Top 10 Most Dangerous Gangs in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Dangerous Gangs in The World 2017. When the word gang is mentioned, terror and fear is all that comes to mind. Gangs are known all over the world to be associated with murder, extortion, kidnapping, blackmail, rape and even drug trafficking. They are also involved in the running and controlling of prostitution and apart from those illegal businesses, they also run legitimate companies. They employ tactic that are very intimidating and ruthless violence is the result in case there is difference between them.

Below is a list of the top ten most dangerous gangs that exist in the world according to their size, the violence level, local influence and the international scope.

List of Top 10 Most Dangerous Gangs in The World 2017

10. Mungiki

Mungiki Top Most Famous Dangerous Gangs in the World 2019

This gang is associated with the largest ethnic group in Kenya which is the kikuyu. They are known with their trademark style of committing murder which includes beheading and chopping off private parts. The group has over the past gained popularity and it is approximated to consist of more than 100,000 gang members.

Through its violence and large scale recruitment, this gang has gained a significant economic and political force. It is this this group that over the past elections that has been used by politicians to scare voters by their acts of violence. Most notably is when the incumbent president Mwai Kibaki who belonged to the kikuyu tribe won an election that was questionable over his main opponent Raila Odinga, this gang was used to ruthlessly murder people belonging to the rival tribe.

9. La Nuestra Familia


This is a gang comprising of persons of Mexican origin. The gang’s origin can be traced back to northern California. Its main objective is cultural preservation of their Chicano culture. It involves itself with illegal activities that range from drug supplying and enforced prostitution. The gang members’ alias serious criminals are infamous for using women to traffic drugs.

8. The Yakuza


This is a gang whose home country is Japan. It’s probably the most influential crime group in modern times. It’s embedded in the political and economic systems of japan with close ties to very important persons in the country.

The Yakuza has even corporate headquarters of their own hence operating like a legal organization with staunch members having even business cards. It’s common to see them in Japan cruising in luxurious cars with tinted windows. They have distinctive tattoos for easy identification of the group members. Another common feature among them is their missing fingers. The decapitated fingers are as a result a member cutting them when he or she fails an assignment or tasks so as to show remorse for the loss incurred due to the failure. The Yakuza are truly submissive to their masters.

7. Bloods

Bloods Top 10 Most Dangerous Gangs in the World 2017

This gang originates from Los Angeles. Members identify themselves by wearing clothes with red color. They are known to coerce people to join their gang. Basically they operate under the notion that its either you are with them or against them. They are linked to countless atrocities like murders that have been committed in Los Angeles. They are also engaged in fierce bloody gang wars especially with the Crips gang considered to be their main rivals.

6. Crips

Crips Top Popular Dangerous Gangs in the World 2017

This gang traces its origin from Los Angeles. It was founded in 1969 by two sixteen year olds. It has grown over the years to become one of the largest criminal organizations with an estimated gang member of up to 35,000 persons. The gang is mostly associated with African -American who traditionally wore blue clothing. The culture of wearing similar clothing has significantly waned due to numerous police crack downs on gang members.

The gang has been credited with violent robberies, murders and also dealing in drugs.

5. United Bamboo


This is a Taiwanese gang with influence over seas. They have taken responsibility for murders far as in the USA. They are known to assassinate journalists who threat to expose their nefarious activities across Asia. Besides this silencing violent tactics they mainly engage in illegal tax collection syndicates, enforced prostitution and trafficking of drugs. This is one of the Top 10 Most Dangerous Gangs in The World 2017.

Human trafficking is also known to generated lots of blood money to the criminal organization.

4. The Aryan Brotherhood


This is a white-Supremacist gang group which is based on the USA. This organized crime syndicate is infamous for carrying out assassinations on people they consider to be threats even outside the USA.

The gang oversees most of the illegal activities in prisons including drug trafficking, in mate extortions as well as in mate prostitution and murder-for-hire services.

The Aryan brotherhood members identify themselves with distinctive tattoos. They also organize dog fighting marches as a sport and betting ground with monetary gain for the owners and betters of the winning animal.

3. Sinaloa cartel

Sinaloa cartel Top 10 Most Dangerous Gangs in the World

This gang is considered the most powerful drug cartel in Mexico. It’s known for killing rival gang for control of the Mexican drug market. It also involves itself with activities such as extortion.

The gang is led by the infamous Joaquin Guzman alias ‘El Chapo’ who is believed to hold Mexican authorities by the grip and putting most of them in his pay roll. He recently escaped from jail and has never been found since.

2. Los Zetas

Los Zetas Top Most Popular Dangerous Gangs in the World 2018

This is a Mexican drug cartel that has been engaged in a violent brutal war against the Sinaloa cartel for over a decade which has led to the loss of tens of thousands of lives. The original members of Los Zetas were break away from elite Mexican Special Forces who deserted the army to work for the Gulf Cartel. After a while they parted ways with the cartel to form their own cartel know as Los Zotes. With their combat skills and training they are now the most powerful and successful drug cartel in Mexico.

They don’t spare anyone they consider a threat by torturing and murdering them including police and politicians.

1. Mexican Mafia

Mexican Mafia Top Famous Dangerous Gangs in the World 2018

This is probably the most organized crime syndicated in the United States. Its ethnicity is of Mexican American. It’s believed to be a purely a U.S. criminal prison organization. Its highly organized structure has made it to be very successful in the USA.

Its criminal activities range from kidnapping to arms dealing. They are also involved in human trafficking and illegal immigration hence being a major milestone to the United States Homeland Security Department.

These are the Top 10 Most Dangerous Gangs in The World 2017. Everyone should be aware of the above gangs and report their activities to relevant authorities. The world would be far much better without these gangs and everyone would be more than safe each day.