Top 10 Countries With Most Slaves in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Countries With Most Slaves in The World 2017. Slavery, is a dreaded institution that was supposed to have been abolished back in the 19th century. However, slavery is still alive and thriving in the modern world. Many of the world’s modern slaves are no longer working on plantations or inside of mines. Slaves are now being prostituted, forced to farm and clear land or are children forced to do some type of hard labor.

The following list will describe the top 10 countries with the most slaves in the world 2017 and why these nations struggle with this issue. By the way, this list was comprised from the Global Slavery Index which is a report provided to the public by the antislavery organization called the Walk Free Foundation.

List of Top 10 Countries With Most Slaves in The World 2017

10. Thailand


Thailand is a country in Asia and is considered to have the 10th highest slave population in the world 2017. There are close to a half a million people who live in slave conditions within this nation. The reason why slavery is such a problem within this nation has to do with its economy.

Thailand’s economy relies heavily on low-skilled industries. Many of the business and employment opportunities within this nation is based on fishing, garments and agricultural based work. The nation also has a constant number of migrants from other countries frequently travel to this country for work.

Many of these individuals are female and they are often exploited within Thailand’s sex industry. The men are usually forced (or volunteer) for hard labor. Many of the officials within the nations are corrupt and they profit off of this exploitation.

Ultimately, Thailand’s economy and society will have to change for this nation to end slavery. This will not be an easy thing to do in the short term. If Thailand cannot modernize the country and eliminate the corruption then the problem of slavery will continue on for generations.

9. Bangladesh

Bangladesh Top 10 Countries With Most Slaves in The World 2017

Bangladesh is another Asian country that is dealing with slavery. This country’s problems from slavery is also deeply connected with it economy. The garment industry within Bangladesh is responsible for many people being forced into slave labor.

While these individuals are paid a wage, the wage is so low that the people might as well work for free. In a sense, they are forced to work these jobs. Even with the low wages, families in Bangladesh must work. If they do not, they will have an extremely hard time surviving.

Keep in mind that agricultural activity is heavy in this nation. Many people live a simple existence and the factory or manufacturing industry is a critical part to a better way of life. That is how people view these facilities. So, they are willing to place themselves into servitude in exchange for a better life.

Societal problems such as lack of education, lack of meaningful employment opportunities and skilled workers; all contribute to the state of slavery in Bangladesh. This country also deals with child and sex slavery as well.

8. Indonesia

Indonesian Top Famous Countries With Most Slaves in The World 2018

Indonesia is a nation with a fairly large sized population. The problem with Indonesia has to do with economy and society. Like many other Asian countries, Indonesia relies heavily on the west for support. This country exports palm oil to western societies that are often used in various products.

No one is faulting Indonesia for manufacturing and exporting palm oil. However, this nation is rapidly growing without having the proper systems in place to handle this growth. As a result, many people who live there are not prospering.

At least 714,000 people have to turn to slavery in order to survive. Yes, it is true that the great slave plantations of old; no longer exist. Even though this is the case, there are some plantations that still exist inside of Indonesia. Unfortunately, people must turn to this modern form of slavery to survive.

They are paid a low wage for the low work they do but they are worked longer than 8 hours a day. Indonesia has to figure out to manage it economy to help eliminate the conditions of slavery. Otherwise, this nation will continue to struggle with slavery.

7. Democratic Republic of the Congo


The Republic of the Congo is a modern Africa nation that has a vibrant economy. This country’s economy is on the upswing and most of the people live good lives. The problem with the Republic of the Congo has to do with politically instability and civil war.

Many people who still live in tribes are seriously impacted by these factors. Armies and warriors who lose in battle are usually forced into labor. Added to this problem, is the country’s resources. Diamonds, copper and gold are in abundance there and many weaker tribes and people in poverty are literally forced to work these mines.

There are over 760,000 slaves and the government is not too concerned with the situation. They views slavery as a “necessary evil” and as a natural consequence of the many wars that have been fought here. The Democratic Republic of Congo will have a hard time eliminating slavery as long as the government agrees that it should happen.

6. Nigeria

Nigeria Top Most Famous Countries With Most Slaves in The World 2019

Nigeria is one of the most prosperous countries in Africa. It is home to Nollywood and it is a land flowing with oil. However there are close to 1 million people that live in slavery. Why? Well, this nation suffers from governmental corruption and it is a prime location for slave trafficking. African sex slaves are often pushed through Nigeria and many young females are caught up in this industry.

