Top 10 Most Popular Gardening Books in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Popular Gardening Books in The World 2017. If there is a more relaxing activity than gardening, we don’t know what it is. And besides being relaxing, how about rewarding as well? After all, how many pastimes can you say you enjoyed the benefits of like eating? The truth is that not all gardening is aimed at eating. Some is simply done for the beauty of it. Regardless of the reason you do it for, here are the top 10 most popular gardening books in 2017 that will keep you plenty busy in your garden, regardless of what your purpose is.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Gardening Books in The World 2017

10. Outstanding American Gardens

Outstanding American Gardens Top 10 Best Selling Gardening Books in The World 2019

This one won’t show you how to grow a thing, but for inspiration, it’s tops. Outstanding American Gardens is full of beautiful photography showing some of the very best in gardens around the world. The truth is that if you are looking for ideas that will shake up your own garden, this is the book for you. You will find stunning gardens and landscapes that will give you more ideas to decorate with than you could possibly use, but you’re guaranteed to turn your idea of a garden on its head.

9. The Authentic Garden


The Authentic Garden was written by two landscape designers who have created and photographed gardens around the world, then taught those who want to learn the secrets of truly beautiful gardens. This book is full of gardens that can be found in residential and commercial areas, and each have lots of information about how each subject was designed. You can only win with this book.

8. Rescuing Eden

Rescuing Eden Top 10 Most Famous Gardening Books in The World 2020


If there is a subject that lends itself to history, it’s gardening. That’s the idea behind Rescuing Eden, which is an objective look at historical gardens and how they got that way. But if you are thinking that this tome is centered on only the richest of estates you would be wrong. In fact, this book covers gardens that are truly stunning but run the gamut of everything from the gardens at Alcatraz prison to the quirky South Carolina dreamscape of Pearl Fryar.

7. Highgrove

Highgrove Top 10 Most Famous Gardening Books in The World 2018

What better to show the royal side of gardening than one that has been tended by royalty itself, His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales? HRH’s Gloucestershire estate, Highgrove is the subject of this volume, which takes readers through not only the flower beds, orchards, meadows, and arbors, but also the lush greenery that surrounds everything. This is another book that will awaken your imagination for what you might create in your garden if you were royalty.

6. The New Shade Garden


Gardens can be created for a wide variety of uses. These can include a source of food, resting places, and much more, but one of the most important is to provide shade, for whatever that reason might be. After all, your garden is your oasis, a place to relax and enjoy a day or even just an afternoon. The New Shade Garden is one book that is sure to give you plenty of ideas for how you can create your own oasis wherever you might live.

5. A Natural History of English Gardening

A Natural History of English GardeningTop 10 Most Popular Gardening Books in The World 2017

There is probably nothing more homey than a typical English garden. For comfort, little additions to the menu, or almost anything else, the English garden has been set aside for its unique contribution to English manors, wherever they might be. Now you can enjoy a look at the history of English gardening with all the splendor just by picking up this book. If the lush colors don’t make you feel better, nothing will.

4. The Art of Gardening

The Art of Gardening Top 10 Most Popular Gardening Books in The World 2020

The Art of Gardening is another praise of the art of gardening by those who know it best, those who enjoy it around the world. Unlike many other gardening books, The Art of Gardening is a compendium of input from gardeners and what made them so great at what they do. All along, the book features pictures of the gardens that these kindred souls represent. Not only is this a great book, but it also gives a lot of good advice about gardening from experts who have proven their mettle.

3. Private Gardens of Paris

Private Gardens of Paris Top 10 Most Popular Gardening Books in The World 2019

What fledgling gardener wouldn’t like to take a peek behind the high walls that make up so much of the City of Light. You might never get to know, but with the Private Gardens of Paris you can at least get a good idea of what those private gardens look like behind those high facades. Thanks to books like this, everyone can have a garden like a Parisian. After you read this book, it will be time to start your own.

2. Charlotte Moss: Garden Inspirations

Charlotte Moss- Garden Inspirations Top 10 Most Popular Gardening Books in The World 2018

This is another book that won’t teach you a thing about planning a garden, but when it comes to inspiration to start or maintain your own, you’re sure to get a lot of that from Charlotte Moss: Garden Inspirations. In the pages of this book, Charlotte Moss gives you a guided tour through her own East Hampton home and garden, then she takes you on tours of some of her most memorable gardens. Those include Bunny Mellon’s estate and many more.

1. Bunny Williams: On Garden Style

Bunny Williams- On Garden Style Top 10 Most Popular Gardening Books in The World 2017

At least in the gardening realm, Bunny Williams: On Garden Style is sure to be a classic soon. This beautiful book covers everything from planning a garden to enjoying it. Bunny Williams is best known as a designer of all things, but in this exciting book, she shows what is probably the pride of her home, her garden. Now you can take advantage of her generosity of showing her garden.

These are the Top 10 Most Popular Gardening Books in The World 2017. Gardening must be one of life’s greatest pleasures. But whether you can do it yourself or just enjoy appreciating the art of it, these books will probably give you more than you can handle in either regard. Gardening books can serve to instruct, inspire, or entertain. Fortunately, in the cases of these ten books, you will probably get more than your share of all three benefits.