Top 10 Lost Underwater Cities of The Ancient World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Lost Underwater Cities of The Ancient World. Ancient cities, lost civilizations and explorers searching for great cultures from the past; this is the kind of storyline that would appear in a blockbuster movie. However, this is a real part of our world that archaeologists, university researchers and modern day explorers are trying to uncover. Lost underwater cities of the ancient world have been a favorite subject of people for many years. These cities help modern humanity to understand how the world lived in the past.

List of Top 10 Lost Underwater Cities of The Ancient World

10. Port Royal, Jamaica


Port Royal, Jamaica was a famous 17th century city that was located within the Caribbean Sea. It was the second largest city in the New World at the time. Port Royal was under the authority of the British but the city had become a den for looting, smuggling, murdering and pirate activity.

An earthquake struck the place in 1692 and when it did, it caused two parts of the city to be submerged underwater. Many people who witnessed or heard about the destruction claimed that the people of Port Royal was being punished for their sins. Apparently, the city was dubbed the most “wickedest city on Earth”. The underwater city has been uncovered and explored. Researchers have discovered many amazing things about the past life in this place.

9. Dwarka, India

Dwarka, India Top Lost Underwater Cities of The Ancient World 2017

Dwarka is a temple city that was discovered by accident. This ancient Indian temple was dedicated to a deity named Krishna in the past. It was part of the Hindu faith in India. A team of oceanographers were conducting water pollution tests when they stumbled upon this lost city back in 2001.

Once was Dwarka was uncovered marine scientists quickly figured out that the city was over 9500 years old. They found all sorts of interesting artifacts buried within this city. There were teeth, bones, idols, pottery and beads. This city was also a major area for trade, commerce and learning during its time. It is considered one of the first major metropolitan areas of the ancient world.

8. Yonaguni pyramids, Japan


Pyramids in Japan? That is unusual but then again, maybe not. During the 1980’s local divers were searching for a hammerhead shark when they came across strange structures that deep under the sea. Once they informed officials, an investigation into the matter begin. Eventually, this investigation led to the discovery of the Yonaguni Pyramids.

These pyramids were dated to be over 20 million years old. The pyramids supposedly had been built by the Mu, a fabled Pacific civilization rumored to have vanished beneath the waves thousands of years ago. The pyramids baffle many scientists and historians because they do in fact look like the ancient pyramids in South America and Egypt. No one is exactly sure who constructed these structures or how the city was submerged underwater.

7. Lion City Shicheng, China

Lion City Shicheng, China Top Most Popular Lost Underwater Cities of The Ancient World 2018

The Lion City of Shicheng was a city that was around in the 20th century before the Chinese government accidently submerged the city underwater. The Lion city was very much visible till the year 1959 when the Chinese Authorities created a man-made lake called Qiandao to generate hydroelectricity. Once the city was flooded, it now sits about 130 feet below the surface.

This city was originally called Shi Cheng and it was located in the Zhejiang province. The city was founded over 1,300 years ago. After the government flooded the city by accident it was virtually forgotten. However, the city was rediscovered by a tourism official who offered divers underwater tours of this ancient place. The city has been preserved on film and is still being used for tourism.

6. Cleopatra’s Palace, Alexandria, Egypt

Cleopatra’s Palace, Alexandria, Egypt Top 10 Lost Underwater Cities of The Ancient World 2017

Earthquakes have been responsible for causing many ancient cities to disappear or sink underneath water. About 1400 years ago Queen Cleopatra’s Palace was sunk in ancient Egypt. When an earthquake hit Alexandria back 365 A.D. it sunk the former queen’s home and the famous Lighthouse of Alexandria. The lighthouse was considered one of the great wonders of the ancient world.

Cleopatra’s former home and the lighthouse are not necessarily lost but they have been somewhat forgotten until recent times. The area has been explored to gather more information about the Egyptians and their past.

5. Pavlopetri, Greece

Pavlopetri, Greece Top Most Lost Underwater Cities of The Ancient World 2019

Greece is an ancient nation that has an extremely rich history. When it comes to ancient underwater cities the town of Pavolpetri can be added to the list. Pavolpetri was discovered near Laconia back in the 20th century. This ancient Greek city was submerged into the Mediterranean around 2000 B.C.

Apparently, three tsunami sunk the town and caused it to go underwater. The ancient land mass had eroded and the area where the city once stood is just gathering spot for souvenir hunters and local pirates. This is one of the Top 10 Lost Underwater Cities of The Ancient World.

4. Heracleion or Thonis, Egypt

Heracleion or Thonis, Egypt Top Most Famous Lost Underwater Cities of The Ancient World 2018

French excavators accidently discovered the lost ancient city of Heracleion by accident. The excavators were searching for another treasure when they came across this lost city in the year 2000. Many people thought the city was just a legend. It appeared within ancient texts but even back then it was considered to be a place of myth or make believe.

Eventually, the city was found in the water and statues and treasure was found as well. This ancient city was also named Thonis and it had canals, boats and a design that resembled modern day Venice, Italy. Historians actually coined this city to be the Egyptian version of Venice.

3. Pre-Incan Ruins of Lake Titicaca, Bolivia


The ancient ruins of Lake Titicaca in Bolivia are a pre-Incan town that existed thousands of years ago. The lake is located between the nations of Bolivia and Peru within South America. It is the continents largest body of freshwater.

This place was discovered in the year 2000 by an excavation team who trying to find an old Incan civilization. They happened to stumble upon a huge temple complex and realized that this structure was around long before the Inca came onto the scene.

2. Llys Helig, Wales

Llys Helig, Wales Most Famous Lost Underwater Cities of The Ancient World 2019

The sea has claimed the ancient city of Llys Helig. This place to be under the authority of Helig Ap Glanawg, a former king of Wales. There is an old tale that talks about a drowned kingdom. Excavators discovered this lost place realized that it had been sunk into the sea.

Historians believe that the sea levels rose over the years and this is what caused the kingdom to be submerged. However, no one is exactly sure how it ended up underwater. Ancient sources in and around Wales spoke of this place but no one really thought it existed until recent times.

1. Phanagoria, Russia

Phanagoria, Russia Top 10 Lost Underwater Cities of The Ancient World

During the 18th century a group of explorers discovered the ancient city of Phanagoria. It is a former Russian city where people worshipped a Greek deity by the name of Aphrodite. Her temple and statues were found here as well. There was also a necropolis area where thousands of burials had taken place.

Treasures of gold and silver were also unearthed. This place has caused such a stir in Russia that even a former Prime Minister (Vladimir Putin) had taken part in a diving expedition to find out more about the ancient lost city.

These are the Top 10 Lost Underwater Cities of The Ancient World. Ancient lost cities will always fascinate and thrill people for many years into the future. These cities have this kind of appeal because they represent the vibrant life that was around years ago, that has faded away once their time was over.