Top 10 Best WhatsApp Alternatives in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best WhatsApp Alternatives in The World 2017. In the world we are living in, there is a need for people to communicate with each other. Most people like to use instant messaging app to get news and share stories with each other. The best thing about instant messaging is that the response is right there and then. In addition to this, there is also the fact that you can share videos as well as photos. The most popular instant messenger is WhatsApp that is used widely and has many users. It was recently bought by Facebook and most people thought that it would be made similar to it but this was not the case. In fact they improved it and added the calling function. There are many other applications that perform this function. Here is a list of the other top 10 WhatsApp substitutes that can be used to perform the same.

List of Top 10 Best WhatsApp Alternatives in The World 2017

10. Live profile

live profile, Top 10 Best WhatsApp Alternatives in The World 2017

The application in mind offers the users the ability to communicate to each other but you cannot call the other users. The good thing about this app is that you can hide your phone number and user the pin to communicate to other users. The logging in process is that you provide your email and then your phone number and later the pin that you may use as your ID. You can also form groups and communicate in bulk.

9. Groupme


The application that is in topic, offers people who like to chat in bulk the ability to do so from the comfort of their phones. The logging in process to the application is that you provide the email to the web and also receive a sms on the number that you provide to them. The best thing about this app is that you can share the group messages using a sms. The advantage to this is that even without data bundles and a Wi-Fi connection you can still communicate to other users.

8. Chaton


This is an application that is from Samsung Mobiles. It was first debuted in the year 2011. The messaging application was used in most of the countries that have welcomed the use of Samsung phones. The most unique things about this app are that is offers the users the ability to make animated messages. The messaging app has the ability to share content in groups and also a place that is known as the Trunk where the media files can be stored.

7. Hike Messenger


The application has had a wide use in the Smartphone era. It is used mostly in the current day India country. The company that developed this app was called Bharti enterprises after getting funding from a bank known as Bharti Softbank. The app offers the same services that are given to us by WhatsApp.

6. Viber


The history associated to this application is very wide. The initially developers of this application was a company that was located in the current Israel and is called Viber Media. The current developers acquired the company in 2014 and have since been good at managing the company. The name of the company is Rakuten Inc. It first started as a competitor to Skype but has developed to an instant messaging app.

5. WeChat


This is one among the Top 10 Best WhatsApp Alternatives in The World 2017. The application is from a company that is known as Tencent holdings that is located in the current day China. The application was formerly known as Weixin. The application is generally really popular in the country but has also had a huge acceptance in the world. The services that are offered here are also the same as those in WhatsApp but has other services that include games that the users can play together. Updates for the application are really regular and are always good and make the application better.

4. BBM


Generally this is one of the best creations that was given to the world by the people from Blackberry. Though Blackberry Company has suffered a lot in the current economy, the instant messenger has been successful. As a result, it has offered a huge competition to WhatsApp. The quality of the sound that is offered by BBM is the best and most people have said is better than that of WhatsApp. The registration in BBM is using numbers that are called BBM pins unlike in WhatsApp where you use your phone number.

3. Line messenger


This application has developers that are called Naver Corporation. It is based in South Korea. This is the application that acts as the major competitor to WhatsApp. It provides the users with the option to send messages, videos and photos. The application on top of these, offers you the option to call and also have video calls to other users. The devices that use this app are many and range from smartphones to laptops and desktops.

2. Telegram messenger


Second on the list is Telegram messenger that has a user interface that is similar to that of WhatsApp. The only different nature in Telegram is that it is cloud based and offers a large space to share your files. You can share files that are as big as 1.5 GB which are videos and photos. The groups in Telegram also have more members than those in WhatsApp. The app gives you a room to have 200 members in the group. There is also the fact that you can send encrypted messages on the application.

1. KIK messenger


This is an application that acts as an instant messenger. The company that owns this software is based in Canada that is known as KIK interactive. The architecture for this app is based on the Blackberry messenger. In order to use the software, you have to be in a Wi-Fi region or have an active data plan on your device. It is majorly only applicable on a smartphone. The application offers a wide range of services that are from sharing videos, web pages, photos and also messages. This app offers privacy as you do not necessarily use your phone number in the registration process. Due to this, it has had many scandals especially in child exploitation.

These are the Top 10 Best WhatsApp Alternatives in The World 2017. Though all these applications are popular, most people prefer to stick to WhatsApp and this makes it superior to most of the other applications.