Top 10 Most Wanted Criminals In The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Wanted Criminals In The World in 2017. When you hear that the FBI is looking for a criminal you start to worry if the person is near you or if he or she is just around the corner. The FBI does a lot of different things such as having a regional office that support local law enforcement and support greater areas with federal investigation power, house people in hiding, help law enforcement with bigger cases, and so much more.

Most importantly they protect us while searching for the people that are good at hiding and have a lot of charges against them. You can be walking down the sidewalk and not even know that a criminal just walked by. A criminal could be any where at anytime without anyone knowing because you don’t pay attention or you don’t know they are a criminal. These people are being looked for because of rape, murder, robbery, and I’m sure so much more that could put them away for so long that they would live out there lives in a jail cell because of what they did.

List of Top 10 Most Wanted Criminals In The World 2017

10.) Fidel Urbina-

fidel urbina, Top 10 Most Wanted Criminals In The World 2017

Born in 1975 Fidel is on the list for beating and raping a woman in March of 1998. He has just been added to the list in 2012. He is from a Mexican National and the security of Mexico went on a search for him but has still not found him. If you have any information of where he could be or where he is there is a reward for $100,000.

9.) Eduardo Ravelo-


He is the leader of the Barrio Azteca gang and has charges that are for drugs and organized crime. He was added to the list in October 2009. Him and his gang are involved with possession of drugs and prostitution, plus a few other things that put him deeper in trouble with the FBI.

8.) Semion Mogilevich-


Semion is a Mafia boss which is said to be the boss of the bosses making him the head of it all. He is the one of the most wanted criminals in the world 2017 and is the most wanted by the FBI. The FBI wants him for launching a scheme that defrauded a bunch of investors and went down in late 1900’s losing $150 mil. of its investors.

7.) Glen Stewart Godwin-


Glen is on the list for escaping from prison where is was being held for murder. He also was imprisoned in Mexico and escaped after killing an inmate. He was added to the list in December 1996. They also believe is involved in drug-related crimes that include drug trafficking, considered to be dangerous, and is a flight risk.

6.) Victor Manuel Gerena-


Victor was added to the list in May 1984. He was involved in the robbery of seven mil. dollars from a business in Connecticut in 1983. A reward of 1 mil. dollars for information to capture Victor who could be in Cuba.

5.) Alexis Flores-


Alexis is on the list for the kidnapping, rape and murder of a 5 year old girl named Iriana DeJesus who lived in Pennsylvania, in July 2000. He is considered armed and extremely dangerous. Reward of $100,00 dollars for any information leading to direct capture of Alexis.

4.) Robert William Fisher-


On April 10, 2001 Robert murdered his wife and tow children in Scottsdale, Arizona. There has been rumor of his suicide to take start of new life. He is said to be one of the most wanted people and could be very dangerous.

3.) Jason Derek Brown-


Jason Derek Brown is on the list because he allegedly shot and killed an armored car guard and then fled on a bicycle with $56 thousand dollars in cash. The FBI is offering a reward of 200,000 for his arrest. They believe is is either in France or Thailand.

2.) William Bradford Bishop Jr-


He Was placed on the list in 2014 and is being looked for because of murdering five members of his family in 1976. After he dumped the bodies and hid his car he fled the scene and is believed to be somewhere in Europe or the United States and is still hiding till this day.

1.) Yaser Abdel Said-


Yaser killed his two teenage daughters over religious reservations. He has been being looked for sense December 2014. After his daughters were found he fled and no one has heard or has seen him sense. Some people have said he has been known to fly to Egypt and may be in hiding there.

So, these are the world’s top 10 top 10 most wanted criminals 2017. These people are just some of hundreds on the list for the FBI. Most are fro murders or drugs and even mob related charges. They have hotlines you can call for giving information. If you have any information about anyone on the most wanted list you need to call right away do not hesitate because you could be huge help to the FBI and to those who are in danger of there lives. The FBI informs us as people so that we can help them in order for them to help us. Remember some of these people can be very dangerous and should no be allowed to walk the streets any where in this world because of what they have done to others.