Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports in The World in 2017. There has always been a thin line between fun and risk in the world of sport. Though most people get to join a specific sport in order to make the best out of their time on a work-related or leisure basis, there is that point where a line a drawn to set apart what is risky from what is fun. Most people seeking to gratify their reasons to engage in the sports have come up with their own facts which have in one way or another made sense to the general public. On the other side is quite an impressive number of sports fanatics who have not lived long enough to give a personal account of their experience during the sport. The bottom line is that these sporting activities have been a great source of fun to their lovers, but have also lead to the sudden death and permanent injury of a great number of people. Below are some of these sports:

List of Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports in The World 2017

10. Street lugging

street-lugging, Top 10 Most Dangerous Sports in The World 2017

This is yet another of the most dangerous sports people engage in. the sport basically involves one lying on a luge board and slowly accelerating down a highway. Those taking part in the sport usually have protective clothing on, but in the event that one decides to make a stop, then they expose themselves to fatal injuries which mostly involved the bones on the legs fracturing. It could be fun but the possibility of getting such a fracture is also high.

9. Cheerleading


While many may perceive the sport as a form of entertainment, there are a number of things behind the curtains that people don’t get to know of. The sport accounts for more than 20,000 injuries every single year, with those involved reporting spinal and leg injuries. Whether entertaining or not, the risk involved is just enough to caution you to keep put on the spectator’s stands rather than participate in it.

8. Heli-skiing


This is a sport associated with the wealthy class, who wish to partake in a fun activity in lands that no man has stepped on before. These areas are usually in the inaccessible parts of mountains. A helicopter is used to facilitate the travel into these regions and those taking part in the sport then drop of the helicopter and ski down the mountain slopes just to feel the sense of pride in being able to endure the very rough and unexplored terrain. The sad fact that such a large amount of money is invested in facilitating the whole sport. Many are able to make it alive but there is a number of lost lives every year which qualifies it as one of the most dangerous sports in the world 2017.

7. Motorcycle Racing


Motorcycle racing is such a popular sport in the world. There are a number of annual motorcycle race events which attract a large number of people either as spectators or taking part in the race. There is a lot of jubilation and thrill as the racers take part in the aggressive race in which speed determines the winner of the titles. It does not always end up with shouts of joy as a number of lives are usually lost in the races as a result of accidents happening on the track or as a result of cyclists running into the spectator zone. Though the death toll isn’t that scary, the number of injuries recorded from each event are very worrying.

6. Gymnastics


This is sport that is basically meant to test one’s balance and control. The number of injuries involved in this sport are quite uncountable. Almost every part of the body stands and equal chance of getting broken. Famous sportsmen in this sport have lost their lives from injuries related to this sport, which makes it qualify to be on this list of dangerous sports 2017.

5. Running of the Bulls


Spaniards are behind the existence of this game which involves people running right ahead of bulls on town streets. The sport happens in Pamplona, Spain, where hundreds of people ran ahead of the bulls, which poses such a great risk of getting injured. For one, people are very likely to trample on each other, and secondly, the possibility of getting a bull horn through one’s back is equally high. Well, unless one is faster than the fastest bull, they should consider keeping off the streets during the sport.

4. Bull Riding


This is one of the shortest lasting games per player but is also one of the most dangerous. Though the players are expected to last on the back of a bull for eight seconds, the probability of even getting out alive is usually heavily dependent on how less aggressive the bull involved is. The unfortunate bit is that all the bulls are usually quite aggressive and will toss the players into the air and may even trample on them while still on the ground.

3. Big Wave Surfing


This is just a sport that stands as the pure proof of the nature of extremity that is harbored by humanity. With this sport, people use a surfboard to cruise through wavy waters where giant waves as high as 50 feet toss them. The catch is usually maintaining balance all through the tossing. Unfortunately there have been a number of people who have disappeared for good when engaging in the sport, and others have ended up damaging their skulls as well as sense of hearing.

2. Base Jumping


This sport is to be perceived as a suicide mission, but the fanatics of base jumping always come up with their own arguments as to why they think it is a sport. Throwing oneself from a tall building or cliff is basically not a sport. This is pure suicide, but still open to debate for those who think it is a sport.

1. Cave Diving


It is simply a question of where we lost in the definition of the word sport. With the many risks posed in the engagement of cave diving, people still go ahead and call it a sport. The chances of returning from a cave diving session are usually minimal with most people succumbing to the low temperatures injuries resulting from lack of proper visibility.

So, these are the world’s top 10 most dangerous sports 2017 that have lot of fun but also have too much risks.

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