Top 10 Most Expensive Software in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Expensive Software in The World 2017. In the current world that we are living in the current life is all moving in the digital direction. This results in the need for a computer usage from day to day life. The computer has two different things that make it operate which is the hardware and the software. This term way introduced way back in 1960 so that the user could differentiate between the tangible part and the code that was used to run the computers. The code that is written in the current life is way complicated and also performs very hard tasks and as a result of this the price tag that is associated to it is also high. Here we are going to review some of the top 10 most expensive software that all have different attributes and they also perform different tasks all together.

List of Top 10 Most Expensive Software in The World 2017

10: AutoCAD

autocad, Top 10 Most Expensive Software 2017

Starting us off at the bottom is a software that is known as AutoCAD. This is a software that is used by designers to develop both 3D and 2D designs of different things. The original version of AutoCAD was first introduced to the market back in the year 1982. Since that time, the software has undergone different changes to now. Currently the software is available in a cloud based system as well as a mobile web app. This has aided in its retail and the acceptance by many. Most of this designs that are developed by this system fetch a lot of money.

9: Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence


Second on the list is another app from Microsoft. This application is used in the development of business intelligent solutions to most of the data that is handled in any organisation. The program is used in the management of most of the data that is handled in any organisation. It actually deploys as well as creating manageable and scalable business solutions. The basis for the development of the software is the visual studio software. The software can handle very huge sums of data and the outcome is reliable as well as accurate data that was input.

8: QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 15.0

quickbooks enterprise solutions 15.0, Top 10 Most Expensive Software 2018

Next on the list is another business oriented software that has a huge price tag of approximately 14000 us dollars associated to it. The software has the sole purpose of arranging and aiding the user in tracking numerical data. The user may be able to file and check on his payroll taxes. On top of this, they may also be able to generate reports as well as to track inventories of what they have used or purchased. The software offers the ability to look at as many customers with a limit of about 100000 people associated to it.

7: New World System Public Administration


In the current world that we are living in, there has risen a need to have many calculations that arise from different platforms with money a major issue. This has brought about the need to develop a platform that makes the calculations easier especially for those organisations that have to deal with huge sums or bulky numbers. This software does this and is mainly used in the government systems. The amount that it retails for is worth considering the amount of work it does.

6: VxWorks


This is one of the many and good operating systems that are in the market and one of the unique features that it possesses is that it is real time. The operating system in mind is quite good and has interrupts that are very fast naturally. The framework that it is built on has a very easy handling error system as well as it is modular per say. The hardware part of this requires the product details to be read decoded and displayed in a proper manner as the data is arriving.

5: Adobe Font Folio 11.1


This is one of the best software’s that comes from the company known as Adobe. The software in mind offers the user the ability to modify their work to reduce the monotony of the same old fonts that have existed over the long period. The fonts here are able to be used by web designers, video editors, business publishers as well as graphic designers. The fronts that are packed in this software are all worth the cash paid. This is one of the Top 10 Most Expensive Software in The World 2017.

4: HP Intelligent Management Center MPLS VPN Manager Cisco Device


This is one of those software’s whose usage has been very versatile as it has many applications in different areas. The main purpose for the said software appears to be in management of device configurations. It makes this process to be well controlled from a single station as well as it automates the whole process.

3: CryEngine 3


Currently, there are many software’s that are produced that are in the line for gamers. This is one of those amazing creations that is built to handle most gaming platforms. The software in mind can be able to run on PlayStation 3 platform, Xbox platform as well as Microsoft platform. This is as of a while back and as per right now they have outgrown themselves and also been able to cover the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox one platforms.

2: Renderware SDK


Another very good software that is game oriented is this one that is known as Renderware SDK. The above named software was a product that was introduced to the market by Criterion Software. This is a software that is key in the development of video games as well as VRLM browsers. The game has an engine that renders graphics and is able to create 3D designs in the gaming platforms.

1: New World Systems Public Administration Software


This is one of those software’s that is involved in the safety measures that are employed by the local governments in the world. The software has the capability to run a full department of the local government. The full software takes care of allocating funds for the different things that are required by the different branches.

These are the Top 10 Most Expensive Software in The World 2017. The software’s named above have very complex and hard code to decode and as a result of the lump of time dedicated to them as well as the thinking the price is relative to this.