Top 10 Infamous Prisons in The World of All Time

Take a look at the below list of top 10 Infamous Prisons in the world of all time till 2017. Prisons are not places any one would like to visit or be locked up in one of them. Prisons are meant for criminals for correctional purposes. In this world any one can either be peaceful or be a criminal. It is just a matter of choice and circumstance. The outside world is the most dangerous place. Crimes are committed each and every day.

Justice is thus important for a healthy society. Criminals need to be corrected and the peaceful need to live in love and harmony. Prisons were designed to shelter these criminals who threaten the society. Some of these prisons are specially designed for the most dangerous criminals in the world. This makes the prison’s violent mood inevitable. Prisons staff also pose cruel and inhuman conditions adding more insult to the wound. These are the worst violent prisons where inmates fight daily. Below is a list of the top ten Infamous Prisons Starting with the least infamous among these to the most dangerous and Top Infamous Prison in the whole World of all time till 2017.

List of Top 10 Infamous Prisons in The World of all time till 2017

10. Louisiana State Penitentiary

Louisiana State Penitentiary Top Most Popular Infamous Prisons in The World 2019

This is the biggest maximum-security prison in the US which was formally known to be the Angola prison. It has more than 5 thousand inmates. This prison has a very big farm in which inmates work on for hours as a requirement. The prisoners participate in rodeo events too. Cases of violence, inhumanness and cruelness have emerged from the same farm and events. Several inmates were put in solitary seclusion rooms for about forty years for the accuse of murdering a guard.

9. La Sabaneta Prison

This prison is said to be the cruelest prison in South Africa. Most prisoners here are ignorant and this is the basic tool of brutality and torture. There is scarcity of food and lack of proper medical aid. Insanity in also common in La Sabaneta and there is a time where cholera killed about 700 prisoners. Violence is another prevalent thing in this prison. Inmates fight a lot and use anything near as a weapon to fight each other. Here, it is survival for the fittest.

8. Gitarama Prison


This prison is located in Rwanda. The main torture tool in this prison insufficient space to accommodate all prisoners. This prison was basically designed to host only 400 prisoners but is stuffed with six thousand inmates. Human waste is said to be all over the prison’s compound area. This expose the inmates to infections and sicknesses where most of them end up dying due to insanity. Food is also in scarce supply to prisoners and cases have been reports of prisoners eating each other’s flesh out of hunger and stress. The prison mainly hosts genocide-related criminals so there is always a tense atmosphere where violence could occur at any time.

7. Alcatraz Penitentiary


The inmates of this prison often call it ‘Hellcatraz’. This is one of the most infamous prisons that was opened in the year 1934. It is situated at Alcatraz island in San Francisco, USA. It once hosted gangsters like ‘Machine Gun’ Kelly and Mickey Cohen. Inmates were subjected to harsh living conditions, mental torture and fights among inmates as well as sexual abuse was also common. This prison was then closed in 1963 and is kept as a museum.

6. Black Dolphin Prison, Russia

This prisons accommodates the worst of the worst prisoners including rapists, cannibal, murderers, etc. Due the violent nature of the inmates the prison warders are cruel and very brutal. No prisoner is allowed to sit back and relax during the day. Resting time is only when they are going to sleep. Prisoners are blind-folded and harassed when being transported from place to place.

5. Petak Island Prison, Russia

This is also the place for the most dangerous criminals in the country including cannibals and rapists. They use mental and physical stress technique system to break down prisoners’ will. Toilets are also in very bad, unappealing condition. Inmates are confined in their tiny rooms for 22 hours daily. They are not allowed to read books and there only visited twice shortly in a year.

4. Maracaibo Prison, Venezuela

It was opened in Venezuela in the year 1958. Underworld gangs run this prison rather than the government. Violence incidences in this prison were the bloodiest. In 1994, the bloodiest massacre of Venezuela happened in Maracaibo Prison. This was a fight between rival gangs where more than a hundred prisoners were killed. Racism and ethnicity is common here, fueling regular clashes.

3. Carandiru Penitentiary

Carandiru Penitentiary Top Popular Infamous Prisons in The World 2018

It is found in Brazil. This is one of the most infamous and dangerous prisons in history. It was constructed in 1920. This was site for one of the bloodiest prison massacres, where more than 100 inmates were shot dead in a riot in 1992. In its history 1300 prisoners have died in this prison. It got the notoriety of human rights violation. It was closed in 2002 and demolished.

2. Camp 22, North Korea

This was constructed in 1965 to house political prisoners. Convicts were imprisoned together with their families, children included, never to get freedom again. Inmates were subjected to hard labour, starvation and various torture techniques. If prisoner attempted to escape, he was executed with his family.

1.ADX Florence

ADX Florence Top Most Infamous Prisons in The World 2017

The Administrative Maximum facility is the most infamous super maximum prison for the most dangerous American criminals. It is found in Colorado and was opened in 1994. The prison warders are inhuman and brutal. Prisoners are completely separated from other inmates and wardens and rarely see light. This loneliness leads to suicide and other madness.

So, These are the world’s top 10 Infamous Prisons of all time till 2017. Most maximum prisons are so infamous and not fit for human rights. They are dangerous and not safe for prisoners. The governments should do something in their correctional centers to change this.