Top 10 Best Special Forces in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Special Forces in The World 2017. When it comes to sending special operators to work in other countries to achieve your economic, political, and military objectives, there can be little disagreement that you should send your very best. This is especially true when the stakes are high and although the circumstances will probably be unstable you know that you have equipped your special forces with the best training they can get. This list is of the 10 best special forces in the world 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Special Forces in The World 2017

10. MARCOS, India


If the job falls to India and it is in a marine environment, chances are good that the Marine Commando Force (MARCOS) will be called. MARCOS is responsible for missions that involve amphibious warfare, hostage rescue, special reconnaissance, and much more.

9. GIS, Italygis-italy

The Gruppo di Intervento Speciale (GIS) is largely responsible for counter-terrorism in the elite special operations environment. The GIS was started in 1978 to counter the growing threat of terrorism. GIS forces are very small, only about 100 personnel, but are largely known for their marksmanship skills. Besides their special warfare prowess, they are also intimately involved in training of other personnel.

8. EKO Cobra, Austria

EKO Cobra, Austria Top Popular Best Special Forces World 2017

Einsatzkommando Cobra (EKO Cobra) was formed in 1978 in response to the 1972 Munich Olympic attack on the Israeli athletes. As a result, the primary focus of EKO Cobra is counter-terrorism, although they consider their greatest asset to be the quickness of their speed and stealth. As far as counter-terrorism, most consider them the best in the world.

7. GIGN, France


The National Gendarmerie Intervention Group (NGIG) is a segment of the French National Armed Forces that is dedicated to counter-terrorism. Their primary purpose is counter-terrorism and hostage rescue. Just as is the case with the EKO above, the GIGN was formed in response to the 1972 Munich Olympic attack, to provide a small group of special operators to respond to threats and provide intervention.

6. SSG, Pakistan

SSG, Pakistan Top Famous Best Special Forces World 2018

The Special Services Group (SSG) is a special operations group of the Pakistan Army. The SSG is primarily known for their bravery and courage. In fact, a recent Russian president commented that with the courage of the SSG and the weapons of the Russians, he could conquer the world. Members of the SSG are trained to respond to a wide range of conventional and unconventional warfare situations.

5. JW GROM, Poland


The Jednostka Wojskowa GROM (JW GROM) is the special operations force of the country of Poland. GROM is a word that stands for “Thunder,” a sound that it is claimed someone can hear when they are on their way to perform their anti-terrorist functions. JW GROM is one of five special operations groups within the Polish armed forces. This is one of the Top 10 Best Special Forces in The World 2017.

4. GSG 9, Germany

GSG 9, Germany Top 10 Best Special Forces World

Unlike the other members of this list, the GSG 9 is not a military group. Instead, they are a special operations unit of the German Federal Police, which was formed after mismanagement was discovered after the 1972 Munich Olympic attack. The GSG 9 is deployed to a variety of high-risk situations such as hostage rescue, kidnappings, and others. The GSG 9 is also heavily involved in training of other groups in this types of operations. GSG 9 has been called out on more than 1,500 missions between 1972 and 2003. Interestingly, of these 1,500 missions, weapons of the group have only been fired five times.

3. Delta Force, United States

Delta Force, United States Top Most Popular Best Special Forces World 2018

The 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (1st SFOD-D), most commonly known at “Delta Force” is a special operations force of the United States Army. It was created in 1977 after the occurrence of several highly-publicized incidents of terrorism in the United States. Delta Force was the brainchild of Col. Charles Alvin Beckworth after a long career of service in various special operations groups. Delta Force is active in the planning and implementation of many different types of high-risk operations. They are most notable as having taken part in the Desert One (1980) and Battle of Mogadishu (1993). It continues to be active in high-profile operations to this day.

2. SEALS, United States

Delta Force, United States Top Most Popular Best Special Forces World 2018

The Navy’s Sea, Air and Land (SEAL) teams are not only one of the most highly-regarded special operations groups in the world today, but it is credited with a large number of successful operations, including the hunt for and killing of AlQueda head Osama bin Laden (2011). SEALs are known to work both on their own operations as well as in cooperation with the CIA’s Special Activities Division relative to their own missions. The SEALs evolved from the work of the Underwater Demolition Teams (UDTs) in World War II.

1. SAS, United Kingdom

SAS, United Kingdom Top 10 Best Special Forces World 2017

The Special Air Service (SAS) was started in 1941 to address the growing need of UK forces to infiltrate and engage German military forces behind their own lines. Since World War II, the SAS has evolved into one of the most effective special combat forces in the world. Perhaps one of the most famous operations and the one that set the SAS on its way to fame was its rescue of hostages during the siege of the American Embassy and its employees in 1980. The SAS has two primary purposes: counter-terrorism in times of peace and special operations in times of war. The SAS is comprised of a regiment and two territorial regiments.

These are the Top 10 Best Special Forces in The World 2017. The world has had special operations forces, of one type or another, for almost as long as there have been war. Special forces are those groups that are made up of men who stand out as being a special breed of men who will undergo the training and endure the hardships of the battles that nobody else can or wants to fight, but that are important nonetheless. In our increasingly dangerous world, the special forces of the world will no doubt continue to be used effectively as an opposition force to those who wish to do others harm. Despite being best known for not being known, the stories of their sacrifices and mettle will go down in history for many generations to come.