Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Online Business

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Online Business 2017. Running an e-store can be pretty exciting because it’s easy to set up and make changes as necessary. What a lot of people don’t realize is that these entities won’t make money by simply existing on the web. Once a virtual business goes live, it’s up to the owner to monitor sales and all marketing strategies. Not only is it the owner’s responsibility to see that all links and e-marketing tools are accessible at all time, but also to monitor the effectiveness by the number of sales.

The good thing about going virtual is that many things can be executed quickly and can be monitored accordingly, even if your site is established. Here are the top 10 tips to improve your online business in 2017 that have been proven to increase sales or brand awareness.

List of Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Online Business 2017

10. Get Visual

get visual, Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Online Business 2017

Besides having a logo or mascot that is recognizable, it helps to have visuals that are easy to upload. Visuals can serve many purposes, such as educating with an infographic. Entertaining or teaching with a short streaming video or going with the engagement marketing route by posting pictures of happy customers using the product or service. Gone are the days of relying on stock clip art for marketing materials, as relevant photos that are clear with vivid colors tend to have the most impact. Any images that are created by you should be tagged with keywords before going live.

9. Make Your Website Accessible

make your website accessible, Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Online Business 2017

These days, the user demographic has expanded to include the senior citizen. While they may have been fairly young when they began using the internet, time can change how they see the world – literally. This means being able to make objects on pages larger or making sure that videos come with a closed-captioning feature for the hearing-impaired. Other challenges for users may be the inability to handle a computer mouse due to lack of coordination. Anyone looking to find more information on this should visit the World Wide Web Consortium’s ( accessibility guidelines.

8. Use Responsive Design

use-responsive-design, Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Online Business 2017

For some, the traditional desktop computer is going the way of the 8-track cassette. Laptops, netbooks, and similar devices are not only lighter in weight but hold just as much, if not more data than their bulky ancestors. Newer models are so convenient that people are able to conduct business with a couple of taps on the screen. While some hosting companies will automatically reset web pages so they can be viewed on a number of devices, some plans may call for an outside party to make the adjustments. For the person with the do-it-yourself (DIY) spirit, learning a program like Adobe Dreamweaver can cost less than hiring a web page designer or someone that specializes in Cascading Style Sheets (CSS).

7. Use Social Media to Reflect Your Brand


If your social media content contains pics of the family pet and you’re using it to build clientele, then it’s time for a brand makeover. Start by connecting new social media accounts with an email (preferably business) separate from your personal email. Secondly, look for keywords that relate to your brand and incorporate in your social media profile. Invite those from the current customer base and create an image link near the top of home web page. Update pages at least twice a week and pay attention to invites or notifications, like a possible alliance with another brand. Stay on top of embedded links because a little attention will help increase traffic.

6. Offer an Incentive or Rewards Program


This lends itself to a lot of creativity because many freebies can be in electronic form. Popular ideas are coupons, newsletters, or whitepapers. Some businesses may offer the entire item or a giveaway a sample and charge a fee for the full version. A rewards program is designed to give clients a special feeling by offering something at a reduced price or an occasional giveaway. However, price other items accordingly so there is no loss. Also, monitor each campaign for its sales conversion numbers. While some promotional campaigns may be fun to execute, it helps when there is actual revenue, unless the intention is to build a customer base. This is one of the Top 10 Tips to Improve Your Online Business 2017.

5. Write Engaging Headlines


Whether writing blog posts, marketing articles, or product titles for a merchant site, it helps to be unique but relevant. This means being descriptive about what is being offered. If there is textual content that is engaging or helpful to the intended audience, it should say so with relevant keywords included. While being abstract or humorous is a nice change, it should be done sporadically, especially when one is new to the virtual world. Find out how many characters can be used so that the good parts will be included in search engines. If something is intended to solve a common problem, then create a headline that has the answer.

4. Revise Copy


If you are also the person that creates the marketing materials, you should go over everything three times before making it live. Even if you use someone else to write the text, or copy, still go over it before adding to any promotions. There can also be instances when it helps to go back in time and assess what made older copy work. When old copy is no longer effective, then it’s time to try something new.

3. Test Sites on Different Browsers


Keep in mind that not everyone uses Internet Explorer (IE) or Firefox. Sometimes Chrome or Opera may have limitations or certain content may take longer to load, or not be visible at all. If this is the case, it’s best to mention that content is best viewed using IE or whatever applies. Sometimes it may be a matter of reducing the image resolution or creating a series of short videos as opposed to one that lasts more than 10 minutes.

2. Learn Google Analytics and Keyword Tools


This is one of the greatest free items for any business owner or webmaster. Once you sign up for an Analytics account, viewing your site’s performance is much easier. If you are targeting a local audience, then it will be helpful to note which posting times (morning, afternoon, or evening) get the most traffic. Maybe there are certain topics or keywords that garner the most attention. Google also offers a tutorial to help new users navigate this tool. The same applies to keyword usage and using the Keyword tool in conjunction with a free online counter that will break down the usage in percentages. Currently, the recommended usage is between 2-4% per 100 words of content.

1. Getting to Know Customer Interests


Social media, especially Facebook and Twitter, are great for this. Online surveys can be just as effective. Data found in communication can spark new promotional ideas or products. It can also be an idea for a new alliance that may help boost business in one form or another. If using surveys, it may help to offer participants an incentive such as a freebie or a sponsor giveaway.

While many of the 10 tips to improve your online business in 2017 are free, or low cost, they do have to be used with consistency for the best measurement. It may take time to find a protocol that works with every situation for the least amount of money or time. However, once a system is in place, it should be profitable and allow room for growth.