Iranians, is the fifth most polluted city in the globe.Inside Iran, Kermanshah is the third regarding high pollution levels.

4. Quetta, Pakistan


Quetta is a Pakistani city famous not for is oil production but for its high pollution levels.According to a report released by medics after an extensive global study, over 25 percent of deaths in developing countries are related to environmental factors such as pollution, and Pakistan is one of these countries.Quetta is no different, and complications developed due to environmental contamination account for a majority of deaths in the city. Quetta is ranked among the top ten polluted cities worldwide and as the most polluted town in Pakistan.Pakistan’s Quetta has an annual level mean of 251mcg/m3 on average.The city holds the fourth position along with Ludhiana in India.

4. Ludhiana, India


Ludhiana is a major Indian city and an industrial hub that creates employment for many Indians.Unknown to a majority of its inhabitants is that the city is the fourth most polluted in the world.As a result of this, the Union ministry of environment imposed a total ban on industrial pollution in 2010.The ban was however lifted the following year, with the department instructing that an action plan is prepared to check contamination.Ludhiana has an annual mean level of around 251 mcg/m3, according to research conducted in 2008.The city is the most polluted in Indian territory.The city holds the fourth position along Quetta in Pakistan.

3. Sanandaj, Iran

Sanandaj, Iran Top Polluted Cities in The World 2019

Sanandaj is an Iranian modern city preferred by many who would rather live in urban centers instead of rural Iran.Sanandaj is located in Kurdistan Province and is the capital of Kurdish culture.The city is the third most polluted city in the world with a 255mcg/m3 annual mean according to data collected in 2009 and is the second most polluted city in Iran.

2. Ulan Bator, Mongolia


The world health organization released a report showing that the Mongolian town of Ulan Bator ranks the second regarding pollution globally.According to data collected in 2008, Ulan Bator has a mean figure of 278 mcg/m3 annually.The public health department in Ulan Bator released another study showing an increase in the number of respiratory diseases in the city by more than 50 percent between 2005 and 2007, as a result of the pollution.

1. Ahvaz, Iran

Ahvaz, Iran Top 10 Most Polluted Cities in The World 2017

Ahvaz is a city in southern Iran that produces most of Iran’s oil.The city has numerous economic benefits including earning foreign exchange for the middle east oil producer.Despite those amazing facts about it, Ahvaz is the most polluted town in the world.According to research conducted in 2009, data collected by the city showed a mean level of 372 mcg/m3 annually, which is the highest in the world.Ahvaz is, therefore, more famous with pollution than it is with oil production.

As seen above world’s most polluted cities 2017, pollution is a major problem in the main cities.In the developing world, over 5 million people are poisoned by pollution daily.Indoor and outdoor pollution causes over two million deaths every year, according to the World Health Organization.Pollution in cities is as a result of motor vehicles, burning of coal and fuel wood, and animal waste.Control of contamination in these cities contributes to sustainable development, and if more efforts are made to reduce the pollution, sustainable development goals are achievable.