Top 10 Smallest Houses in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Smallest Houses in The World 2017. How much space do you think it will take to live comfortably? Many people will reject a new home that does not have a specific number of square feet for living space. There are some homeowners, which are growing in number, that are beginning to sacrifice space. In the past decade, small houses have begun popping up all over and the trend is continuing to grow. The new trend is more than just micro-apartments in large cities like New York and Seattle, it is moving into the single-family homes as well. This new trend began to pick up during the last phase of the housing boom when land was not as available. These homes are typically 700 square feet or less which is considerably less than the typical home of more than 2,300 square feet. These are the top 10 smallest houses in the world 2017.

List of Top 10 Smallest Houses in The World 2017

10. Yellowstone Apartments


The Yellowstone apartments are located in New York with only 250 to 370-square feet per unit. Mayor Michael is credited with designing and developing the idea of the Yellowstone apartments. These incredible and comfortable studio apartments were intended for those you cannot afford the high prices of larger residential homes. They were a great solution for young professionals as they included a living area, bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom.

9. Toronto’s Little House

Toronto's Little House Top 10 Smallest Houses in The World

To some, Toronto’s Little House looks like a playhouse with only a use for children to play in. It actually houses fully grown adults in its less than 300 square feet of living space. It was built in 1912 by Arthur Weeden and measures 7 feet wide and 47 feet deep. The original front walkway has been redone using tumbled stone and some windows have been added to the original design to give it more charm. This small house includes a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and living room. There is even enough space inside to include a washer and dryer. To make better use of the space the kitchen table and chairs are folded up when not in use. The bedroom uses a Murphy Bed which also folds up when not being slept in.

8. Rollit Homes

Rollit Homes Most Popular Smallest Houses in The World 2019

The Rollit Homes were an experimental house designed with the collaboration of different institutes in the University of Karlsruhe. They are a cylindrical design to provide flexible space within a minimum housing unit. The mouse-wheel like homes are structured incredibly well and include all the facilities needed for your residence experience. There are three different sections to serve different functions; a table and bed section, a kitchen with a sink and an exercise cylinder. Structurally these Rollit Homes include an outer shell with four support rings. There is a translucent membrane that surrounds the entire structure. There are circular openings in the walls to allow light into the structure.

7. Elizabeth’s Turnbull

Elizabeth's Turnbull Top Most Smallest Houses in The World 2017

Elizabeth’s Turnbull is a small house with a total of 144 square feet and is located at Yale’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. When she began planning this house it was a project for one of her classes as a Yale graduate student. It has been framed on an 18 x 18 flatbed trailer and powered by solar power. It contains a composting toilet, sleeping loft, kitchen and generous work space. Elizabeth built her home using as many environmentally considerate materials as she could. Much of what she used was through donations offered to her by organizations and members of the community. Her floors are hardwood and all lighting was given to her as donated items.

6. Odoms’ Tiny House

Odoms' Tiny House Top Most Popular Smallest Houses in The World 2018

Odoms’ tiny house is 250 square feet of a charming and beautiful home with all the facilities needed for the comfort of the residents. Andrew and Crystal Odom had been married for four years and both have completed a lot of traveling through their years. They have lived in 19 states and 11 different countries and between the two can tell about every type of living environment out there. They have now discovered the advantages to living small. They are very happy with their decision but do warn people that living small is not something one can just jump into. He suggests trying to live in a small space before investing in a small home of your own.
Some of the necessities they found they had to have while ‘living small’ were a refrigerator, sink, and a full-sized kitchen. These have been incorporated into their tiny house. This is one of the Top 10 Smallest Houses in The World 2017.

5. Tumbleweed House


Constructed in 1997, the Tumbleweed house, holds everything in its tiny area that creator Jay Shafer could ever need. This was Mr. Shafer’s first construction of tiny homes and he has since gone on to complete a growing line of these awesome and small structures. Each of these houses has its own special and unique character but can also be custom designed to fit a resident’s needs. They are all smaller than 120 square feet. Some of these homes have been designed with columns flanking the entrance and others have small porches for you to relax on.

4. Yellowstone Cabins


Much like the Yellowstone apartments, the Yellowstone cabins are unique and amazing. They each have an area of 220 square feet and were the favorite place for President John F. Kennedy to stay. These cabins are located in West Yellowstone and provide incredible vacation homes. They each have their own stylish decor, kitchenettes, living room and one queen or king size bed or you can choose one with bunk beds. The cabins are self-catering and located only minutes from the west entrance to the Yellowstone National Park. They have been clustered in a natural camp setting to encourage a sense of a community.

3. Portland’s Tiny Home

Portland's Tiny Home Top Famous Smallest Houses in The World 2019

The Portland’s Tiny home is a wonderful and unique residential home. This has been named the smallest house in the world as it has only 9-square feet of space. This home is located in the popular Alberta Arts District of Portland, Oregon. It is used as a one-of-a-kind hotel for travelers from around the world who can enjoy what it is like to live in a custom-made tiny house on wheels. These homes are built by local builders and are from 120 to 170 square feet in livable space. They all have a creative design from funky, artistic elements to multi-functioned and space-efficient furnishings. Each house contains a flushing toilet, hot shower, electric heat complete with a sitting area and kitchen.

2. Macy Miller’s House

Macy Miller's House Top Most Famous Smallest Houses in The World 2018

A few years ago the Macy Miller house was constructed and has 196-square feet of livable space. This dreamy house is owned by a woman who loves to decorate in innovative ways. Macy was a cash-strapped architect who wanted her place without taking on a mortgage. She decided going with a tiny home was her only hope of owning her own place. She came up with the idea for her home from a dream she had and pursued the vision until one day found herself putting the final touches to her dream come true. She is now in pursuit of purchasing land to park her 24-foot long, 8-foot wide flatbed trailer/home on.

1. Eco Bike Trailer

Eco Bike Trailer Top 10 Smallest Houses in The World 2017

Paul Elkins designed the Eco Bike Trailer as a small but festive house. Paul originally created this trailer to move around the Burning Man Festival. This small house only has room to house one person and is not large enough to contain a bathroom. It does have a fully powered wind turbine and solar-powered oven and heating system.

It all comes down to lifestyle when choosing to live in a small house versus the average sized one. Can you live in an area this small as long as you have access to all amenities? Perhaps this style of home is for you, or maybe you would consider one of these top 10 smallest houses in the world 2017 only for a second home choice.