Top 10 Most Happy Countries in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Happy Countries in The World in 2017. How could you be sad in a country with plenty of community involvement, great safety, and average life expectancy? From one corner of the earth to another, you will find happy people, yet there are some countries with higher concentration of satisfaction and local joy with characteristics such as booming economy, great safety, and great education and high life expectancies. But do you know the secret of happy countries 2017? Well, let the truth be told, it is the environment, location, culture, politics are some of the reason. Have a look at these most happy countries in the world and find out their precise reasons by packing your suitcase, select a country and then make your move!

List of Top 10 Most Happy Countries in The World 2017

10. Iceland

iceland, Top 10 Most Happy Countries in The World 2017-2018

Iceland Air offers affordable flights to Europe and there is extended layovers found in the capital city of Reykjavik. You will also find outdoor swimming pools plus indoor market halls in the capital city and there are also easily accessible national parks. You can also take ride along ring road and see the island’s beaches, volcanoes and outdoor landmarks. Citizens are happy with everything their country offer including low cases of corruptions, employment, community engagement, good health among other good things.

9. Denmark


This country lot of free public services like education and health care and the country is proud of sense of social life and also community. There are fantastic community, work life balance and high environmental scores is what makes Denmark the happiest country 2017. The hydrocarbon economy is booming unemployment rates are very low and due to free education system, there is 100 percent literacy rate and you will get well-educated people.

8. Switzerland


Switzerland is a prosperous nation and what you will love most about this nation is about its rich chocolate and magnificent ski slopes. There are lowest obesity rates and citizens are able to afford healthy lifestyle. What are great about this country are wild spaces and you can discover them by kayaking, canyoning or paragliding in Interlaken and you will explore vast mountainous landscape. This county is simply stunning with beautiful lakes, snow-capped mountains, environment which range from lush to frozen.

7. Norway


This country is known for its gorgeous landscape and if you’re visiting this country, you will enjoy outdoor spaces which the country is proud of. There is a magnificent fjord and you can pitch a tent anywhere you wish while hiking. In the summer months, there are things to do like climbing Mount Skala which is a tall mountain in Norway. You will also notice glacier and this is great if you like geography. There’s high level of satisfaction in this country and citizens get ¾ of positive experience each day. The country is proud of Fjords, mountains and glacier which makes Norway a beautiful nation.

6. Finland


The population of this country is 5.2m people and there are 3.3m saunas found in the country. They are available along office buildings, parliament and along sides of lake houses. The country is widely known for great education system and there is high-quality of life, high literacy rates, and low levels of corruptions, small income gap, and great work-life balance. This is the country everyone can admire to be!

5. Sweden


This is the country with high-level satisfaction in the planet. If you want to know why Sweden is the happy country, just visit a coffee shop and you will realize that this country is among the three bigger consumer of coffee in the world. The sense of community is usually strengthened by traditional called Vika which translated to break time. Locals meet together to discuss news, and eat pastries. If you wish, you can visit this country and learn more about their culture and why they’re such happy. This country has exciting bit cities, stunning natural beauty, rocky islands, thick green forest and vas frozen landscape. They have high score in environmental quality and citizens have life satisfaction, overall health and number of business opportunities.

4. Canada


This country is spacious and there are cultural diversity and plenty to explore. During the winter’s dog sledding season, you can have chance to learn the art of mushing. The citizens are happy with current lives and also the direction they’re heading. Residents have highest life expectancies and have top performing education system. Majority of the Canadians, say that they luxuriate in more positive experience each day than negative. Canada is one of the largest countries but despite that, citizens are incredibly content with their lives.

3. Netherlands


This country has highest rates of physical activity and what is more interesting is about 20,000 miles of bicycle lanes which is safe travel. Capital city of Amsterdam is also known to be most bike-friendly city and when you find yourself here, you just need to rent a bicycle and try Netherland’s preferred means of transportation and you will get fun exercise during your trip. Citizens are satisfied with strong job market and also great work-life balance. The locals also luxuriate in plenty of personal choice that is from religion to sexuality and also everything in between.

2. New Zealand


This country has only been occupied by human beings for about 800 years now. The country has very low level of pollution and it is known to be most bio-diverse in planet. The country is proud of ancient Maori sites, Volcano and craters at Tongariro as well as Whanganui National Parks. This country is also proud of their local ecology and they are putting much of their effort to protect it. Overall health, peaceful environment, low level of corruption, small income gap, great work life balance are what makes this happy countries 2017.

1. Australia


It is known to be the 6th largest country in the planet but despite its large area, there are high level of civic engagement and very low level of pollution. There is popular Australian BBQ which brings everyone together, outdoor spaces, most national parks and other places where citizens come together and offer free/coil operated grills. The citizens live in most adored spot on the world and they also have high score for health, community engagement, employment and environment. Don’t let the snakes, venomous spiders and sharks fool you, this is the happiest country!

We all know that when citizens are not happy, the country is not at peace at all. What contributes to happy country is the environment, education system, politics and good relation between residents. If you are living in these happy countries 2017, then you need to thank your creator because there are countries whose citizens gets ¼ satisfaction each day while others get ¾ satisfaction every day which is great difference. These happy countries 2017  need to be congratulated for their great work!

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