Top 10 Most Famous Best TV Technologies Ever

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Famous Best TV Technologies Ever till 2017. Television’s warm glowing warming glow has been providing sustenance to the hungry, intellectual stimulation to the lazy and babysitting services to every parent (c’mon, admit it) since the 1950s on a massive scale. The truth, of course, is that television as a technology existed long before then; in fact, were it not for World War II, television sets would probably have been inside millions of homes long before the country started inexplicably loving Lucy. The great thing about television—as opposed to radio or even the internet—is the way that the very basis and foundation of the technology has been subject to innovation to improve it on a regular basis. Which is why this list of Top 10 Best TV Technologies Ever is absolutely certain to look different in the future.

List of Top 10 Most Famous Best TV Technologies Ever till 2017

10. Rabbit Ears

Rabbit Ears Top 10 Most Famous Best TV Technologies Ever

Want to know just how great the TV technology collectively and colloquially known as rabbit ears are? They are now one of the biggest selling gadgets to use with the most advanced 21st century television all over again. Back in the early 1950s—but especially throughout the 1960s—antennae that grabbed network transmission signals from the air were pretty much an absolute necessity if you didn’t live in a detached house. Apartments across the world featured TV sets atop which sat small antennae that resembled the oversized ears of rabbits; hence the name. Today, unless you specifically search out HDTV over the air antennae that are made to create that retro look, you are buying rabbit ears in the shape of a flat panel. Same technology, different look.

9. Color TV

Color TV Top 10 Most Best TV Technologies Ever 2018

Some would put color TV up closer to the number one spot on a list of the top 10 best TV technologies ever, but those people do not understand the beauty of black and white. The basic reality of all film is this: 99% of everything looks better in black and white. Some argue that color makes things appear more realistic; the counterargument is that since no two people see the same color at any given time, color actually is far less an exhibition of realism. Still, for those shows where color counts, it must be given its proper due.

8. Cable TV

Cable TV Top Famous Best TV Technologies Ever 2017

Cable TV should be higher, right? Up near the top? In theory, that belief would be right. In theory, the cable was the best thing to ever happen with television technology. Innovative? To say the least? Groundbreaking? Beyond all doubt? The perfect implementation of theory into practice? Not even close. In practice, cable TV right from the beginning never even came close to delivering on its promise. Still better than the technology that preceded, but not even close to being the savior that was promised to deliver us from the evil of three network television.

7. Low-Powered TV (LPTV)


Congress authorized Low powered TV (LPTV) in 1982 as a means of allowing TV signals to be transmitted over significantly reduced power so that it can be received on sets no more than about twenty miles from the transmitter itself. The authorization was intended to increase highly targeted local programming. More than thirty years later, the full potential for LPTV has yet to be exhibited.

6. 4k Ultra

4k Ultra Top 10 Most Famous Best TV Technologies Ever 2017

Here is the thing about 4k Ultra technology. It takes some time to get used. Honestly, most shows just look weird in 4K Ultra after having watched them on a regular TV for so long. Here’s what everyone who buys a 4K Ultra TV needs to do the first thing upon getting it home: Go to Netflix and watch an episode of Columbo. Not sure why, but Columbo episodes from the 1970s look extraordinary on 4k Ultra .And not in a weird way. Binge watch every episode of Columbo first in order to get used to the weirdness and then start watching your regular shows. This may sound like absolutely bizarre advice, but you will give thanks afterward. This is one of the Top 10 Most Famous Best TV Technologies Ever till 2017.

5. Flat Screen TV

Flat Screen TV Top 10 Most Popular TV Technologies Ever 2018

Those who live in very small living conditions will almost certainly argue that flat screen TV technology is the single greatest invention not just in the history of TV, but in the history of the world. Those who once had to find a place to deal with the bulbous and space-eating design of the TV as it existed prior to the introduction of the flat screen, that is. Those old tube-based television with the protruding rear end took up so much more space than the flat screen of today. Made life unbearable if you simply did not have enough room.

4. VCR


Okay, if it were not for the hell of black on black (more on that later), the ability to tape TV shows for later playback would be at least one spot higher. Used to be that if you were away from home when your favorite show aired, you missed it and that was that. The introduction of the videocassette recording machine changed all that forever. A fine argument could be made for the VCR being deserving of the number one position. But then came the DVD and travel drives and streaming and the DVR and maybe if they all fell under one umbrella technology they would be at number one.


HDMI Top Popular Best TV Technologies Ever 2019

Yeah, the signal is great and that most assuredly is one reason why HDMI is on the list of the top 10 TV technologies ever. But there is far more to HDMI than merely being able to see a clearer picture. If there is one incontrovertible choice for the single worst TV technology of all time it would have to be those red, white and yellow connectors which preceded HDMI. Well, not so much the connectors themselves as the genius move related to those connectors. The name of whoever was the genius that decided to put black lettering on a black background as the guide to where the red, yellow and white connectors each need to go has been lost to history, but one thing is for sure: if they are not currently burning in the seventh circle of hell, they soon will be and forever. The good news—no, make that the great news—is that HDMI made that problem disappear forever.

2. Streaming


Hallelujah, God! Thank the heavens for streaming technology. This is truly the first technology to take all the power out of the hands of those on the other end of the transmission of the broadcast signal. Not by much. After all, how many times have you gone in search of a movie or TV show on Netflix or Amazon or Hulu or YouTube or Acorn only to discover it is not available? So, streaming has not yet made the viewing experience perfect. But it has made it a lot of closer.

1. Remote Control


Admit it: whether it’s a tiny little portable black and white or an enormous wall-scaling flat screen HDTV, the one technology capable of making the viewing experience better is remote control. The remote control makes everything about watching television better. Except when you lose it or the batteries are dying.

All hail the top ten 10 best TV technologies of all time till 2017. But leaves us not forget video games and karaoke machines and stereophonic sound and the shrinkage of TV sets to increase portability. The fact is that just about five years there has been a revolution in television technology and in almost every single case the enjoyment capacity has increased exponentially.

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