Top 10 Most Shocking Political Scandals of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Shocking Political Scandals of All Time until 2017. Politicians are some of the most respected people in the society. They are expected to behave well and provide good leadership. Anything about politician makes news. They are public figures and journalists have the right to write anything about them. In the history of this world, some of the famous politicians involved themselves in activities which brought about scandals that shocked the whole world. When scandals occur,some of them try to influence the media to twist the story but the truth always comes out eventually. We are going to provide you with top 10 most shocking political scandals of all time. This will surprise you.

List of Top 10 Most Shocking Political Scandals of All Time until 2017

10. Kennedy’s Affair With Marilyn Monroe


J.F Kennedy, one of the US president was rumoured to have had an affair with Marilyn Monroe, a Hollywood actress.Kennedy was doing this while already married to Jackie Kennedy. Rumours became widespread and this was almost affecting his political career.He started the relationship with the beautiful actress even before he had become US president.Later on, Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her house. It was rumoured that Kennedy was behind the murder to prevent political disaster. This shocked the world.

9. Tony Blair’s Dossier

Tony Blair’s Dossier, Top 10 Most Shocking Political Scandals of All Time until 2017

When Tony Blair was a Prime Minister of Britain.He invaded Iraq with weapons of mass destruction.The information was disclosed by BBC journalist in 2003. Many people wondered why Tony Blair decided to visit the Arab nation with such weapons. His reputation was badly damaged.

8. John Profumo


John Profumo was the secretary of state some years back in history. During this time, he had an affair with a girl called Christine Keeler. When their secret relationship became known to the public, the reputation of John was damaged. He had no choice but to quit politics.

7. Bush Invasion of Iraq


President George W Bush claimed that Iraq was harboring weapons of mass destruction. Saddam Hussein was the president by then.According to Bush,Iraq was a threat to world peace and security.A report supporting the claims was published by ‘’Downing Street Memo’’ a UK publication.Bush got the support of Tony Blair. He invaded Iraq and attacked Saddam Hussein who was captured and hanged.

6. President Woodrow Wilson


He was the President of US during the First World War. It was rumoured that he cheated his wife.He had outside relationship with a girl called Edith. When his wife died in 1914, Woodrow married Edith immediately. There were rumors that he collided with his girlfriend to kill his wife so that they could settle together.This was a big scandal. It shocked the world.

5. Thomas Jefferson And His Illegitimate Children


Thomas Jefferson was a US president between 1880’s. Even though he was married to his wife, he also had secret relationship with his slave girl. He even sired children with her. The children were of mixed race. This is what made the public know that something was going on between the president and the slave girl. The resultant children were labelled illegitimate. It was later confirmed that Thomas was the biological father.

4. Ronald Regan And Iran Hostages


Ronald Regan was the president of US in 1980’s. He was loved by Americans. During his reign, Hesbollar terrorists held hostage a group of Americans. Regan thought of how he would save his people. He decided to sell weapons of mass destruction to Iran so that hostages could be released. This caused a big scandal that shocked America and the whole world. He later set up a committee to investigate the matter. How do you form a committee to investigate yourself? This was one of the Top 10 Most Shocking Political Scandals of All Time until 2017.

3. President Clinton’s Affair With Lewinsky


President Bill Clinton had just ascended to power as US president. During his first term in 1995, he was involved in a secret relationship with Lewinsky, an intern who was working in White House. Rumors became widespread but both the President and the girl denied the allegations.The matter ended in court. Lewinsky told her co-worker about his affair with the president. The worker taped the conversation and leaked it to the person who was investigating the matter; Kenneth Starr.The Congress wanted to impeach Clinton but the court ruled in his favour.

2. The Death of Sergei Magnitsky


He was a Russian tax auditor.He was arrested for helping people to evade tax. Later on, Sergei was found dead under mysterious circumstances. It was rumored that he was murdered by top officials in the Russian government.

1. Watergate Scandal


The scandal occurred when President Nixon was seeking re-election as US President in 1972. The political tension was on the rise.Nixon needed a strategy that would work for him.His committee broke into Watergate-the headquarters of Democratic National Committee. They stole important documents and unplugged office lines. This made him seek re-election easily. But he denied any involvement in the Watergate scandal.

So, these are the Top 10 Most Shocking Political Scandals of All Time until 2017. Scandals are common among politicians.Whenever a politician is involved in any scandal, that becomes the headline of many news organizations. It damages their reputation. Politicians should therefore try as much as possible to avoid scandals.