Top 10 Bizarre Murder Weapons Ever Used

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Bizarre Murder Weapons Ever Used till 2017. Weapons are unlawful devices that are used to kill innocent people. However, when you think about it in context, it’s not weapons that truly kill people. People are the ones who kill people. What are the top 10 bizarre murder weapons ever used? Please read on to learn more. You will be glad you did. Bizarre is as he word does intend it to be. The focus is on very strange and odd murder weapons and that does indeed make for a very interesting read in its own way.

List of Top 10 Bizarre Murder Weapons Ever Used till 2017

1. An Xbox Console

An Xbox Console Top 10 Bizarre Murder Weapons Ever Used

In April of 2013, a man took an Xbox Console, and he used it as a murder weapon to do away with his young girlfriend. The girl’s badly beaten up body was found lifeless and loaded up with blood right beside the Xbox 360 gaming system. Why he killed her? The answer isn’t something that is clearly known. What is known is this and that is something motivated the young man to do such a heinous thing. Truly this is, one of the most hideous of all crimes, because the thought of being hit with Xbox console is cruel beyond cruel.

2. A Chainsaw

A Chainsaw Top Most Popular Bizarre Murder Weapons Ever Used 2018

The chainsaw is by far one of the weirdest of all murder weapons to be honest. Because, to be honest, why would someone want to kill someone with a chainsaw? It is a very messy way of murdering a person. However, in April of 2010, a man named Jose Corona took two chainsaws and proceeded to cut up his wife into a million pieces. A murder of this kind doesn’t seem likely, but in reality, it is and was. Mr. Corona went to jail for a very long time and probably straight to death row if they didn’t find him insane.

3. A Pen

A Pen Top famous Bizarre Murder Weapons Ever Used 2018

Most people do use a pen to write with. They don’t think of ever using it as a murder weapon. However, one person did, and this individual was no other than a young boy named Jason Webster. Jason Webster took a pen and decided to kill his girlfriend Rebecca Love. He took one of his school pens and just went crazy stabbing her with it. The young lady died from wounds sustained by being stabbed with the pen. The body of Rebecca was found lifeless due to the stab wounds from the pen of her deadly boyfriend.

4. A Shoe

A Shoe Top 10 Bizarre Murder Weapons Ever Used 2017

Would one ever believe that a shoe could be used to kill someone with at the end of the day or night? The answer to this question is yes. A woman by name of Edith Maxwell did make up her mind to use one of her high heels to commit a murder. Who was the person that the school teacher did decide to kill with a shoe? The answer is her own father. She took her shoe and killed him in cold blood. The sentence for her crime was a long stretch in prison.

5. Jump Rope


It is really weird when someone uses a jump rope to kill another one with. Truly, it isn’t a crime that is hear of, all the time. However, one did happen back in 2007, when the victim whose name was Monique Fulgham was both raped and then hung from the door of an apartment with the help of a jump rope. The crime was committed by the girl’s grand-mom. How horrible is that? Very horrid indeed. This is one of the Top 10 Bizarre Murder Weapons Ever Used until 2017.

6. Pickle Jar


A man by the name of Daniel Kovarbasich got his first job as a teenager. The job was to walk a dog that was owned by a 55-year-old man named Duane Hurley. The two men soon became involved in a sexual relationship and Kovarbasich eventually got tired of Hurley doing physical harm to him. Therefore, he just decided to pick up a pickle jar one day, and he used the pickle jar to bash Duane in the skull with repeatedly. Hurley died from the impact to his skull.

7. A Guitar

A Guitar Top Most Famous Bizarre Murder Weapons Ever Used 2019

Killing someone with a guitar is truly a bizarre way to murder someone. However, it is true, and it did happen when 33-year-old Derrick Birdow did decide to take a guitar and take the life of innocent Danny Kirk who was from Texas. Birdow just decided to attack the man with the electric guitar and beat him up severely. Kirk died from the brutal beating with the musical instrument.

8. Shovel


In March of 2014, a man by the name of Michael Marshall, killed a man with a shovel. The man’s name was Demarcus Jones. The murder took place in Mississippi and it was the very first serious crime in which a shovel was used to end someone’s life in a brutal way. The killer was 42 years old and the victim was a young man.

9. Floor Lamp


Bryant Willerson was a man from Georgia who took a floor lamp and killed William McClain with in June of 2012. The attack happened right after the two guys had heated words and an altercation soon ensued between the both of them. Using a floor lamp does indeed sound very weird to murder someone with, for sure, but it did happen and McClain died on the scene from the many injuries he did receive.

10. A pair of sweatpants

A pair of sweatpants Top Popular Bizarre Murder Weapons Ever Used 2017

It may actually sound weird, but back in 2006, an old man took a pair of sweatpants and committed murder with them. He strangled a young woman to death with them. The old man’s name was Jimmy Hackley and he was from the United States. He strangled Patricia Ann McCollum, who was only 30 years old, and it was serious first degree murder for which the old man did have to pay a hefty jail sentence price for in the end.

These are the Top 10 Bizarre Murder Weapons Ever Used until 2017. It doesn’t matter how weird a weapon may be. What is even more weird is the killers who decide to use them to murder someone else. The weird part isn’t just about the strange weapon that is used. It is more about the fact that someone would consider taking a life with an object that isn’t intended at all for that very purpose. Weird is as weird does for sure. Murder is never a nice thing. However, the weapons used, are surely something that can make a crime interesting in a way like no other for sure.