Top 10 Oldest Civilizations in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Oldest Civilizations in The World 2017. Thousands of years ago, the oldest ancient civilizations were scattered around the world. They existed and thrived without the modern advancements that have been made in medicine and electronics. Unlike the word today where we are all connected via the internet and airplanes that can take us wherever our heart desires, the oldest civilizations were composed of groups of people that were isolated from the rest of the world. They came up with and created their own cultures, languages, and all around way of life. Some of the oldest civilizations are shrouded in mystery. Others are lost cities that were destroyed due to natural disasters, such as earthquakes and volcanoes. And other have evolved throughout the years to become what they are today.

List of Top 10 Oldest Civilizations in The World 2017

10. Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt Top Most Oldest Civilizations 2018

Ancient Egypt is one of the oldest civilizations, which started around 3150 BC and was located along the Nile River. The Ancient Egyptian civilization was able to grow a surplus of crops, create successful irrigation systems, and develop building and construction techniques that remain a mystery today. This includes the ancient Egyptian pyramids and temples that still exist today. They came up with a complex mathematical system, an effective medical system, an independent writing system, and developed a strong army. There is still an ancient Egyptian influence around in some of the art and architecture of the modern world.

9. Ancient Ethiopia & Israel

Ancient Ethiopia & Israel Top Popular Oldest Civilizations 2018

The Ancient Ethiopia and Israel civilizations mark the last of the megalithic stone buildings built by the oldest civilizations. The Bible and Kebra Negast are two ancient written books that recount some of the history of this ancient civilization. It is believed that Ancient Ethiopia and Israel was one of the earliest places that humans ever inhabited.

8. Ancient China

Ancient China Top Best Oldest Civilizations 2017

Ancient China came from another of the oldest civilizations…the lost continent of Mu. Thought of as the oldest cultures that still exists today, written records of the Ancient China civilization have been found dating back as far as 1500 BC. For many years, Ancient China was isolated from the rest of world. This drastic isolation allowed the Ancient Chinese to develop their unique culture. While the Chinese culture has changed and evolved slightly over the years, it still remains true to its ancient heritage. This is one of only four ancient cultures that still exists today.

7. The Mayans


Developed around 750 BC, the Mayan civilization was in the Mesoamerican culture. The Mayan civilization was known for its fully developed writing system, its pyramids and other architecture, as well as its astronomical system and art. The Mayan pyramids stretch from Central America to Indonesia, they built canal systems, temples, and underground tunnels. The Mayan civilization lasted for many years, until it started to dwindle, then eventually was conquered by the Spanish between 1511 AD and 1697 AD.

6. Tiahuanaco


As with many ancient civilizations, it is believed the Tiahunaco civilization created earthquake proof, megalithic structures and buildings. These buildings were built to last for thousands of years, using technological advancements. It is believed the Tiahunaco were the forefathers of the Incas. some South American cultures, as well as possibly the Polynesian culture. It is believed Like many of the oldest civilizations, Tiahunaco was destroyed as the result of a cataclysmic upheaval.

5. Uyghur Civilization of the Gobi Desert


Many of the oldest civilizations thrived around the same time. This includes Uiger Osirian, Atlantis, Mu, and other ancient civilizations. Unfortunately, just like these other ancient civilization, the Uiger Civilization of the Gobi Desert met a catastrophic end. Technological advancement were abundant during the time of the Uiger civilization. It is said tin ancient writings that he Uiger civilization used vimanas, which were a sort of flying palace. This is one of the Top 10 Oldest Civilizations in The World 2017.

4. Osirian Civilization of the Mediterranean

Osirian Civilization of the Mediterranean Top Famous Oldest Civilizations 2019

Like many of the oldest ancient civilizations, the Osirian civilization is believed to have used highly advanced technologies. Along with electricity, they built megalithic structures that were able to withstand earthquakes. The Osirian civilization reached its end around the same time as the Rama Empire, Atlantis, and Mu. This was the result of devastating catastrophes that occurred approximately 7,500 years ago in 5500 BC. It is said the the cataclysmic change that sunk Atlantis eventually flooded the Osirian Civilation as well. However, there were some remnants of the Osirian culture left in Egypt and Greece.

3. Rama Empire of India

Rama Empire of India Top 10 Oldest Civilizations

Fifteen thousand years ago, the Rama Empire thrived in what is now Pakistan and North Western India. Believed to be composed of many large cities the Rama Empire holds many mysteries to this day. An abundant amount of artifacts have been found, but there is such a strong radiation emanating from fossil corpses that the site was forced to shut down. Because of this, one theory that has surfaced about this sophisticated ancient civilization is it was destroyed by a nuclear bomb. Jewelry, tools, utensils, pottery, and other artifacts that have been found to be part of the Rama Empire have been found. This shows the extent of sophisitication and development of this ancient civilization. There are still many questions about the Rama Empire, including an ancient writing that cannot be deciphered, old Indian legends that may or may not be true, what caused the destruction of this civilization, and many more.

2. Ancient Atlantis

Ancient Atlantis Top 10 Oldest Civilizations 2017

Atlantis is another ancient civilizations that may have existed many years ago. While there are some facts that support this ancient land, there is a lack of concrete evidence. It is believed that Atlantis stood where North Africa and Arabia exist today. Some advanced technologies it is believed Atlantis used include air conditioners, electric rifles, mono-rail transportation, and water generators. The demise of the ancient city of Atlantis came when it sunk and was destroyed during a cataclysmic catastrophe. According to Plato, the founders of Atlantis were half human half god creatures that set out to create the ultimate utopia. There are many legends and stories about the ancient Atlantis civilization, however no evidence to prove they are true. While some believe Atlantis existed, most scientists say it did not.

1. Ancient Mu

Ancient Mu Top Most Famous Oldest Civilizations 2019

Ancient Mu is a continent that some say existed and others argue it did not; at this point in time it is said to be conceptual. It is believed that Mu was an entire continent that is may have suffered a devastating end when it sunk into the water. According to legend, parts of ancient Egypt, Ancient Medoamerica, and other ancient civilizations were started by refugees from Ancient Mu. This lost continent was located in the Pacific ocean and dates back as far as 200 million years ago. Ancient tablets have been found written in the Muvian language by those that survived. These tablets describe the catastrophic events that caused the end of Mu. Some believe they were even able to control gravity. Modern claims about this lost continent are that cataclysmic events began on Mu 800,000 years ago, with the last devastating catastrophe, a catastrophic explosion, dating around 9564 BC.

The oldest civilizations of the world may remain a mystery forever. As the years go by, it becomes more difficult to remember the past. Legends and stories get embellished, artifacts and fossils resurface but some get buried even further down into the past. One thing we do know is the further back we go, the the more knowledgeable and advanced the civilizations were. It is incredible to know that ancient civilizations bursting with life were once standing where we live, work, play, and travel today. We can make educated guesses and research the ancient relics we find, but do we truly know what happened hundreds, thousands, even millions of years ago?