Top 10 Countries With Highest Obesity Rate in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Countries With Highest Obesity Rate in The World 2017. I cannot forget how human beings used to eat in the old days because it was a matter of pursuing the elephants with buffalo and spears so that you succeed getting their meat! But with all that eating that was fun and delicious, eating and doing some exercise was always intertwined together. Imagine how it was difficult chasing buffaloes and gazelles? But one thing that you might not know is that that was the best time ever because the more you sweat as you track out to look for food, you always had to expect to enjoy a better meal than any other time. What has happened to the modern society? It has changed all that into a valley of diseases that might soon be a problem of death soon. It all started off with emerging agricultural trends, we moved to factory farming and what is now present is so complex and the produce of fluorescent green jello.

The ingenious works that humanity has started to use has always be a result of the manufacture of food that is not going to be healthy for human consumption. The repercussion that comes up in the use of modern foods that finds people in jobs that are giving them no time or space for physical exercise, is a silent bomb in our modern society. Falling through the cracks is what people are into and finding the right monumental time to pursue fitness has become an uphill task in itself. Here are countries that will give you shocking news of how fat their population is.

List of Top 10 Countries With Highest Obesity Rate in The World 2017

10. Trinidad and Tobago


Population- 30%

Let me break down this population expectation of this state so that you are able to have a rough idea of what you expect. At least 1 in 3 people that stays in this country suffer from obese issues. What is shocking further is that children have been found in this mix and are one that are expected to suffer more. This is because of the fast food rise that has caught up with them due to the rising modern trends of eating habits that are transferred to them by their parents who feed them. This might be something small because it is estimated that around $5 billion obesity medical cost hence becoming a booming challenge.

9. Venezuela


Population- 30.8%

The existence of obesity in the country is a well-known factor and many factors have also made the government to come up with reports of fighting it. One major role that the government has embarked on doing is putting up with the best taskforce that should always ensure that there is an agency that is always overseeing the eating habits in the country. The most affected places include schools but enough measures are expected to be taken up. It is good to also now that the country has always suffered from malnutrition problems for the past 20 years and that is why obesity and hypertension is always a threat to them.

8. United States


Population- 31.8%

Majority of the people might have mixed feelings because maybe they think that the US should be the one that should be the one that tops up the list! That is not true because it is a nation that has worked hard each year that comes so that it ensures that its population remains healthy all the time. Being among the western countries where obese has vandalized human beings, lies in a birth-boom of citizens that know that they addicted to sugar. That is the major reason that makes the state of America’s fitness to remain a paradox that is whooping. Will there be any improvement at all? Let us wait for time because it will tell.

7. Mexico

Mexico Top Famous Countries with Highest Obesity Rate in the World 2018

Population – 32.8%

The weight problem that is found in Mexico started off to bulge out as early as from the 1980s when the use of processed food took the center stage and made the traditional whole grains to be thrown out of the window. What is the result of this outrageous move, at least 7 out of 10 Mexicans that you will come across are going to be endangered and thus suffering obese. Why am encouraged by the Mexicans is that they have been inspired be many factors and they are turning out to be more aggressive in fighting the menace. They have always started off by putting a ban on junk food production in the market and also a 5% tax on every packaged food.

6. South Africa

South Africa Top 10 Countries with Highest Obesity Rate in the World

Population – 33.5%

The use of westernized food in South Africa is the one factor that has made the country to land on this list as a country with weight problems. Although it is expect that the rate of obese might decline in some coming decades. The people love food and that makes the existence of fast food and thus creating a success of the disease over here. Wealth and success are always said to be a contributing factor towards this disease but how will the country control it? That is something expected to be controlled so that obesity and wealth don’t become related. This is one of the Top 10 Countries With Highest Obesity Rate in The World 2017.

5. United Arab Emirates


Population: 33.7%

This country is known for its obesity rates as well as highest diabetes rate in the world. The country is struggling to reduce junk food market is which are growing, civilians are also required to have longer working hours to help them shed some extra pounds. Fitness stagnancy is what the citizens are needed to do to stay health. New York style super sized sodas was banned several months ago which sounds like a good start. The government launced thirty-day weight challenge and rewards weight loss with gold and the qualifying participants stood to grab two grams of gold which worth about $90 for every 2kgs they manage to shed which was the best way to deal with obesity.

4. Jordan

Jordan Top Most Countries with Highest Obesity Rate in the World 2017

Population: 34.3%

82 percent of women aged between fifteen to twenty nine years are unemployed and the obesity rate of adult women is about 60 percent which is almost double the rate of their counterparts, this was a report done by University of Jordan in 2010. Majority of women lack facility and cultural approval to exercise which has contributed to their obesity. It is reported than obese people can live from five to seven years less that fit people. If you want to avoid obesity, then you need to consider the food you’re taking and above all do some exercise daily. If you have conscious decision-making, health issues will never come across you.

3. Egypt

Egypt Top 10 Countries with Highest Obesity Rate in the World 2017

Population: 34.6 percent

10 percent of Egyptians like taking five to more cans of soda every day which has contributed to weight gain beyond control. The cultural appreciation of overweightness in this country particularity in women has also contributed to weight issue. A 2011 Euromonitor international report has estimated that fifty three percent of women fifteen and above will be obese come 2020. Junk food is what is preferred and little did they know that the food they’re taking is not good. We can learn a lesson from this country that taking cans of soda and junk food daily will contribute to obesity. Fitness is something complex than even personal decision making, do you know why, the culture, legislation and economy can contribute to the issue because if the government doesn’t ban junk food, what can you expect? Obese people with health related issues like diabetes.

2. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia Top Most Popular Countries with Highest Obesity Rate in the World 2019

Population: 35.2%

Due to gender equality and fitness, the government of this country has recently begun to consider women to do sport at public schools which were great idea. But things we hard to control and now women are obese due to poor culture of doing regular exercise. The Saudi kingdom is at high risk of facing enormous health issue in years to come. 37 percent of this women experience health issues which are related to being overweight. But issues of obese should start with one person but not the entire nation. The modern society has changed killing and foraging of food, you can imagine that several years ago, there was agriculture and factory farming but nowadays the system is complex and people don’t sweat to get food. If you are one of those people who love junk food, your life is in risk.

1. Kuwait

Kuwait Top Popular Countries with Highest Obesity Rate in the World 2018

Population: 42.8%

During the first Gulf War, American troops arrived here and their fast food spread like virus and even majority of resident doesn’t have that cultural basis to consider the severity of low nutritional value of junk food and also poor quality. One in two people suffer obesity. The Kuwait’s oil boom transforms the country and brought the influence, the western ethos and infrastructure but not cultural foundation to difference between Burger King and McDonald’s from fine dining. Maybe the American troops should be blamed for their junk food which spread like fire and later resulted to obese people.

These are the Top 10 Countries With Highest Obesity Rate in The World 2017. I think our fore grandparents were not suffering from obesity since they were doing jobs which demand their physical activity. But what about nowadays, the activity we do doesn’t demand our physical activity, and do you know the end result? Of course obesity and my friend you need to stay fit because it is estimated that obese people can live from five to seven years less than fit people. If you like soda and junk food, you need to take some precaution because one day you’ll find yourself being obese.