Top 10 Strongest Currencies Trade in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Strongest Currencies Trade in The World 2017. Currencies have evolved in terms of the form of currency used since the days of barter trade when people traded goods for goods. With time this kind of currency became redundant, then people took the form of precious stones to do trades but also this was removed from the market as the precious stones become hard to find and their value was raised. The currency that has stayed for long is that which takes the form of notes and coins.

Some of these currencies are more powerful than others and have been used in the whole world to perform trading transactions thus superiority over all other currencies example being the US Dollar that is used to perform almost all the international trading transactions. Below is a list of the top 10 strongest currencies traded in the world 2017.

List of Top 10 Strongest Currencies Trade in The World 2017

10. Swiss Franc


Starting off our listing today is this strong currency from Switzerland (country with a very secretive banking sector) that has been used for a very long and is reported to have even been used in World War II. Though it has been in use for a very long time it still holds its value as one of the strongest currencies traded in the world market. It was once used for exchange with gold but that is not the case at the current time.

9. Hong Kong Dollar

Hong Kong Dollar Top Popular Strongest Currencies Trade in The World 2018

This worldwide strong currency is from a worldwide trading center Hong Kong. This currency has gained worldwide recognition. This currency is dividend in form of 100 cents and exists on the form of bank notes and coins that are majorly used to perform trading transactions with Southern China and Macau. This currency is also mostly used for international traffic of ships making their way in and out of China.

8. Libyan Dinar

Libyan Dinar Top 10 Strongest Currencies Trade in The World

The Libyan Dinar is one of the world strongest currency just like the previous leader of Libya the famous Muammar Gaddafi. This currency traces its high value due to the high oil trade that happens in Libya. The currency has remained very stable even when Libya was faced with a troubled political environment when their leader Gaddafi became unfit to lead the country. Oil has maintained the high value of this currency and it has been used to perform many international oil transaction with the US Dollar.

7. Singapore Dollar


This currency came into existence when Singapore as country gained independence as a British pound but later with time it became a dollar. This currency has hit the headlines of Forex for its high value and strong sense through making Singapore’s economy very high. This currency has been used to even perform international transactions making it a very famous and worldwide used currency.

6. Corona Norway

Corona Norway Top Most Strongest Currencies Trade in The World 2017

A currency that was introduced in the 17Th century and is still dominant in the market is the Corona from Norway. This currency gained its strength from the way it was used to perform transactions involving oil and gas exports in the world. This currency is very famous and is used to perform international transaction especially in exchanging oil and gas. This currency is equivalent to 0.16 US Dollars hence it competes for supremacy with the likes of Euros and US Dollar.

5. British Pound

British Pound Top 10 Strongest Currencies Trade in The World 2017

Another one of the strongest currencies in the world is the British pound that is used worldwide to carry out trading activities. The British pound started way back in the United Kingdom when the currency was in the form of precious metals like Iron which were sold at a few grams of the metal for one British pound. It has still remained as one of the strong currencies in the world and it is used to complete international trading transactions. It is the one of Top 10 Strongest Currencies Trade in The World 2017.

4. Sterling Pound


The sterling pound is one of the world strongest and used widely in the world to trade with the currencies of other countries. The sterling pound is one very famous currency that has been use to perform transactions in the international market since the 19th century. This currency is recognized as an international currency that is used for foreign exchange programs in world banking. The sterling pound is among the strongest currencies in Europe.

3. Euros

Euros Top Most Popular Strongest Currencies Trade in The World 2018

Another currency that has gained worldwide recognition is the Euro that is competing with the US Dollar at the market rating of these currencies. Though this currency has faced some down slides it still remain a huge seller and buyer of currency in the international trade market. It also is among one of the most traded currencies in the world. This is the strongest and most treasured currency in Europe currency market.

2. Japanese Yen

Japanese Yen Top Famous Strongest Currencies Trade in The World 2019

At number two in the world strongest currencies is the Japanese yen worldwide recognized currency that is operational in almost all countries in Asia to perform international transactions. It is used in countries like North Korea, Vietnam Laos & Cambodia where it is used to conduct international trading activities. The Japanese Yen gained fame due to the reputation Japan has for the numerous electronic brands found in this country. The Japanese Yen is not only widely used in Asia but also in Europe and Americas.

1. US Dollar


At number one is the strongest, famous and most used currency in the world is the US Dollar that is used to perform all international payment and trading transactions. It is the most powerful currency mostly because it originates from a superpower country the United States of America. This currency is so strong that is being used in almost all transaction be it online or on the import and exports of goods, it is even used to measure the value and economy of a country which is done in terms of US Dollars.

These are the Top 10 Strongest Currencies Trade in The World 2017. All the listed currencies are at least currencies that have been recognized not only in their countries but also outside their country. The US Dollar has taken supremacy and it is undoubtedly the mother of all the currencies in the world as it controls almost all the transaction and businesses in the world.

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