Top 10 Honey Producing Countries in World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 largest Honey Producing Countries in World 2017. Is there a more natural product that tastes better than honey? We didn’t think so. Regardless, honey is such a popular product that not only has it become a staple in the diets of numerous countries, but it has become a huge export too. It’s for this reason that the remainder of the world can enjoy its unequaled flavor as well as its many health benefits.

List of Top 10 largest Honey Producing Countries in World 2017

10. Russia


The Russian Federation is not only the top producer of honey in the world, but it is also the world’s biggest consumer of honey. Russia produced more than 68,446 tons of honey last year alone. This is so true that it is considered a part of the country’s culture. Just a look at the country’s daily life and you will find honey in a wide variety of types and uses. And what they don’t use, they export to others who love it too.

9. India

India Top Honey Producing Countries 2017

India is second among the world’s largest producers of honey, with a total annual production of more than 61,000 tons last year alone. Maybe this is the result of having produced honey since it’s earliest days back in 1,000 BC. Since this beginning, India has relied on honey as a major export. This production capability has only expanded with its promise for the future. Not only is this true for today, but India also sponsors considerable research into methods of increasing honey bees production so they will dispense their product all year long.

8. Mexico

Mexico Top Famous Honey Producing Countries 2019

All it takes is a look south of the border to find that Mexico is the third largest producer of honey in the world with a total output of 57,907 tons last year alone. Fortunately, with so much citrus in production in the area, the creation of vast quantities of honey is a natural byproduct. With this benefit, Mexican honey is generally considered to be one of the sweetest of its type in the world.

7. Iran

Iran Top Most Popular Honey Producing Countries 2018

Next in terms of honey production is Iran, with more than 44,000 tons produced last year alone. Honey production is the lifeblood of many farmers in Iran, which makes its product numbers especially important to the country’s economy. This is beside the fact that Iran’s honey is widely known for its sweetness and richness, which accounts for its worldwide popularity.

6. Romania


In the number six position is Romania, which has enjoyed considerable honey production almost as long as it has been in existence. Fortunately, all of that experience must be good for something since that country produced more than 26,678 tons of honey last year. Not only that, but Romania prides itself on the number of multi-flavor honeys it produces, a fact that has not been missed on the rest of the world. There also doesn’t seem to be a shortage of honey coming from Romania since by combing old ways of production with modern technology, honey supplies don’t seem to be cutting back anytime soon. This is one of the Top 10 Honey Producing Countries in World 2017.

5. South Korea


Last year the Republic of South Korea produced more than 25,000 tons of the golden stuff for primarily one purpose: export. It might be true that the South Koreans enjoy their honey, but the majority of farmers produce it to sell as a highly profitable export. In fact, honey is considered a major money-maker for the South Korean economy. Even better is the fact that South Korean honey is considered a natural resource and with ever-better technology, it shows no sign of slowing down.

4. New Zealand

New Zealand Most Popular Honey Producing Countries 2019

New Zealanders are another group who like their honey. After all, with more than 17,852 tons produced last year alone, you have to give them a lot of credit for being a big producer. Perhaps best of all, the honey that New Zealand produces is made from natural extraction processes. And to make so much good honey, the New Zealanders pride themselves on using nothing but the best quality bees.

3. Poland

Poland Top 10 Honey Producing Countries

Next in the quantity of honey produced is Poland, which produced more than 15,498 tons last year, and for good reason. Poland has honey producing traditions that go back hundreds of years, and with the introduction of modern technology and techniques, it’s little wonder that the country is such a big producer. Poland is one of the top European producers of honey.

2. Kenya

Kenya Top Most Famous Honey Producing Countries 2018

If there’s anything that land that is so arid and covered with flora is good for it’s honey production. And for not only that, but countless thousands of acres of that, nothing can beat Kenya. It’s for that reason that Kenya is in the number two spot for honey production, with an estimated annual output of more than 12,000 tons. Fortunately, facing the dire poverty and starvation that many African nations are known for, Kenya has virtually remade itself with small-scale farmers who have taken up the need for cash crops and produced honey for those needs. The result has been a huge boost to the otherwise lackluster economy.

1. Australia

Australia Top 10 Honey Producing Countries 2017

Australia is not only one of the top honey producing countries in the world, but the vast labor force that makes up the production capabilities is sizable and powerful. In large part this is what The Australian Honey Bee Industry Council is all about. In fact, there are more than 12,000 registered beekeepers in the country who account for making more than 10,500 tons of honey every year. Also accounting for this huge amount of honey is the large reserves of natural flora that feed the needs of more than 673,000 hives every year. Naturally, if you need pollen or royal jelly, you will know where to look.

These are the Top 10 Honey Producing Countries in World 2017. Honey has to be one of the sweetest and most naturally flavorful products on the planet. Fortunately for us, there are plenty of makers that have proven themselves very capable of keeping up with the world’s unrestrained tastes for this delecacy. At least now you will know where to look when you want it.