Top 10 Most Bizarre People Who Lived With The Dead

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Bizarre People Who Lived With The Dead. There are sordid and gruesome stories of people who live with the dead, with several reasons put forward as to why people do such bizarre things. Some human beings live with the dead for money, while others do so as a result of practices such as necrophilia. People live with the dead because of the deep attachment to them.They can’t let go because they live in denial and take some time to accept the truth. Psychological disorders have also been found to lead to the behavior. Below are ten such individuals who shocked the world by living with the dead.

List of Top 10 Most Bizarre People Who Lived With The Dead

10. Joni Bakaradze’s mother of Georgia (Took care of her dead son for 18 years)

Joni Bakaradze's mother of Georgia Top Popular Bizarre People Who Lived With The Dead

A man named Joni Bakaradze of Georgia died about two 20 years ago, at the age of 22. Joni had a son aged two years, and so his mother decided to preserve the body instead of holding a burial for him so that the young son knows his father when he grows up. Joni’s mom maintained the corpse, applying embalming fluid and vodka on the dead body. She changed Joni’s clothes on his birthday until she was too old to take care of the corpse. Until today, the family keeps Joni’s body in a wooden coffin that has a viewing window in the lid.

9. Le Van of Vietnam (Dug up his wife)

In 2009, a shocking discovery came to into the public domain. A 57-year-old man from Vietnam slept with the corpse of his dead wife for over six years. After the death of his wife in 2003, he slept on her grave. He later dug a tunnel that he used to access the casket until he finally decided to dig her up in 2004. She took her home and lived with her. Mr. La Van was slept with the corpse until 2011, with his children having to persevere with the habit for all those years.

8. Linda Chase (Watched Nascar with his dead boyfriend)


Charles Zigler loved to watch Nascar, and so would Linda Chase, his 72-year old girlfriend. When Charles Zigler finally passed away in 2010, Linda took his corpse and placed it on a chair in the living room. Charles’ glassy eyes lingered on the screen while the cars went in circles at top speed on the television screen. By living with a dead man, Linda kept cashing in on the dead boyfriend’s social security checks until police discovered her in 2012.

7. Lucio Haque’s wife of Columbia (Waited for her husband to resurrect)

When 60-year old Lucio Haque was terminally ill in hospital, he made one last wish; he told his wife to hide his body in their Columbian countryside. He said that he would come back to life, and his wife wrapped his body in sheets and kept him in her bedroom. The body decomposed producing an unbearable stench, but that did not deter the woman. She kept waiting for the husband’s resurrection, but when he failed to come back to life, she sought permission to bury him in her patio.

6. Jean Stephens of America (Lady who lived with husband and sister, both dead)


An old lady called Jean Stevens became dependent on her sister June for companionship after the death of her husband James, who passed away in 2000.In 2009, June also died, and the single 91-year-old Jean exhumed both graves and brought the dead bodies home to talk to them. She sat James in a garage and propped June in a room. Jean argued that putting dead bodies in the ground is saying goodbye, but placing them in a house enables her to touch, talk and look at them.

5.Claudio Alferi of Argentina (Man who lived with his dead mother and died)

In 2014, police found Claudio Alferi dead in his house in Aires, and next to him was a dry woman’s body. Enclosed in bags made of plastic and sitting in his kitchen, the dead woman wore sleepers and one would think that she was still alive. Neighbors and forensic experts identified the dead woman as Claudio’s mother, Margarita Alferi. Neighbors said that they had seen her a decade ago and that Claudio maintained his mother was alive and healthy until the discovery.

4. Erik Grumpelt (Man who hid his murdered girlfriend’s body in his bedroom)

Erik Grumpelt Top 10 Most Bizarre People Who Lived With The Dead

When Erik Grumpelt found out that his 39-year-old girlfriend, Melinda Raya was cheating on him, she punched her several times, killing her. The murder was a punishment for unfaithfulness, and he decided that the best way to get rid of the body was to hide it in the bedroom, covered with sheets. He tried to use air fresheners to fight the stench from decomposition, but two months after the crime on July 2011, police found out all that he had done.

3. Rocky Abalsamo of Boston (Held vigil by the grave of his wife for more than 19 years)

Rocky Abalsamo of Boston Top Famous Bizarre People Who Lived With The Dead

After the death of his wife in 1993, it looks like Rocky Abalsamo partly died as well. He spent each day of two decades keeping vigil by the grave of his wife at St. Joseph’s Cemetery in Boston. He did not eat or drink and weathered all conditions for more than 19 years. Rocky later died aged 97 after months of declining health.

2. Adriana Villarreal from Argentina (Woman sleeping in her husband’s tomb to give company)

People honor their deceased loved ones in strange ways. Adriana Villarreal is an Argentine widow who sleeps in her husband’s grave to keep him company. Police went to the cemetery to investigate what was going on after they heard reports that someone visited the tomb and played loud music. On arrival, police found Adriana in pajamas, and they learned that she had in fact relocated to the mausoleum.

1. Carl Tanzler (Scientist fixated with his patient)


In 1930, radiologist Carl Tanzer fell for his TB patient Elena, who he longed to marry. Unfortunately, Elena died in 1931, and Carl sat by her grave until he later decided to exhume her body. Tanzler tied her body with piano wires, wore her glasses, made her hair and covered her body in wax. He slept with her and even played music to her. However, after his arrest seven years later, Carl was declared insane, with police finding a tube filled with semen inside Elena’s vagina.

It is easy to criticize people who decide to live with the dead. However, some factors that lead to this behavior are beyond human control. Such factors include loneliness, madness, sadness and trauma. That aside, some people practice the behavior after a panic, once they murder people close to them. They pretend everything is normal while they live with a skeleton in their houses, only to shock the world later.