Top 10 Reasons Why People Become Terrorists

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Reasons Why People Become Terrorists. Terrorism means the use of violent acts to create fear in another person. Terrorism is not only the use of bombs and grenade but also theft, robbery and murder. Terrorism comes from the word terrorize which to make someone feel you are more superior to them or you want them to reason to you. Many people have been joining terrorist groups for several reasons some of the reason may be because of the lack of the means to afford the basic needs or some do it so that they can be heard or their complains are heard.

Terrorism has been practiced for so long lately especially by the radical religious groups ISIS and Al Shabab whose work of instilling fear in people have worked. Below are the top reasons why people become terrorist according to several researches done by different group.

List of Top 10 Reasons Why People Become Terrorists

10. Identity Search

identity search, Top 10 Reasons Why People Become Terrorists

Some people are joining this terrorism group in search of their identity. These people are looking to feel that they belong somewhere or that they are identified with a certain group. Some of these youngsters and guys who join these group are often asking themselves this question ‘Who am i?’ or ‘What is the sole reason why I am on earth?’ and these questions have led to some joining these group since in this groups they are made to feel that their purpose on earth is to instil fear in people’s minds.

9. Looking for Thrill-Entertainment

looking for thrill, Top 10 Reasons Why People Become Terrorists 2017

Young men and women are thrilled with the effect that is brought about by the killing and bombing of building and people and this makes them to want to join terrorism. Some of these young men who join terrorism feel that the act of killing people or even bombing places can be found be a source of entertainment. So the fantasy of exploiting human fear is a reason for making individuals joins terrorism.

8. Unwillingly Indulgence

Unwillingly Indulgence Top Popular Reasons Why People Become Terrorists 2019

Another reason for joining terrorism is out of will when one goes on the internet and searches on how to make bombs. We all know that the internet is a hotbed for all kinds of information and the making of bomb is not an exception. Some of these people may find information of this kind and they end up being successful in making a gun or a bomb. Since they would want to see if their works are successful they may use these kinds of bombs that will end making them terrorists. Or another way is through internet recruitment into a terrorist group without ones knowledge about it.

7. Inspiration by the effectiveness of Terrorism


Some individuals join the act of terrorism simply because they have seen that it has been very effective after being used there before and they feel inspired that if they join they will also be effective also. In the recent past terrorist have been very effective in how they make government respond to their needs and after people seeing this they feel they can use it to create havoc so that they can be heard and recognized. All government should work in ensuring that these groups do not get to have an impact on the society. This is one of the Top 10 Reasons Why People Become Terrorists.

6. State Sponsored

State Sponsored Top Most Reasons Why People Become Terrorists 2018

All people know that the government owns all the money and if they hear that they government is sponsoring such activities and their payment is good people will tend to join these kind of groups so that their families can get to have the basic need bought by this money. The government may sponsor a group to hijack a plane or bomb a place in promise of paying them large amount of money to them and their families. This is very shocking to know that the government can sponsor such activities.

5. Poverty and lack of Education


Poverty and lack of education is the base for all kinds of crimes. Several researches that have been conducted have all come to one conclusion that poverty and terrorism are directly linked to each other. Areas with low development rates in terms of high rate of poverty and illiteracy rates have been common for having terror groups coming from them. But this reason can be easily eliminated through the governments of these nations increasing the rate of development in these places.

4. Political and Social Injustice


When people are politically or socially oppressed they tend to join terror groups so that they can their oppression is heard. Some of these people react differently and some may be very sensitive to a point of causing harm to the persons who have been unjust to them. In terms of political injustice some of the nations that are politically unstable have been having high rates of terrorist activities. People should be advised to react to injustices in a legal so that they do not end being called terrorists.

3. Reaction to Oppression

Reaction to Oppression Top 10 Reasons Why People Become Terrorists 2017

It was once said that if you talk to people they will talks back to you and of you hit them they will you back. This is the way people get to react to things. So of you keep oppressing people they will react by doing the same to you, they will oppress you. If you check closely on nations where the leaders have been oppressive to their subjects they citizens of these nations tend to react in a manner considered terrorism so that their voices are heard.

2. Psychological Causes


The psychology of a human being works in this way, if one is exposed to a very harsh and unfit for them they will work in trying to eliminate this kind of problems for that they make their lives worthwhile. Some of these people who join terror groups according to several research they either had a bad childhood where they were not raised properly or they did not have a parent to guide them so they end up getting into this act of terrorism. This is a major reason for people becoming terrorists.

1. Religious Conflict


The major reason that has led to people becoming terrorists is the conflict that is brought about by differences in the teaching of some religious groups. Some of the religious group are teaching the wrong kind of teaching about other religious group leading to some of these followers killing the followers of the other religion simply because they were taught differently about what the other religious group think about them leading to some of the major terror activities in the world.

These are the top ten reasons why people become terrorists and the government of different nations and organization that advocate for peaceful coexistence should come up with strategies to ensure these reasons are eliminated from the society.