Top 10 Places to Find Work-at-Home Jobs

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Places to Find Work-at-Home Jobs 2017. When you start searching for jobs that you can do at home, it’s very important to always have a complete and good resume. And in case you have done any online job, it will be helpful to you since you be able to get many links relating to work-at-home jobs. References may be helpful too; since it will enable one to list people who have overseen you work in some of these fields.

A few years back, many of the work –at-home jobs were not that profitable. And also before the internet took root, it was difficult to single out real job offers from the scams. Many of these job offers from the past were “gotcha” jobs that needed one to buy very expensive computer software and other craft-making offers that will require you to pony up the cash for the material you need before you can start.
Below is a list of places where one can find work-at-home jobs.

List of Top 10 Places to Find Work-at-Home Jobs 2017

10. in businesses premises as a Virtual Assistant

virtual assistant, Top 10 Places to Find Work-at-Home Jobs 2017

With so many businesses operating now on an online platform, it’s no secret that many of them would want to hire a virtual assistant to assist them in completing and organizing administrative work. International Virtual Assistants Association affirms that these virtual workers are like independent contractors who work from their own office or home and they help to support many clients in different industries by giving administrative, technical, and creative services. Although these virtual jobs vary a lot, jobs may include responding to and composing emails, responding to business and media inquiries, creating and writing content, making and distributing business-related documents.

9. in hospitals or physicians’ offices as a Medical Transcriptionist

medical transcriptionist, Top 10 Places to Find Work-at-Home Jobs 2018

Many of the medical transcriptionists find jobs in hospitals or physician’s offices; many are able to work in the comfort of their homes, and at the place of their choice at any time. This is because their work involves transcribing recorded medical dictation, a desk, a computer, and an earpiece are the only needed requirements after one has done and completed a post-secondary medical transcription program. Though many of these medical transcriptionists are self-employed, a number of them are able to find jobs in their local hospitals, community college or vocational school or physicians.

8. in Translation Field as a Translator


The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that a lot of translators work best at their homes and usually under very strict deadlines. Other times a bachelor’s degree is needed, but the most important thing is for one to be fluent in at least two languages. According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of translators who were self-employed in 2013 was around 20%. The other 80% were spread within these other industries: scientific, technical, and professional services (30%); local, state, and private educational services at 25%, social and healthcare assistance at 13%, and the government at 7%.

7. in Web Developing Field as a Web Developer


It is somehow easy to build or make your own website by taking the advantage of the various free learning opportunities available online. However, many people do not have the knowledge of how they can build their own blogs or websites, or simply don’t have the time to sit down and build, thus giving an opportunity to very many people to make a living through creating and developing websites and blogs for other people. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says around 25% of Web Developers in 2012 were self-employed, with the majority of them working in their homes, or just anywhere as long as they had a laptop and a good internet connection. You do not need a degree to work in this particular field. You only require a postsecondary education, a good experience, and a profile of some of the best sites that you build and managed.

6. In Travel industry as a Travel Agent


Although the expected demand for this job is projected to decline in the coming years, many job opportunities are still there for these jobs since you can be able to get customers on the internet and help them plan for their adventure in advance. The BLS affirms that the job prospects for these travel agents may be good for agents who have excellent expertise and are able to offer it to certain regions of the world, possess the necessary experience in planning adventures and tours. According to BLS statistics, around 12% of the travel agents in the year 2012 were self-employed, however, many of them work in the travel planning and reservation firms. This is one of Top 10 Places to Find Work-at-Home Jobs 2017.

5. In Freelancing as a Freelance Writer


More often than ever, writers will always be needed to come up with new articles, creative ideas, and formulate content that will be used in pages of different sites on the internet. Although some of these big sites have their own in-house writers, a great number of other sites outsource some of their content and hire content creators and freelance writers. Writing experience good and very useful, you only need to have ambition and drive, and possess the ability to view events that occur each passing day.

4. in Social Media Circles as a Social Media Manager


Many big businesses now use media to advertise and reach their customers directly, thus saving them from incurring heavy costs when paying for print, radio and television ads. However, not every large business enterprises have someone to manage and maintain their social media accounts. This is the reason as to why many people have opted to market themselves as managers of social media thus, help a lot of businesses to promote their social media platform followers in order to enhance their customer base. If you command a good social media fan base and have a large following, then you can easily get the job from companies by asking them directly if they need help.

3. in Blogging Field as a Blogger


Blogging is not like any other work-at-home since you have to come up and build it yourself. Even more challenging is that majority of these bloggers making zero dollars in their first years in this job as they try to grow and establish themselves. However, we have a lot opportunity for writers who are able to capture an audience, expand their site, and also find ways on how they can make money using their sites. Some of the ways that bloggers can be able to make income include; sponsored posts, product sales, Google AdSense and advertising.

2. in businesses as Data Entry person


Many businesses require people who can enter data of items into their systems or database, whether the data is used in tracking the shipments or inventory, measure output or performance, create business plans and among other uses. Since this job requires a computer and the typing skills only, people can work in the comfort of their homes, and at their own schedule which best fits them.

1. in call centers as a Call-Center Representative


Big companies need people who can answer to calls at any time of day or night, help customers, and process deal returns and orders. But since a number of these businesses have online operations, expanding the number of these jobs will go to customer service workers who can be able to work at their homes. If you want to be a home-call-center rep, one needs to own a computer and may also need specific equipment’s or software. Having a good voice may also be an added advantage of landing this job. Many online sites offer this call-center- representatives. Some of these sites include,, and

We have many types of work-at-home jobs 2017 that are not listed here. In 2017, these works at home are still there. As a result of these improvements in technology and the rise in social media people are able to get these jobs now legitimately.