Top 10 Most Popular Programming Languages in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Popular Programming Languages in the world 2017. There are several programming languages that are in use today. Learning them will take much effort because most of them are being updated after sometime. However, learning of these languages makes a way for one to secure a good job in IT sector. Below are the top 10 popular programming languages.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Programming Languages 2017

10. Ruby

ruby, Top 10 Most Popular Programming Languages in The World 2017

Ruby was created by Yukihiro Matsumoto in 1995. This programming language consists of objects only. It’s the most object- oriented language. For those programmers who love objects, this is an interesting language for them to learn. The only disadvantage with this language is that the object orientation feature makes it slow. Ruby is so superior because it is the world’s most object oriented language. On the other hand, it comes at a price which is speed.

9. Perl


Perl is a multi-paradigm and interpreted language which was written by Larry Wall in 1986. This language is commonly used by veteran programmers as their primary language. Perl is characterized by its’ scary looking and disorganized syntax. However, Perl programmers understand the syntax. Some 10 years ago, Perl programming language was very popular than it is today. This downfall came as result of many newer and old programmers switching to others languages like Ruby, Visual Basic python and even PHP. Perl cannot be recommended as a primary programming language. It is only good for system administration scripting and processing.

8. JavaScript


Its real name is ECMAscript, although this name is rarely known. JavaScript is a very unique programming language. It is also a multi-paradigm and interpreted language. This programming language is rarely seen outside a web browser. Even though JavaScript bears the name java in it, it has nothing at all to do with java. .it is commonly used language to style web applications, validating web forms and scripting behaviors in web browsers. As one continues to build these scripts, they tend to pile up becoming trickier in applying office suites or even cheap online games. If a browser’s JavaScript interpreter advances in speed, then the trend is likely to succeed. One weakness of JavaScript is that you cannot use it outside a web browser, however, it is useful and reliable for client side web programming.

7. C#


It is pronounced as C sharp. This programming language is an object oriented language that was Written by Microsoft. It is similar to java in nature and syntax. C# is pretty fast and very powerful programming language. One negative thing about it is that it cannot be used out of a windows platform even though it is considered to be an open specification.

6. Python


Python is a multi paradigm and interpreted language. Guido Van Rossum wrote this programming language in the late 1980’s. His intentions were that it may be used generally in programming purposes. Many people may think that this language was named after a snake, however, it is not so as many think. It was named after a comedy group by the name Monty Python. For its readability, indentation is required. Python encourages due to its codes which are very elegant therefore developers tend to do similar things in similar ways. This language is commonly used as the main programming option for Ubuntu and Google web browser because of its excellent readability and overall appearance. There is no weakness that has been detected in this programming language so far.

5. VB (Visual Basic)


Microsoft Corporation developed this programming language for windows platform. Visual basic is good in scripting applications in windows that don’t require power and speed like that of C#. For the several years that VB has been evolving, it has been seen and considered to be a direct descendant of old BASIC of Microsoft since 1970’s. One weakness of this language is that it can’t run on any platform. It only runs on windows. It is one of the Top 10 Most Popular Programming Languages in the world 2017.

4. PHP


This language was originally developed by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1996 with an aim of creating dynamic web pages. PHP is a multi paradigm that uses a runtime interpreter. When it was created, nobody considered it to be a programming language. It got criticized because of its character of being insecure and also very sloppy. However, with time, PHP grew into a complete object oriented programming language. In 2004, version 5 of this language was developed which made it pretty good. Whenever PHP is used in web programming, good and clear documents are released. Although, this language it is tiresome because of using too many ways to do the same thing.

3. C++


C++ was written as an update of C in 1979 by Blarney Stroustrup. It is a multi paradigm and compiled language which brings an object orientation when being compiled with C. This normally helps in creating big projects. It is suitable for creating a wide range of games and other office applications. Good thing about C++ is that it has high speed when compiling. However, it is said to be old and clumsy compared to other programming languages like C.

2. C



It was developed by Dennis Ritchie In 1972 for the purpose of using it in UNIX operating system. It is a procedural and compiled programming language. C programs are suitable for computers with different kinds of operating system and architectures. As a result of this, these machines get relatively fast. Some of its functions are writing other programming languages and programming in systems and in embedded systems. These programs are of high speed but hard to master their memory management.

1. Java


Java was released in 1995 by Sun Microsystems. This program is an object oriented programming language and uses a compiler to run. It is currently ranked in the top position because it is a well organized programming language. Java programs can run in different computers, operating systems and architectures, it is the most used programming language in universities computer classes. Java is very popular although it is slower than other complied languages.

The above are the commonly used programming language in market 2017. Learning any of them is very rewarding. it may take time but through doing research each and every day, you will someday get competent to do this job alone.