Top 10 Most Corrupt Politicians in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Corrupt Politicians in The World in 2017. Corruption is a vice that is not wanted in the society but the unfortunate thing is that most of our people especially our leaders find it a hand thing to evade as they do their daily service to humanity. The recent research and report that people have found out in the world is that leaders such as ministers and politicians are all in the leading wonder list. They get what they don’t deserve from their citizens and that is why it is said that the rich will always remain to be rich while the poor will remain to be so. If you think it is a joke, then look at the following most 10 corrupt Politicians in the world 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Corrupt Politicians in The World 2017

10: Jayalalithaa, India


She is a famous politician found in India as she is the chief minister of Tamil Nadu that unfortunately faces a lot of corruption cases which sum up to around 46 of them. Some of these cases include disproportionate of assets and TV case, RS. 70 million coal import question, among many others. Some reports also as we found to have a clear evidence that in her residence and some business establishments, the capture of 28kg of jewelry with a large estimate of value. This has also led her to be under investigation as a world corrupt leader.

9: Kim Jong UN, North Korea


He is the head of state of North Korea due to the fact that he is the son of the Kim Jong il. He is known to be the youngest head state in the country as a head. Unfortunately, the country has been ranked among the most corrupt of nations. The average salary of the president is about $1500 but unfortunately the president is alcoholic and spends his life in pleasure. That is why it is considered as the most corrupt Politicians 2017 and on top of that, the most dangerous as all the others that have come before him. He does not allow anybody to question him at all about his life of endless expenses.

8: Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, Guinea


There are two things that contradict when you deal with this famous leader of Guinea. He thrives in money but his country is one of the poorest countries in the world. He is rated among the richest men of the world with a lot of money and his wealth is estimated to be around 600 million of money. This is way by far astonishing because the president of America is estimated to be having around 11.8 million. He has been implicated in many human right abuses and election offences.

7: Petro Poroshenko, Ukraine


This is the president of Ukraine and unfortunately he is in this list of shame as the most corrupt official among others. He has been found to have a lot of resources and business. Now when we went into further research, our findings found out that he has a lot of money that he has hidden in other countries. He also has vast land ownership in outside countries which it is believed that he has used the citizen’s money that he cannot document where he got it from.

6. Jean-Claude Duvalier

Jean-Claude Duvalier Top Largest Corrupt Politicians in The World 2017

This is a former president of Haiti and I think that all the people that rise to power and become presidents have that notion that they own everything out there in their countries. That is why abuse of power has been rampant. Having this mind, Jean used it to ensure that he gets the best of the country when he was in power. He came to power with an ambition to bring a revolution to the economy of the state but that was never realized as he swindled around and disappeared with $300-$800when he was in office.

5. Sani Abacha


For all those that want to know the current standings of Nigeria, then we have to be aware that it is a war tone country and the locals are far enough and want to get the better part of it. A wore torn nation requires a leader that will try to turn things around so that the nation survives. Unfortunately not every commander in charge will live to this expectations and one of them is Sani Abacha. This is a leader that has made sure that self-improvement, personal greed and the rest will always follow up. He is a person that could steal up to $4 billion into various personal private accounts.

4. Slobodan Milosevic

Slobodan Milosevic Top Popular Corrupt Politicians in The World 2019

I know politicians are always in turmoil of how much money that they can pull out of the country and for how along can they do it without them being caught. There is a genius behind this marvelous lifestyle, a former president of Yugoslavia. He is a man that has undergone beyond just money fraud because he has further been charged with high profiled killings. He was a power driven man and new no boundaries for all those that came in his way. When he goes for money, he does not cash out small sums money, enormous ones are his taste. For instance, $100 billion were shelled out in the name of compensating campaign bombings.

3. Mobutu Sese Seko

Mobutu Sese Seko Top Biggest Corrupt Politicians in The World 2018

He was once the former president of Zaire and was famous during his time for a variety of things. One of them is that you could not talk ill about him and survive in his kingdom, you had to be thrown in behind bars. He is believed to have entered into a scam of about $12 billion. He was known as the power man when it came to dealing with fraud, commitment and dedication with money that you will never be told where it came from as a local man in the country.

2. Ferdinand Marcos

Ferdinand Marcos Top 10 Most Corrupt Politicians in The World 2017

This was once a Philippian leader who did everything to make sure that he had the right public picture when he was in power. He was a respectable man that lived in his time until the time the robbers were masked out. That is when you will get that things are not the same again. Ferdiand has been reported to have stolen around $5-$10 billion in his time as president in the years of 1972-1986.

1. Mohamed Suharto

Mohamed Suharto Top 10 Most Popular Corrupt Politicians in The World 2018

Most people know that this is a mystery man because he has been able to take more that all the 2nd and 3rd people combined together. He has been a president for around 30 years and during the time, he managed to give himself a figure of $15-$m5 billion and put them into hard assets and others in outer Swiss accounts. You don’t have to look for vote to find out if he was corrupt or not because corruption will away speak for itself.

So, these are the world’s top 10 Most Corrupt Politicians 2017. As hard as we try to fight corruption, you will realize that it will always fight back. Unfortunately, it looks for holes that it will pass through easily without being noticed at all. Is it possible then to really end corruption? That is a question that we all need to discuss in another forum but for now, our politicians have let us down. Instead of fighting for us so that we have a better living, they ensure that they have taken the whole cake and it.

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