Top 10 Reasons for Divorce

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Reasons for Divorce 2017. Who doesn’t want to enjoy a happy marriage? Everybody, of course. Sometimes, however, things happen after the vows that can cut a marriage in two. In fact, in some circumstances, there are even marriages that take place under certain circumstances, that doom it before it started. Here is a list of the top 10 reasons for divorce.

List of Top 10 Reasons for Divorce in 2017

10. Infidelity

infidelity, Top 10 Reasons for Divorce 2017

When a marriage begins, we vow that nothing and nobody will come between us. Unfortunately, in the time between the vow and the finish line things happen, namely infidelity. In fact, infidelity can choke the life out of a marriage probably faster than anything else. Even if the guilty partner agrees to stop their philandering behavior, there are trust issues that often affect a marriage, whether it continues or ends.

9. Excessive arguing

excessive arguing, Top 10 Reasons for Divorce 2018

Arguing happens in any marriage. That’s just part of being people, but when arguing is excessive, it’s another reason that many marriage partners decide to call it quits. A successful marriage is not about having every feeling in common. Instead, it’s about having agreements that you will have things that neither of you will agree on, working past those, and building on commonalities that you share.

8. Unrealistic expectations


Watching and helping your marriage partner grow is one thing about marriage that can be the most fun. Unfortunately, sometimes the expectations of one partner of another can be unrealistic. This is when problems often occur. Every marriage starts with high expectations, but when those get too high, it’s time to reevaluate so that your relationship can make it to the finish line.

7. Abuse


There is probably no greater killer of marriages than abuse, whether that be physical or emotional. Unfortunately, the process of getting out of such a marriage, or even just getting it dealt with effectively, can be very difficult, and often dangerous. This is especially true of the victim in such a relationship. It is essential that whoever the victim is that they get help, and make sure that their children are taken care of as well.

6. Marrying too young


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that nearly half of all marriages between teenagers ends in divorce within 15 years. Interestingly, when partners in a marriage are in their mid-20s, those statistics fall to 35 percent. The statistics are clear: marriages where partners are more mature and appreciate the differences between them grow and develop. Otherwise, when partners begin very young, they grow apart as they explore their own interests. Get started on the same or at least similar roads, and chances are better that you will end up together at the end, happily. This is one of the Top 10 Reasons for Divorce 2017.

5. Lack of equality


Marriage is all about two equals coming together to form a whole. Inequality, in whatever form, will create a rift that is often very difficult, if not impossible, to bridge. These differences can include age, finances, household responsibilities, culture, and much more. Unfortunately, these problems can get worse as time goes on, and without some kind of understanding, they can lead to divorce. A good preventive measure is always a mutual understanding that a strong marriage is based on partners that give totally to the relationship from the beginning.

4. Losing your identity as a couple


Having children can change the dynamics of a marriage relationship very drastically. Unfortunately, unless both partners adapt to this new role as a parent, trouble is sure to happen, but you need to remember that you are still a couple and that you must continue in those roles too. This will give you other things to talk about and grow your relationship around besides children.

3. Finances


Many believe that finances are the prime reason for divorce, and in a relative sense that might be true. But finances can cause significant problems however you look at it, especially if one partner tends to be tight-fisted with the money while the other tends to be a spendthrift. In cases like this, trouble is sure to result. Finances are one of those areas that is best discussed before a marriage starts to prevent any misunderstandings. It is good to consult with a financial professional to establish mutual financial goals before your marriage begins, or at least when issues start to develop. With this kind of counseling, you can benefit from the sum of the parts being greater than each individual. In cases like this, everybody wins.

2. Communication gaps


As a marriage goes on, communication gaps can and probably will emerge. Unfortunately, communication can be a two-way street, with a lack of communication being a problem as well as too much of it. Sometimes, problems result when there is too little communications between partners, but there are also instances when too much communication can also cause problems. A lack of communication can lead to distrust and resentment. Too much communication can lead to feelings of being overbearing. Don’t let your emotions stay bottled up, but be careful when you release them too.

1. Differences in career and personal goals


Everyone has goals. They have them before they enter a marriage, and they have them while in a marriage. It’s when the two partners come into a marriage with different goals that collide with one another that there are problems. These differences should be brought out before a marriage begins, but these partners also need to develop interests that they hold in common so that they can remain committed to them. Otherwise, each partner will remain in the shell of their own interests and grow apart as time goes by.

These are the Top 10 Reasons for Divorce 2017. There has probably never been a marriage where the partners involved expected to eventually divorce. Unfortunately, by looking at the statistics, you would probably never assume that. The good news in this is that you can have a successful marriage while still remaining two different people, with your own likes and dislikes. The key to keeping a marriage successful and happy is having commonalities and focusing on those when you are together.