Top 10 Most Famous Human Rights Organizations in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Famous Human Rights Organizations in The World 2017. Human rights organizations carry out some of the most important work in the world. Often, their role is neglected and sometimes even violated, for example, in some recent conflicts. The fact is, that in many parts of the world human rights are ignored or sidelined, often in favour of wealthy and powerful individuals. For the past fifty years in particular, human rights organizations have grown and their influence has become stronger which must be a good thing.

However, their work is often difficult and usually relies on striking a positive partnership and relationship with the government of the country in question. Sometimes this is more difficult than at other times, depending on the government and the circumstance. Human rights organizations often have a deep history and were either founded by individuals who cared deeply about humanity or were an amalgamation of different groups that grew stronger, together, over time. At the crux of the support network and system for these human rights organizations is the 1948 United Nations Declaration of Human Rights which was signed by the United Nations General Assembly in the light of the second world war and the horrible atrocities that were committed.

This is a list of the ten most well known human rights organizations in the world 2017. It does not try to ‘rank them’ necessarily, for the work of all is vital, but instead aims to raise awareness of their identities and their good work.

List of Top 10 Most Famous Human Rights Organizations in The World 2017

10. Protection International

protection-international, Top 10 Most Famous Human Rights Organizations in The World 2017

This is a well known and very reputable human rights non governmental organization. It is a non-profit and aims to protect individuals and companies who work to protect other human beings. It’s work is therefore very important at times of civil unrest and political issues when disagreements can lead to conflict. It works particularly closely in Asia, Africa and Latin America.

9. United for Human Rights


This is an American organization that was founded in 2004. It aims to provide education, human rights and healthcare for the poor at no charge. They acknowledge that there are lots of poor people who cannot afford to advance themselves out of poverty and need a step up. They are also particularly conscientious when it comes to protecting the rights of widows.

8. Association for Women Rights in Development


This Canadian organization was founded in 1982 and is based in Toronto. It is a women’s charity which raises awareness of women’s issues, particularly relationship issues and are spread across the globe. It is particualrly interested in protecting women against physical abuse and mental abuse. It also does a lot of work to try and make it easier for women across the world to access good educational facilities and opportunities.

7. The Human Rights Foundation


With human rights at its core, the Human Rights Foundation was founded in 2005 in New York, where its headquarters are located. It does a lot of project work in developing countries and nations including Kazakhstan, Bolivia, Cuba and Ecuador to try and provide free healthcare and education to children and widows. They seek to help the jobless and others in need.

6. International Federation for Human Rights


This is a relatively new charity and was founded in 2009. It is situated in Paris and focuses on promoting issues of migrants and women. It also works particularly closely on issues to do with children, fighting for childhood and working to ensure that children are as free as possible from labour around the world so that they can be educated. The organization is made up from and supported by dozens of smaller humans rights organizations. It is grown rapidly and now has a wide reach although there is still much that could be done. It became particularly prominent on the scene in the wake of the European/African migrant crisis, with hundreds of migrants trying to reach the southern coast of Europe, fleeing persecution or economic difficulties in their own countries in northern and eastern Africa and the middle east. This is one of top 10 most famous human rights organizations in the world 2017

5. Amnesty International


Amnesty International is perhaps one of the most famous, or well known human right organizations in the world. It is also one of the oldest and was founded in 1961 in London, UK. It focuses particularly on those working in companies that might not be pulling their weight in terms of worker conditions or pay etc. It also works on a day to day basis, trying to resolve disputes between workers and bosses. In many ways it is like a union, but it holds its ideals higher and is a human rights organizations at its heart. It has offices in more than sixty countries and is particularly active with people through social media.

4. World Organization Against Torture (WOAT)


This organization tackles some of the most difficult issues in the world and fights any issue that involves torture, This could be domestic or involve the state in some way. It is based in Geneva, Switzerland and was founded in 1986. It is made up of a few hundred member organizations, all of which share the core ideals of the WOAT. Those who work for the organization also offer advice to people on medical and legal issues regarding torture. It aims to see a torture free world.

3. Children Rights Information Network


This organization acknowledges that children are often put down and they need their rights fighting for. It protects and promotes the rights of children across the world and make sure that states know if the rights of children are being violated in their country. It particularly wants to fight again child labor and child exploitation in the workplace. Ideally,it would like to see an end to child labor everywhere. It is based in London in the United Kingdom.

2. Human Rights Information and Documentation Systems, International (HURIDOCS)


This international organization works to support other international organizations with technology and legal issues. It is a support network that bodies can use if they need extra support. It works with various software organizations to carry out its work. It is a facilitator organization, but a much needed and respected one.

1. Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights


It cannot go any higher than the United Nations when it comes to human right, the very organization that organised the signing of the 1948 declaration on Human Rights in the first place. It is the oldest on the lust, founded in 1993 and it is located in Geneva, Switzerland. The office follows a number of different elements of human rights issues closely but perhaps especially important are the projects it runs in relation to the International Criminal Court and other civil society projects. Its aim is generally to make sure that society is aware of human rights abuses and the need to work for peace. The High Commissioner themselves work as the figurehead of this important organization and travels the world preaching about peace and the need to respect human rights.

So, there we have it, ten of the most famous human rights organizations in the world 2017. Of course there are many hundreds of such organizations and it is important to outline that many of these groups and organizations work closely together. When it comes to human rights and human rights issues, resources must often be pooled and sometimes different organizations will work together on the same projects. However, there are also a wide range of human rights issues and so it makes sense for different organizations to specialize in different areas.

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