Top 10 Best Military Generals in The World History

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Military Generals in The World till 2017. The only way a great team of people, whether it is baseball or football or in military, can be great is with a great leader. It all comes down to who is leading the charge. The soldiers will need to be great, there is no doubt about that, but even the best need someone able to tell them what the hell they need to do in order to avoid a chaotic situation from happening and making sure that the things that need to get done do. This my list of the top ten best military generals in the world.

List of Top 10 Best Military Generals in The World till 2017

10. Martin Dempsey (United States of America)

Martin Dempsey Top Most Popular Military Generals in The World

He has gotten past many different attacks on America in war due to his ability to lead his men ever since he got promoted to General.

9. Erwin Rommel the Desert Fox (Germany)


Did a great job leading his troops and was a wonderful human being. One of the few that can honestly say that his troops did not commit any war crimes. Had a great military mind and was almost able to win the second world war for the axis side. America uses his tactics today.

8. Ulysses S. Grant (United States)


His presidential term was ruined by corruption by his cabinet members. Grant would study Winfield Scott’s tactics and strategies (this was during the Mexican-American War) and would second guess them. He would later say that this was what helped him learn about what it took to be a military leader. He would later work with Lincoln to remove all that the Confederates, by putting in place Congressional Reconstruction, had tried to put in place- like slavery, their nationalism, and protected the American citizenship of African-Americans.

7. Frederick the Great

Frederick the Great Top Most Military Generals in The World

He is known for “The Oblique Attack” which Napoleon studied and liked. The Oblique Attack is where an army attacks one enemy’s flank while the rest fix the enemy line to get weaker forces to actually have superiority in numbers. With very little, he was able to defend his homeland against three different European Empires that had taken up arms against him.

6. Julius Caesar (Rome)


Many many times Caesar had the deck stacked against him and yet he was still able to pull out a victory. His ability to use his troops effectively to achieve different advantages is unmatched. He had the ability to get his men to do anything for him, which helped him conquer what is now France, England, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

5. Hannibal Barca

Hannibal Barca Top Popular Military Generals in The World

Remembered as the man who brought the mighty Roman empire to its knees. And that is despite the fact that the Romans had every single advantage there was. Hannibal beat them out pure military skill. People are still studying his military tactics to this very day.

4. Alexander the Great

Alexander the Great Top 10 Best Military Generals in The World

In the twelve years that Alexander was a general, he led his army to edge of the known world and conquered it all. If he had not died, he may have pushed farther west and probably would have added both Africa and the western part of Europe to that which he conquered.

3. Napoleon Bonaparte (France)


A great general is not judged on the battles that he lost, but the battles that he should not have won. So it is with Napoleon. He defied the odds his entire military career. Most remember him just as a tyrant but he also spread ideals such as brotherhood, equality, and liberty; while helping free slaves in Croatia and Poland.

2. Sun Tzu

Sun Tzu Top Military Generals in The World

This man literally wrote the book (“The Art of War”) on fighting a war; something that every general after him sat down and read. One general who never lost a battle, even if he was outnumbered ten to one. He led by example, turned a bunch of concubines into a fighting force.

1.Genghis Khan (The Mongol Empire)


Most generals get replaced or lost in battle or lose the focus of those that they command, but that is not so with Khan. He was only defeated by dying. He always had the best tactics, the men were loyal to him to the very end.

That is my list of the best military generals in the world till 2017. If you did not like it or thought that someone should have found their way onto the list, well, then maybe you should make your own list and you will see how hard these things are to do and how hard it is to whittle it down to only ten.