Top 10 Notorious Doctors In History

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Notorious Doctors In History. Doctors are very important professionals in the society. They treat different diseases thereby helping patients regain their health. Without them, death rate would increase and world population would adversely be affected. For this reason, the society expects doctors to behave in a manner that reflects their profession. We do not expect doctors to behave badly. On the contrary, there are a number of doctors in history that are known not for their good work but bad behaviour and evil deeds . Some of them killed their patients instead of helping them recover from sickness. Others went to an extent of using patient body parts as firewood. You won’t believe this. But it happened.We are going to present you with top 10 notorious doctors in history to keep you in the know. You definitely want to know what they did. Take a look.

List of Top 10 Notorious Doctors In History

10. Mercel Petiot

mercel petiot, Top 10 Notorious Doctors In History

He was French doctor and was famous in early 1900. He began his career as a surgeon in a mental hospital. Unfortunately, the mental hospital made him crazy. He became a serial killer. Mercel Petiot would deliberately cut his patients and some of them would bleed to death. As if that was not enough, he would collect body parts of dead patients, take them to his house and use them as firewood. He was found guilty and beheaded in 1946 for his mass killings.

9.Shiro Ishii

shiro ishii-, Top 10 Notorious Doctors In History

He was a doctor during Sino-Japanese war. He treated prisons of war. However, most of his patients never recovered. Many of them passed away because of him. He was arrested by Americans when they invaded Japan.

8.Walter Freeman

walter freeman, Top 10 Notorious Doctors In History

Walter Freeman was a neuroligist from US. He became addicted to Labotomy. Labotomy is a surgical procedure which involves cutting open a patient’s brain and scraping connections between frontal and prefrontal lobes of the brain. He performed this procedure badly and over 3000 patients lost their lives. He was banned from this practice.

7.Jayant Patel

jayant patel, Top 10 Notorious Doctors In History

He is an Indian doctor. He worked in US but is currently based in Australia. He does not have adquate knowledge about human body. For this reason, he performed many unnecessary operations that led to death of many patients. He was arrested by authorities in Australia and served 7 years imprisonment.

6.Harold Shipman


Harold was the worst serial killer in US. He deliberately killed his patients. About 200 patients died because of him. His criminal record became widespread in 1990s. He was jailed in 2003. The poor doctor hanged himself while in the cell and died. He is one among the Top 10 Notorious Doctors In History.

5.Henry Holmes


He is described as the smartest serial killer in the United States. He would maim his patients and say that it was just a mistake. He got a lot of insurance money from US government. He stored bodies of his patients in his basements . He would slash them until only bones remained. He also raped female patients to death. He was hanged in 1987.

4. John Adams


John Adams is described as the most notorious British doctor. He mainly operated on elderly patients. He killed more than 165 patients. However, nobody knew that he was killing patients. And if anyone knew, it was never talked about publicly. He did this up to the time he died. It is unfortunate that he never faced justice despite his evil deeds. He would have been arrested and imprisoned for committing murder.

3. Carl Clauberg


He was a physician from German. He worked in Nazi camps.He tested cheap medicine on more than 500 women. Most of them died following infections during the testing exercise.Dr. Carl was arrested for his act but died before his trial. He is still remembered for the many deaths he brought on his patients, especially women.

2. Michael Swango


Michael was one of the most famous US surgeons. He mastered surgical procedures and this made him one of the most sought after doctors. However, things changed later and his personal life was affected . He began to support killing of patients. He even went to an extent of poisoning nurses in his hospital.

1.Josef Mengele


He was labeled angel of death during his time as a physician in German. He worked for the world’s greatest dictator, Adolf Hitler. He performed many experiments on Jews that lived in concentration camps. His deadly experiments led to death of many Jewish people. Many people agree that he was being used by Hitler to kill the people he hated most- Jews.

These are the Top 10 Notorious Doctors In History. Up to this juncture, you now know the most notorious doctors in history. These doctors went beyond societal expectations and did the unthinkable, killing patients deliberately. Even though most of them were arrested and imprisoned, their behaviour should be totally condemned. No medical practitioner should ever engage in such inhuman, heinous and sadistic acts.