Top 10 Most Dreadful Circus Accidents of All Time

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Dreadful Circus Accidents of All Time till 2017. Who doesn’t love fun? Everyone loves fun. it doesn’t matter where we get the fun, but good fun is awesome. The circus is one of those places that you can go to have unlimited fun. Amusement and theme parks also offer fun but if you have been to a circus, then you can relate with what am trying to put out across here.

Well as much that the circus is fun place to go with your kids, alone or with your spouse, not all of them turn out as we expect them to turn out. Dreadful and horrific accidents have happened in circus events. Some of these dreadful accidents have been publicly documented. The following are the most dreadful circus accidents ever to happen in the world.

List of Top 10 Most Dreadful Circus Accidents of All Time till 2017

10. Dessi Espana

dessi espana, Top 10 Most Dreadful Circus Accidents of All Time till 2017

Blessed with agility and technique, Dessi Espana was a site to marvel when she was performing her circus moves. She was an audience heartthrob. She was a Guinness world recorder holder for twirling seventy-five hula hoops at once. She was half Bulgarian and half American and had a very fulfilling and successful career until tragedy struck while she was performing her famous ariel acts using chiffon scarves.
It was a technical error that lead to her demise as the glitch due to a technical mechanism as the chiffon failed to hold her firmly in air 30 feet high. She fell from that height with her head facing the cement ground. She died immediately.

9. Lion-Tamer


At a circus event, people do crazy stuff and was one of those guys who had a knack of performing crazy stunts with lions. He was a brave hearted guy who lost one of his arm to a lion while performing a stunt but this didn’t dishearten him.
On 3rd January 1872, in Boston he was completely mauled by lions while trying to perform a crazy circus stunt in front of the audience who were in hundreds. One lion grabbed him by his hips while another lion sunk its enormous teeth into his ribs. He was dragged into the lions’ cage and he was removed when he was already dead.

8. St Louis Trapeze Accident


Even if you are supremely talented and you have trained a lot, none of that can save you in a circus act if there is a mechanical failure. The trapeze is a dangerous circus act and to make matters worse it is done by daring, insane and reckless trapeze performers, Billy Millson and Fred Lazelle were such people. They suffered serious injuries to their ribs and internal injuries due to mechanical failure on the trapeze in 1872.

7. The Duluth Lynchings


On 15th June 1920, 19-year-old Irene Tusken went to a circus event to see her favorite circus performers only for the circus performers to rape her. 6 circus performers raped her and they were circus employees of James Robinson. Several African American men were arrested.
At that time, there was heightened racial conflict in America, in the evening, the arrested African American men were broken out of jail by a mob. They were lynched on a light pole.

6. The Elephant named Mary


Mary was a circus elephant but on 12th September 1916 for an unsolved reason she decided to kill her handler by squashing him. Due to this, there was public outrage and people decided to hang on a crane but due to her weight, the crane snapped and Mary broke her hip. She was hanged the second time and she died slowly.

5. The Flying Wallendas


They were a family of acrobats who had performed many acrobatic stunts successfully many times but on one dreadful day while performing there famous Seven Person Chair Pyramid tragedy struck. The lead acrobat faltered and all of the 7 acrobats crashed into the ground. 4 of them died while the other remaining 3 were paralyzed.

4. The Wallace Brothers


This was a circus event that used trains. One of the trains come to a halt and the second train was supposed to some to a halt but due to the breaks failing it couldn’t. The engineer of the 2nd train tried to stop it but he couldn’t. it smashed into the 1st train, thirty circus workers and animals. This was one of Top 10 Most Dreadful Circus Accidents of All Time.

3. The Cleveland Circus Fire

the cleveland circus fire, Top 10 Most Dreadful Circus Accidents of All Time

We all know the phrase with fire. In Cleveland 1942, a fire broke out in a circus event, it caused panic and people managed to escape but the circus animals in the cages never managed to escape. Lions, a100 tigers, camels and other beasts all died in the fire.

2. Hagenbeck-Wallace Train Wreck


On 22nd June 1918, the Hagenbeck-Wallace circus train came to a halt in the night. It had 400 performers who all dozed to sleep. On the same train track, another train from Michigan was traveling and the train’s driver Mr. Alonzo Sargent fell asleep due to fatigue. The 2nd train rammed into the circus train killing 86 circus performers immediately.

1. The Hartford Circus Fire


Fire also caused death to 169 people and injured 700 people at this circus event. It started as a small fire but spread due to the tents of the circus event being coated with paraffin wax. The fire emanated from the Barnum & Bailey and Ringling brothers’ circus tent.

The above listed is for the most dreadful circus accidents of all time till 2017. Most of these accidents were accidental or due to mechanical failure.