Top 10 Popular Indoor Houseplants That Purify Air

Take a look at the below list of the world’s Top 10 Popular Indoor Houseplants That Purify Air 2017. Imagine that you can spend 90% of your time indoors and so air quality matters a lot. Upholstery, furnishing, cleaning products in offices and also home can release variety of unhealthy compound like formaldehyde. You also need to know that the causes of indoor air pollution are bacteria, molds and pollen and not that alone, car exhausts can find it way to your building! If you have poorly ventilated spaces, then you need find remedy. But don’t worry; there is affordable way that you can combat the issue of pollution. Here are the popular indoor houseplants that purify air and make you feel better and smarter. Don’t suffer anymore, grow your houseplant right away and those unhealthy toxins will never find their way to your lungs and say hello to healthy lifestyle!

List of the world’s Top 10 Popular Indoor Houseplants That Purify Air 2017

10. Aloe Vera

aloe vera, Top 10 Popular Indoor Houseplants That Purify Air 2017 2018

This plant is very easy to care and known to be great medicinal plant. Its leaf has clear liquid which is full of enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and other compound which have wound-healing, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. It can also help skin conditions like psoriasis without hurting you. It can also purify and filter indoor as well as outdoor air toxins. You can use the gel to heal burns, minor cuts, skin problems and insect bites. You can be economical when you decide to grow this houseplant instead of buying those expensive things like oxygen filters to purify your air.

9. Rubber Plant


This is evergreen plant which originates from India. It has broad leaves and its color is deep green with glossy touch and some variants features purplish tinge its color. The plant is excellent at absorbing carbon monoxide, eliminating formaldehyde and trichloroethylene from your surrounding air. It is easy to grow plant and you can trim to control its growth and you can make the plant grow tall by trimming it, too. This plant secretes latex when it is trimmed or when the branches are broken. You need to be careful when you have pets and kids in the house.

8. Garden Mum


This is an air purifying champion plant which is known to remove benzene, ammonia, xylene and formaldehyde from indoor air. It is a popular and affordable at garden stores. You can plant it outside after it is finish blooming. Its scientific name is Chrysanthemum marifolium and it will save you a lot of money instead of buying oxygen filters. Taking care of it is very easy, you only keep it out of reach with your pets and kids and water it frequently and you will see happy plant ready to serve you.

7. Peace lily


If you want a beautiful, yet easy to care plant, then Peace lily is your choice. It will improve indoor air quality by 60 percent. The plant will also reduce mold spores which grow in homes and it absorbs spores through the leaves and circulate them to plant’s root and used as food. This plant can be used in bathrooms to keep shower tiles and also curtains free from mildew. This plant is capable of absorbing harmful vapors from acetone and alcohol. Be frustration free person by growing this plant.

6. Bamboo Palm


It is an attractive, yet sturdy looking plant which is easy to care for. It has the highest transpiration ratings and also good overall score. The plant is known at eliminating toxins like nitrogen oxide, formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene. Also, during the winter months, this plant can maintain moisture level making it easy to care plant. It can produce tiny buds when it reaches maturity and can thrive on low-medium light. This is the plant you need to try and it will cut your cost of buying oxygen filters.

5. Spider Plant


This is a plant you need to grow and you will notice how it is easy to grow and maintain. It is known to be the best air purifying plants and it gets to work fast and can remove up to 90 percent of toxins in just 2 days time and leave you luxuriating in clean air. The plant can remove carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and benzene from the air. It can also remove mold and other allergy and if you have allergy symptoms, then this is your natural remedy. Its plants grows quickly and one plant which is commonly found in houseplant.

4. Golden Pothos


This is plant can grow at a faster rate and you can grow it and after a short period, you can donate to your friends and neighbors and if you like, you can sell it. It is great as air purifiers and it can eliminate toluene, carbon monoxide, xylene, formaldehyde and benzene. You can cascade in hanging basket to add aesthetic value to your home or spiral your garage and it will absorb formaldehyde which are found from car exhaust. The plant can look beautiful and it can remain green even when you keep it in dark.

3. Chinese Evergreen


This plant is very easy to grow and its origin is China. It produces tiny red berries when it reaches maturity and they are extremely beautiful. The toxins which this plant can remove are carbon monoxide, benzene and formaldehyde and more. As the plant continues to grow, more toxins are removed and you need to change the pot after three or four years. You will never come across irritation of respiratory tract.

2. English Ivy


If you have pets in your home, then this is the best plant you need to grow and it will help you in reducing amount of airborne fecal matter. The plant will also reduce formaldehyde which is found in household cleaning products, furniture and carpeting treatments. If you put in on your desk, it will give you better focus since it will absorb trace amount of benzene that is chemical found in office equipment. This easy to care plant is a pet for pet owners and anyone who want fresh air.

1. Boston fern


This is a popular houseplant and one which offer beauty as well as healthy benefits. It can act as humidifiers and it will restore moisture in air. If you’re suffering from dry skin or cold weather problems, then is the best plant you need to grow and you will never spend your money buying drugs. It will also eliminate traces of formaldehyde. If you hang them in from basket, they will add beauty all around your home. It is very easy to care by directing leaves to sunlight and water it regularly.

Due to lifestyle changes, all of us need to watch the quality of air which we usually breathe. You need to have refreshing indoor plant which can purify the air you breathe and also add aesthetic value to your home décor. These plants are easy to care and you can make them sit in your office or home and they will make you breathe healthy air. These are the best plants everyone should need and you will kiss goodbye irritation of respiratory tract.