Top 10 Most Popular Food Mascots in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Popular Food Mascots in The World 2017. Some of the mascot’s that do tend to sell a corporation’s products can be a bit irritating at times. However, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t appealing, or that they do annoy all the time. The annoying part is only a bit part of their job overall. Some of these food mascots have go on to become very popular and even adored. Who are they? Read on to learn more.

List of Top 10 Most Popular Food Mascots in The World 2017

10. Little Debbie

little debbie, Top 10 Most Popular Food Mascots in The World 2017

Little Debbie’s Cakes was founded in 1960 by O.D. and Ruth McKee. Little Debbie’s line of products are made up mainly of cookies and cake desserts. Some of the most popular of all their baked goods does include Little Debbie’s Oatmeal Pies, Swiss Cake Rolls, Nutty Bars, and Cosmic Brownies. The mascot for the product originally was a black and white photo created by the artist Pearl Mann from Atlanta. She came up with a photo of a little girl who looked to be about eight or nine years old in age. Minor changes were made to the logo in 1985 and in 2013. The product of Little Debbie was named after the McKee’s little granddaughter aged 4 and named Debbie.

9. Colonel Sanders


Kentucky Fried Chicken is without a doubt one of the most know of all fast food icons. Kentucky Fried Chicken’s famous food mascot is no other than Colonel Sanders. Who is Colonel Sanders? He is the official mascot for KFC and no other food mascots are as omnipresent as is Colonel Sanders. The real Colonel Sanders who was the founder of this fast food fried chicken empire opened up the very first KFC franchise in Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1952. In May of 2015, KFC decided to do a brand makeover, and part of that was to bring back Colonel Sanders into the advertising part of it. The rebranding of KFC did include an online game called ColonelQuest. The man who plays Colonel Sanders isn’t at all fake. He did grow up in Indiana and created what is called the “Indiana Fried Chicken” dish.

8. Betty Crocker


Betty Crocker is the very famous image that was created by the famous brand of the same name. It was Marjorie Husted who created the brand and the personage of Betty Crocker. Betty Crocker is the ultimate housewife and cook. She is also probably a great mother as well.

7. Bob Wian


Everyone who knows about the Austin Power movies does know about Big Bob Wian. Bob’s Big Boy Best is know from these popular comedic movies. However, what same may not know is this, and that is that Bob’s Big Boy is a restaurant chain that is known. The restaurant chain was something that was founded back in 1936 and was called Bob’s Pantry. Bob’s Big Boy is a food mascot that is known all across the world and that is for its wonderful quality that does accompany the meals themselves.

6. Oscar Mayer


Oscar Mayer is another known and popular food mascot from the Oscar Mayer Company. Oscar Mayer started first becoming a household name with its most famous of all TV commercials. What was this commercial all about? It was about a little boy who gave his piece of bologna a name. The name was Oscar Mayer. Going forward from that commercial until now, Oscar Mayer is now famous beyond famous, and also one of the most enduring of all beloved food mascots too.

5. Wally Amos


Wally Amos is famous for making some of the most tasty, sweet, and wonderful of all cookies. Famous Amos Cookies are known for being not only mouth watering. They are also every inch delectable and delicious in their very own way. The food mascot for these baked goods was no other than their own founder, Wally Amos, who not only had his own commercials for his brand, but he also appeared on other TV shows and his own shows sometimes. They are one among the Top 10 Most Popular Food Mascots in The World 2017.

4. Ettore Boiardi


Ettore Boiardi was a head chef that was renowned. He wasn’t jus the head chef for the Plaza in New York City. He also was head chef at the Greenbrier in West Virginia as well. Chef Boyardee who is the famed ravioli food mascot is no other than Ettore Boiardi himself. Ettore Boiardi decided to go ahead and put his name and face on all of his fine frozen foods. Eventually, he started to franchise his sauces, and also his pasta dishes as well too.

3. Erich Huzenlaub(Uncle Ben’s)


Erich Huzenlaub was a German chemist. He was the inventor and found of Uncle Ben’s Rice. Where did the name come from for Uncle Ben’s Rice? No one seems to know. Uncle Ben may not even be a real person. However, this food mascot is extremely famous, and so is the awesome rice product itself that has been around for a very long time now. Erich Huzenlaub wanted to sell his rice product in America. He then teamed up with a man by the name of Forrest Mars. Mars is the person that assisted Huzenlaub in packaging and selling Uncle Ben’s Rice in the United States. The rest is successful rice history

2. Chris Rutt (Aunt Jemima)


Chris Rutt is just one of two men who started the famous food mascots named Aunt Jemima. Aunt Jemima was a pancake mix product that would go on to achieve pancake history in the world of food products. Chris Rutt along with Charles Underwood did decide to purchase a flower mill together. However, after realizing that there were heaps of competition in the already crowded flour industry, they decided to go another route. The other route was to package small boxes of pancake mix and give it the great name of Aunt Jemima. Aunt Jemima is the food mascot to pancakes as Betty Crocker is to cakes and cookies.

1. Captain Morgan


Captain Morgan is a famous alcohol food mascot of sorts. Whoever hasn’t heard of the spiced rum that this pirate does plug. They will hear of it now. Captain Morgan’s Spiced Rum is more famous to college coeds and tends to be a favorite of theirs. The food mascot Captain Morgan is viewed by the public as being something more of a cartoon character that is sort of similar to Captain Hook and Jack Sparrow. However, the food mascot character itself, is indeed something that is based on an actual person and that person is no other than a Welsh privateer of the name of Sir Henry Morgan.

These are the Top 10 Most Popular Food Mascots in The World 2017. Some of the most enduring of all food mascots are those, that have managed to not only steal the attention, but also the hearts of many who adore food and food products. It is as simple as all that.

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