Top 10 Countries With The Highest Suicide Rates

Take a look at the below list of world’s Top 10 Countries With The Highest Suicide Rates 2017. Every second that comes and goes, someone somewhere has already done suicide and if not so, he/she is contemplating to take his/her own life! Committing suicide is one of the most fearful things that man can face. But what causes all this? There are a lot of problems that face humanity but unfortunately, many people ignore them and some decide to stay with them without any possible solution. The result is that stress accumulates to high levels and when finds out that he/she cannot handle the situation, then life becomes of no meaning. The countries that we are going to list for you below are some of the worst countries where suicide seems like an everyday activity. Take a look.

List of Top 10 Countries With The Highest Suicide Rates 2017

10. Belarus

belarus, Top 10 Countries With The Highest Suicide Rates 2017

In this country, suicide is termed as the second leading death factor. The act and the process of taking away life of oneself has been on the rise for in the country since the last days of the Soviet Union, that is in the 1980s. The rate at which people will themselves have also increased since then and mores especially men when we compare them to women. The age-group of suiciders fall in between the ages of 45-64. Research went into the ground to find out what was the problem and it has been found out that there is a big correlation between suicide and alcohol in the nation.

9. Latvia

latvia, Top 10 Countries With The Highest Suicide Rates 2018

The rate at which people kill themselves here is still so high though it is documented that since the post-Soviet Union era saw a decrease in the number of deaths. That is why the government also saw it wise to go on and try to find out what is the problem. Some of the factors that were found include unemployment, alcohol, and also mental health status of a person. It has been also found that rate at which men kill themselves is high other than women, with ages between 40-49 years being the worst hit.

8. Sri Lanka


Statistics clearly document that there are almost around 4000 people who commit suicide in Sri Lanka, that is at a rate of almost 11 people per day. The scene where a 35 year old person known Milton Rupes killed himself will show you how the desperate Sri-Lankans end their life. He was a father of three kids and faced poverty that was in an extreme end. Because he was not able to fend for his family, he decided to quit from life before dying naturally. Many people in the nation also end there life in such a manner and their plight is not well known as to why they do so.

7. Japan

japan, Top 10 Countries With The Highest Suicide Rates 2019

For those that are not away how special japan is, then let me bring to speed about one thing about it. It is an industrialized nation that is respected by many other nations as it plays an important role when you come to global economy. On the contrary, there is an epidemic that is almost taking down the nation, suicide. Unfortunately, men are on the leading end as they contribute a staggering 70% rate. May factors contribute to this weird murder with some of the leading being societal pressure, unemployment and economic hardship. This is one of Top 10 Countries With The Highest Suicide Rates 2017.

6. Hungary


Unlike the other nations, women in this country tend to be the ones that kill themselves more than men. But things seem to change year in and out and men seem to be the ones that commit more suicide than women. Those men that have been divorced and widowed (between the ages of 60-60) are the ones that might put men at a lead. The relationship between alcohol and unemployment has also made many people to find it difficult to read. The country has gone further to prescribe the use of antidepressants as a product that will help suicidal patients, is something that the world has remained with questions especially in western literature.

5. Slovenia

slovenia, Top 10 Countries With The Highest Suicide Rates 2017

This is a small nation that has been inhabited by nearly 2 million people. Of them all, 400 suicides happen each year that comes and goes. It has been noted that all suicides that happen are due to alcohol consumption and it is rated as the highest risk factor that will kill many people out there. There is also one thing that worsens the situation, people are ashamed of talking about these deadly factor and thus, there is a long silence that carries no practical solution to the problem. As from 2003, things have started to move to the right track as people are now engaging in doing some talks about the suicide topic.

4. Kazakhstan


Around 3 percent of all the suicides that occur in the world are from this place. The tragic part of it all is that the most affected age group hails from the young people that are aged between 14-19 years. Boys are also found to have a higher rate in the same demographic age. What is astonishing is that these suicide rate has almost increased in the new millennium up 23%. There has been a lot of debates of what makes this rate to increase from time to time and some of the major factors is the high rise in bullying at schools, proliferation of the internet and information and technology bullying.

3. Guyana


In this nation, men are considered to be more likely to commit suicide. This is because they have always had that notion that alcohol is good and turn to it so that they are able to run away from hardships. The result is even are dangerous as domestic violence emanates and hence sustainable living and fending of the families is hindered a great deal. The findings I got about this nation is that the Indo-Guyanese is more affected when compared to the Afro-Guyanese population.

2. South Korea


Korea largely has a serious problem when you are talking about suicidal nations. It has a rate of around 28.1 suicides per every 100000 South Koreans. The most types or common methods that the people use to kill themselves is either the use of poison or even hanging themselves. The government is trying to fight the issue and come up with amicably solutions but I think it should it fast to safe its population from ending too soon if that rate continues.

1. Lithuania


The economic issues that faced the nation during the social upheaval that dates back to the Soviet Union era never left the nation completely. The other recent financial crises that emanated in the year 1998 makes it suffer a lot. Unfortunately, the most affected people in the nation are prime working men and those that have a family with an age group of between 34-54 years. Poverty is also a killer factor with any people lacking the chance of contributing in national development and fending for their families.

These are the Top 10 Countries With The Highest Suicide Rates 2017. The life that we have is not ours because we did not create nor take it. But people have decided to take it more often when they are faced with problems. Now, the big question is who is this that is supposed to protect it? That is where the government comes in. each nation should ensure that it takes into account the sole responsibility of teaching its population on the dangers of taking life or committing suicide. That is the only way that people will live is to be aware that life is precious and need to protect it at whatsoever means.