Top 10 Most Fascinating Flower Festivals in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Fascinating Flower Festivals in The World in 2017. Flowers have a beauty that that is astonish good and in every place or part or occasion that you go, they always play an important role in decorations. Imagine a world minus flowers? It could have been a boring one altogether. That is why flower festivals are held and celebrated each year around the globe so that people can showcase their beauty, nature and even have several ways that will be entertained by them. Now, we start off with local events.

People start to collect all the flowers that they have in their vineyards or homesteads and bundle them together so that when they are out to having that wonderful celebration, the flowers are always at their side. That also becomes a way of promoting local cultures in every aspect. The plants can also be worn by several people on their bodies to show that sole relationship between man and them, it becomes a lovely scene to look at. If you are a visitor, then the use of these scenes will always present an unforgettable experience to you. Here are the 10 best flower festivals 2017 that have ever been held in the world.

List of Top 10 Most Fascinating Flower Festivals in The World 2017

10. Skagit Valley Tulip Festival


This is a celebration that is organized annually in place called Skagit Valley found in Washington for an entire period of one month in April. It was an event that was started in 1984it it involves the use of guided tours to all the beautiful places that are in tulip gardens which are scattered across the valley and it also becomes an important time to enable you get closer to having a look at how agriculture is carried out in the region. When spring time comes, the celebration just feels the air and the beauty of nature is revealed to mankind.

9. Battaglia di Fiori, Ventimiglia


This is a celebration that you can find held in Italy once after every two years in the Italian town of Ventimigla. In other words, Battaglia di Fiori means ‘the battle of flowers’ and is always a wonderful festival that will always please your senses if you have to visit the place. Now, the event is held for two days unlike others which take a whole month and also features two parades. The first parade is the introduction parade which is done in the first night and is always known for its beauty and sweetness of music, dance and the use of fireworks. The second parade is held the day that follows and is known as the float parade that will turn into a flower pelting fight of battle between one and also everyone with the flowers.

8. Batalla de Flores

Batalla de Flores Top Most Fascinating Flower Festivals 2017

We all go now to Spain which is also known for its romantic people that stay in the region. The flowers that they treasure a lot also compliment their festivals in several ways. They celebrate this mouthwatering festival to mark the end of the July festival in one city of Valencia. It is held on the final Sunday of the month. The best part of the celebrations feature an event of parade that is done along the Paseo de Alameda. At this place, you will find the best traditional beautiful boats and women that are dressed to kill traditionally. What is done is to pelt flowers on the people that parade and it is upon them to duck or catch them or further defend themselves using tennis rackets, which is why the event is always merrier and enjoyable to play around with.

7. Festival of the Flowers, Medellin


This is a celebration that is hosted by the city of Medellin and is one that is known to mark the best top flower festivals around the world 2017. Its first conduction was carried out in the year 1957 in order to celebrate the Virgin Mary Day. The festivities have never stopped since then and have always been there each ear that comes and goes. The part that makes the event stand out and colorful is the Silleteros Parade. At that time, people always move on and carry their elaborate flower arrangements placed on their backs. The event is one of its kind because it marks the end of slavery and the period on which slaves were the ones to carry their masters on their on their backs.

6. Canadian Tulip Festival

Canadian Tulip Festival Top Popular Fascinating Flower Festivals 2017

When we go to tulip festivals, this is one of the best festivals in the world and is held in in the Canadian Tulip festival every may in each year in the city of Ottawa. The start of this celebrations as started in 1953 and was co-organized by one photographer Malak Karsh. The first presentation was done by 100,000 tulip bulbs from the best Princess Juliana, this was in honor of protecting the exiled Dutch royal family I the time of World War II. The flowers are displayed I large displays of tulips in the commissioners park along the Rideau Canal.

5. Rose Parade

Rose Parade Top Most Famous Fascinating Flower Festivals 2019

If you don’t know what rose parade is, the people of America will tell you more about it but before that, Rose parade is held yearly in Pasadena in California. It is known to be among the famous flower festivals in the planet. The festival began a long time ago on New Year of 1890 and since then, then festival has been held annually to date. A lot of people come to watch the eye catching flamboyant parade which is filled with float of roses. Something interesting about this fascinating flower festival is that music shows as well as various contests are held together as part of the festival. If you known about the Rose Bowl which is a famous football games and loved by many in America, then you will understand what is rose parade.

4. Genzano Infiorata Flower Festival


This is the most known flower festival to have long history and the first festival was held in 1778 which is a long time and maybe we can ask our great grandpa is he can tell us the difference. The celebration is conducted in June in town of Genzano di Roma and celebrated in respect with Corpus Christi feast. After the 3rd day of the celebration, the principal street of town through Belardi is covered with flower carpets which are designed for special theme which is select by residents. A lot of beautiful flowers are adorned in the street in various designs such as artworks and religious images.

3. Chiang Mai Flower Festivals


The Chiang Mai town hosts this festival in the first weekend of February. This festival is known to be colorful celebration all over the country and several people come to participate or even watch the festival which is eye catching. The parade consist of traditional dance, float and also music are just the highlight of this celebration. If you are living around Thailand, then you need to participate in this festival which is held yearly and you will recall it even when you become old person.

2. Flower Carpet, Belgium

Flower Carpet, Belgium Top Famous Fascinating Flower Festivals 2018

Its name can indicate the meaning of this festival, but in simple terms is that this party involves several specimens of Begonias and the grand place is covered with breath-taking carpet of Begonias and the design is centered on specific theme. Several volunteers carry the process. The first carpet is reported to be made back in 1971 and since then it has been a regular event. It now takes place in the month of August in every 2 years and last for 4 days.

1. Festa da Flor, Portugal

Festa da Flor, Portugal Top Most Popular Fascinating Flower Festivals 2018

In the city of Funchal, this festival is highly respected and it is conducted in spring each year and it is a celebration which is loved by many unlike any other. The main attraction of this celebration is abundance of flowers. What is extravaganza about this festival are music, arts et al, and cuisine. This party is held to make people understand and respect the Portuguese culture even in more detail. Something notable about this festival is about the Wall of Hope which is adorned by little one with cute flowers which exemplify the hope for amicable world.

So, these are the world’s Most Fascinating Flower Festivals 2017. We can never ignore the best features that are brought by the use of flowers and it is evident that we need more flowers than ever. What is unique is that the celebrations that have always been started to be celebrated for the flowers always mark a unique start. Once the celebrations started in any country, it is evident that they never stopped and always appeared either annually or for others even after two years. It is a party that is always respected and everyone wherever he/she is undertakes this beautiful scenes. When you get to ensure that your life is well celebrated, then you cannot miss having the festivities of flowers out of your way. In fact there is no place that you will go and never find flowers, which is why it shows you how we treasure them in our lives.

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