While corruption is a problem in Nigeria, the government is working hard to eliminate slavery. One of the biggest problems that is keeping slavery alive in Nigeria has to do with how women are children are exploited by the power structure within this nation.

Military groups, warlords, extremist and terrorist organizations exploit human labor within this region for their own reasons. In the end, Nigeria’s government cannot stop all of the different factions that are endorsing the system of forced servitude that is harming the country.

5. Russia

Russia Top 10 Countries With Most Slaves in The World

Russia is a highly modernized country and it has huge land mass and population. However, over 1 million people can be labeled as slaves. Most of these slaves are females and they are forced into the sex industry.
Russia has a problem with corruption. The government of this nation does not make a legitimate effort to curb this situation. Since many law enforcement officials within the nation are corrupt, it makes the population as a whole more vulnerable with slavery and sex trafficking.

Other countries outside of Russia also help to endorse slavery. Since Russia a “friendly” place for sex slaves; many sex traffickers take their slaves into this place for profit. Various members of Russian society also help to promote sex slavery as well. If there were not a demand for this market, this form of slavery would probably not exist.

4. Uzbekistan


Any nation that has 4% of their population living within slave like conditions – has a serious problem. It has been estimated that close to 1.2 million people live as slaves within Uzbekistan. Most of this slavery stems from the government forcing many of these slaves to pick cotton.

Cotton growth and export is a huge industry in Uzbekistan. The nation relies heavily on it for income. Every year, at least 1 million people are forced to work the cotton fields. The government has so much cotton to produce that it must use this many people to work the fields. The real issue behind this forced labor has to do with the pay.

Many of the people are not paid anything for their effort or they are paid next to nothing. Uzbekistan is a growing nation and its economy is getting stronger. The government is going to have find other ways to manage its cotton industry. If they do not, slavery will not disappear from this nation.

3. Pakistan


Pakistan is nation that uses a system called “debt bondage”. This system is a part of the employment structure within Pakistan. Debt bondage is process that is used by employers inside of questionable and ungoverned industries.

Workers usually cannot pay off their debts with their meager wages and as a result; they are forced to continue on in slavery for many years. Relatives are even caught up in this system once they try to work off their family member’s debt.

At least 2.1 million people within Pakistan are dealing with this issue. Most of these individuals are children. Forced marriages and sex trafficking are also common within Pakistan. Pakistan is nation that has all the right conditions and the mindset to allow slavery to thrive for many years into the future. This is one of the world’s top 10 countries with most slaves 2017.

2. China

China Top Most Countries With Most Slaves in The World 2017

China is not a backwards nation by any stretch of the imagination. As a matter of fact, outside of the United States, this country has the world’s second best economy. Since China is such an economic powerhouse and a well-funded country; how can over 3 million people live as slaves inside of this country?

The problem has to do with the nations migrant workers. Remember that China has the largest population on Earth. They literally have over 1 billion people living within this nation. Every year more than 166 million migrants head off into China to find a job. Once they arrive they are usually forced into labor or paid extremely low wages in various industries.

Sex traffickers also frequently pass through the nation which also contributes to the incident of slavery. There are over 3.2 million Chinese people caught up in this situation. The government is working hard to eliminate and end these conditions.

1. India

India Top Most Popular Countries With Most Slaves in The World 2018

India tops the list as the world’s number one modern slave state. There are over 14.3 million people who are a part of this nation. India has the world’s second largest population next to China. India’s slave problem is also tied to its economy.

This nation needs low-skilled workers to operate many of laborious industries. This is another country that relies heavy on bonded labor. Forced marriages and the sex trade is high in India. India’s overall poverty and low education also contribute to the slave conditions within this nation.

India’s economy is improving but many of the lower paid workers are caught in an ingrained caste system that will not allow them to move up and to better their lives. If not, India’s slavery problem will not go away.

So, these are the world’s top 10 countries with most slaves 2017. Most of the world’s problem with slavery typically happens in developing countries or within countries where corruption is rampart. While slavery is tied heavily to the economy of a nation, this institution will not change until people everywhere are willing to let it die.

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