Top 10 Most Dangerous Female Gangsters in The World

Take a look at the list of Top 10 Most Dangerous Female Gangsters in The World 2017. Many times crime is mostly associated with images of old time mobsters who are every bit as vicious as they look. Most people would claim that. Most atypical gangsters are seen as men in three-piece suits that you wouldn’t want to cross in a well-lit alley much less a dark one. It comes as a shock then that anyone would think of a woman who could be a mother or a wife as a capable and violent crime boss. These ten women have proven that men aren’t unique when it comes to being mean, cruel, and absolutely bent on destruction and depravity. With that, here are those women who have prove to be among the most dangerous female gangsters in throughout the world.

List of Top 10 Most Dangerous Female Gangsters in The World 2017

10. Sandra Avila Beltran


Sandra Beltran was nicknamed “The Queen of the Pacific” not long after becoming the new leader of one of the most powerful drug cartels in the world. Beltran was married twice, and each husband was an ex-cop that had decided to become a drug trafficker. Until death do we part became quite accurate as both of her husbands were killed by hired hitmen, crimes for which Beltran went unnoticed thanks to her skill at leaving no evidence. Around It wasn’t until 2007 Beltran was finally charged for organized crime and drug trafficking. Many of the charges were dropped, but money laundering and possession of illegal weapon still placed her behind bars.

9. Claudia Ochoa Felix


Many of those who choose the criminal life tend to pick up nicknames for themselves, and Felix is no exception. On the streets Felix became known as “The Kim Kardashian of Organized Crime”. In 2014 it was a matter of public record that Felix had assumed control of one of the most influential Hispanic gangs. This gang was blamed for hundreds of gruesome murders and was also known to be most powerful trafficking organizations around. Felix gained her spot when her boyfriend, Jose Rodrigo Arechiga “El Chino” Gamboa was arrested for murdering three men found hanging from a bridge.

8. Judy Moran

judy moran,Top 10 Most Dangerous Female Gangsters in The World 2018

Judy Moran is a prominent gangster from Melbourne, Australia. Amongst drug traffickers and criminals her family gained a reputation for being particularly ruthless and quite aggressive. Murder was just one of the many offenses they were thought to have committed. Judy has lost a number of family members to gang violence including two husbands, two sons, and a brother-in-law who were all murdered between 1982 and 2009. Judy was arrested under suspicion of murdering of her brother-in-law, and is to this day behind bars serving a minimum 21 year sentence.

7. Thelma Wright


Thelma Wright gained a lot of her notoriety from her husband, Jackie Wright, who was at his peak a well known drug dealer in Philadelphia. After he was murdered in 1986 Thelma took over business and was soon enough making thousands if not more by transporting drugs between California and Philadelphia. At one point Wright was making close to a half a million dollars per month. Her tale of crime however ends on happier note, as a shootout in 1991 convinced her to give up her life of crime and became an inspirational speaker for those who would seek to follow in her footsteps.

6. Maria Leon


Not many people could possibly raise thirteen children and run a criminal empire all at once, but Maria Leon was a definite exception. As head of gang that was deep into drug smuggling, murder, and even human trafficking, Leon also had the support of a major Hispanic gang. This gained her a reputation that made her almost untouchable. Leon lost one of her sons in 2008 during a police shootout, and was not allowed to return stateside to attend his funeral. After being smuggled over from Mexico, Leon was arrested and later charged with many crimes that her organization had committed. Leon was sentenced to eight years.

5. Maria Licciardi


Heading the Licciardi clan out of Naples, Maria was a boss for almost eight years before being arrested in 2001. Maria had to take over after her husband and two brothers were arrested. Some often labeled her “The Godmother” for her role within her clan. Her gang was largely into drug trafficking and extortion, but eventually human trafficking became a part of their racket as well. It wasn’t until 1999 that Maria was eventually taken down over a heroin dispute. This caused her to flee police until 2001 when Licciardi was apprehended. She is one among the Top 10 Most Dangerous Female Gangsters in The World 2017.

4. Rosetta Cutolo


Rosetta assumed control of her gang when her brother was put behind bars. Cutolo’s sister was most trustworthy and as a result Rosetta took over her clan despite not being fond of her brother for his loose tongue. Rosetta ordered a local police station to be blown up around the 1980’s. Not long after this Rosetta was forced to run for nearly a decade until police caught up in 1993. Despite her original nine year sentence Rosetta served only five, as her appearance as a frail old woman gained her leniency.

3. Jemeker Thompson


Known by the name of“Queen Pin” during her reign, Jemeker came from a very poor background where crime was a way to pay her bills and create a life for herself. After marrying and having a child Jemeker and her husband were among the most successful teams to ever sell crack cocaine in their area. They dominated LA in the 1980’s. Her husband was murdered at one point, but still Jemeker continued to deal drugs and eventually partnered with another dealer who was eventually arrested. After deciding to run for five years Jemeker returned to LA for her son, where police arrested her and sent to a maximum security prison.

2. Raffaella D’Alterio


Known as “The Big Kitten”, D’Alterio became the new Camorra boss in Naples following her husband’s murder, Nicola Pianese. D’Alterio was arrested in 2012 along with 65 other suspects after several raids during which police seized over $10 million in vehicles. D’Alterio was no stranger to violence, having suffered three gunshot wounds during a scuffle with a rival gang. For three decades her family was thought to be responsible for more than 4,000 killings, as well as extortion, money laundering, robbery, and possession of illegal firearms. They were also reportedly making more than $200 billion a year with their endeavors.

1. Anna Gristina


Gristina made headlines throughout world in 2012 when because of her actions she was tried and convicted as being an influential leader of a high-class sex trade ring. Gristina was set up by an undercover officer that had posed as a client in 2011. On hidden camera Gristina was seen arranging for a private showing designed to entice the undercover officer that featured two women having sexual relations in a brothel in New York. Despite claiming that her business was a legitimate dating service during her trial, Gristina eventually admitted to being an illegal madam. Despite all of this Gristina was sentenced to six months in prison and five years of probation.

These are the Top 10 Most Dangerous Female Gangsters in The World 2017. Despite acts that are often gritty and uncouth in a life of crime that many aspire to, criminality is by no means bound by gender. These women and many others have proven that to be a gangster one doesn’t need to be born a man. Women can be, and often times are, just as vicious, and perhaps even more calculating.