Top 10 Countries With Water Shortage in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Countries With Water Shortage in The World 2017. Water is essential for life and every drop is precious. Everything on this planet depends on water for its survival including agriculture, industry, and the residents of the planet. Water shortages threaten the very existence of human civilization, making water shortages one of the most important crises faced on the planet. Water shortage is determined by the natural water sources that are available, water demand, and the ability to transport water from other areas to increase economic availability of water in an area. These factors are used to determine which areas of the world face the greatest water shortages and have the greatest risk in the future. The following list represents the top 10 countries with the greatest amount of water insecurity in the near future.

List of Top 10 Countries With Water Shortage in The World 2017

10. Somalia

Somalia Top 10 Countries With Water Shortage

The main cause of the water shortage in Somalia is drought. Water shortages in Somalia have recently caused diseases in villages that threaten the lives of many of its citizens. Only about 30% of the citizens have access to safe, clean drinking water. Many of the ones who do have access to water must walk about 20 km to obtain water, or sell their personal belongings to buy it. The country faces livestock die offs and high food prices associated with the continuing water crisis.

9. Mauritania

Mauritania Top Popular Countries With Water Shortage 2018

Nouakchott is the desert capital of Mauritania, which only receives rain about six days out of every year. Even though it only receives a few inches of rainfall, it has traditionally been fed by an ancient underground lake, but this lake is beginning to dry up. Eventually this water source will run dry, leaving the 600,000 people in the capital without water. There are currently plans to build a pipeline to bring freshwater from the Senegal River, which is about 200 km to the south. There are also plans to build a desalination plant to render water from the Atlantic Ocean drinkable.

8. Sudan


In southern Sudan approximately 55% of the people have access to safe drinking water. Due to increased costs of production, providers of water in the city of Juba are producing less, but charging more. Those in the poorest neighborhoods are hardest hit because they cannot afford it. The cost of living has increased nearly 30% since the beginning of 2015. Now much of the area spends all of their income putting food and water on the table.

7. Niger

Niger Top Most Popular Countries With Water Shortage 2018

In Niger, nearly 8 million people lack access to clean water. A lack of clean water is one of the biggest causes of infant mortality in the region. Much of Niger is desert. It is largest country in West Africa, but it is also one of the least developed in terms of infrastructure. Natural water sources continue to dry up, with water sources in urban areas becoming dangerously low. The poor water supply has caused problems with sanitation, causing water related disease to be one of the most serious issues in the region.

6. Iraq

Iraq Top Most Countries With Water Shortage 2017

Iraq is fed by the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers, which originate outside the borders of the country. These two rivers supply nearly 90% of Iraq’s surface water. The problem in Iraq is poor water resources management, and difficulty with the infrastructure. Furthermore, the Euphrates is only fed by seasonal runoff from mountainous regions. The flow of the Tigris and Euphrates can vary significantly. Wells that tap into groundwater are the biggest local source of water to feed agriculture. Currently, there are not enough wells to supply the current needs of the country. This is one of the Top 10 Countries With Water Shortage in The World 2017.

5. Uzbekistan


Uzbekistan faces a water crisis that is being driven by a long-term drought, combined with rapid population growth and the shrinking of the Aral Sea. One area of the country own recede 42% of its average water supply in 2015. This has had a devastating effect on agriculture, which is a main sector of the economy. With rice as a main cash crop many farms no longer exist. As pastureland dried up, cattle had to be slaughtered due to a lack of water. Despite the severity of these problems, the government refuses to negotiate with neighbors to build a sustainable water supply from outside of the country.

4. Pakistan

Pakistan Top Famous Countries With Water Shortage 2019

Pakistan is facing such a severe shortage of water that its supplies may run out completely by the year 2025. The Pakistani government continues to focus on terrorism in its budget planning, but ignores the fact that the water crisis may be the biggest threat facing the Pakistani people. Poor water resource management and climate change are cited as the main reasons for the shortage in Pakistan. Pakistan has the world’s fourth highest rate of water use, which is one of the reasons why it has reached the current level of scarcity. Water scarcity is currently causing conflicts within the country as people fight over scarce resources.

3. Egypt

Egypt Top 10 Countries With Water Shortage 2017

Egypt is one of the most arid climates in the world. It is heavily dependent upon rain and the Nile River to supply a majority of its industrial and agricultural demand, as well as drinking water for the population. Rising populations and rapid economic development have placed a strain on Egypt’s already difficulties with water availability. Only about 6% of the country is arable and able to support the growing of crops. Most of the water supply comes from the nearly 18,000 miles of canals and sub canals that supply water to the agricultural area that is located adjacent to the Nile River. It currently faces a water deficit of about 7 billion cubic meters, leading to fears that it could run out of water completely by the year 2025.

2. Turkmenistan


While water supply is a problem for much of the region, the problems in Turkmenistan are much worse than those of its neighbors. However, many of the problems in this area are man-made. In Balkanabat City, the residents went for three days without one drop of water supplied and no alternative sources were offered. To make matters worse, this country has one of the hottest climates, often reaching over 115°F during the summer months. In desert regions, it only receives approximately .47 inches of water per year. Despite this unforgiving climate, the government continues to plant trees without the insight that this greening campaign is not sustainable unless they solve the water crisis.

1. Syria


Water scarcity has become one of the main drivers of conflict in Syria. Syria has faced severe droughts with increasing frequency in recent years. Wells have had to be dug deeper and deeper as the water table became lower and lower. Water has also become a weapon in the war, with destruction of power and water supplies forcing many refugees with no other choice than to flee. Syria was once a fertile land that grew abundant crops. This was only about a decade ago and then the rain stopped and then the wars came, making the water crisis in Syria the worst that the world faces today.

These are the Top 10 Countries With Water Shortage in The World 2017. Unless efforts are concentrated on securing the world’s water supply, scenarios that are being seen in countries where the water crisis is the worst will become more commonplace. Protecting water resources must become a world priority because without it life cannot exist. This is something to think about every time you turn on your faucet.