Top 10 Best Shipping Companies in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Shipping Companies in The World 2017. In this world, communication and also the movement of commodities is one essential thing that has to happen in the daily life. Thus there is need to send either parcels or the commodities that are either being sold. The shipping companies have to move the products from the warehouses and place the goods at the hands of the clients. The movements have to be safe and the products have to reach their destinations in one piece. Putting this in mind, the shipping company that you place your product in has to meet your satisfaction. This is what makes them either reliable or not and the review that you give will make other people either love or hate the company. As a result, here is a list of some of the top 10 shipping companies in the world 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Shipping Companies in The World 2017

10: Transit systems Inc.

transit systems, Top 10 Best Shipping Companies in The World 2017

This company provides a wide range of services that are not only limited to the shipping of goods. It also offers people who are moving its hand. The company moves high quality and commodities that are valuable to the owner. They also move furniture’s from one area to another carefully. When moving the goods, the households and the offices stuff it is good to consider this company as it is faster and easier.

9: Top shipping systems

top shipping systems, Top 10 Best Shipping Companies in The World 2018

In the business industry, there is need to transport heavy and bulky goods from one place to another. The goods may be your trading item and as a result, there is need for them to be handled with care. This company provides insurance to all the goods that they transport and as a result, they ensure that they are at the destination all in one piece. Though this company does not have any online platform.

8: On trac

on trac, Top 10 Best Shipping Companies in The World 2019

This company is not global. It moves the commodities from the market to some states in the United States of America. It is local bound and has the added advantage that it also provides its services on the weekends. The service is also fast as it makes sure that the recipient gets the goods within two business days. In the topic at hand, this service has the specialty that it is among the fastest.

7: Bolt Express

bolt express, Top 10 Best Shipping Companies in The World 2020

For those who are in the business market, there is need to make either payments, delivery of good bought or even the communication between people from different sides of the business. Having this in mind, this company ensures that the two people have constant communication and that the parcels reach the owner. Though they don’t do personal delivery to the owners, they do their jobs even on the weekends which is just perfect in some instances. The shipment services is local in the United States of America area. In addition to this they also move products in Mexico and Canada.

6: TNT Express


This is a company that delivers parcels to many parts of the world. The headquarters to the company are situated in Hoofddorp that is in Netherlands. This company makes sure that different commodities of different sizes get to reach to their owners. This can be made sure since they do not discriminate on any basis from weight to size. You may be able to track your commodities as well as have insurance on them so that they may be able to reach in one piece. The delivery is very fast as you may select either same day or even the next day delivery systems. This is one of the Top 10 Best Shipping Companies in The World 2017.

5: YRC Freight


The shipping company I topic can provide a wide range of services that range from the goods that require temperature moderations as well as the goods that have a limited time stamp on them. This company has the customer at heart when they are moving their products and they ensure that the goods reach their destination at heart. The shipping modes vary from the sea, to the air or even the road. They are able to ship bulky goods too and they offer their services even on Saturdays.

4: DHL


This company has already established itself as a company that moves goods and products on a more international level. As a result, they mostly move heavy and bulky goods all over the world. They move the goods by either road, ocean, air or even the rails. Most of the goods are not at all limited to size so you can move any kind of good. The products to be shipped have to be packaged in a specific way that is outlined in the website.

3: United States postal services


Most of the products that are moved by this company cannot be moved by any other company. Unlike most they move everything even the live animals. This makes this company exceptional unlike most of the others in this list. They do everything they even move the products on Saturdays. There is money back clause that is for your product does not reach its destination.

2: FedEx


The different products that can be moved by this company range from the smallest to the largest including the most fragile goods. The service that they offer are also available even on Saturdays. They move the goods all over the world. The products that you are moving can be able to be tracked at the comfort of your home. There was an online platform where you can be able to place your shipments. The shipments can be moved at any time including the night periods. The movement of goods can take different days depending on the nature of the goods.

1: United Parcel Services Inc.


Top of the list is a company whose short form is UPS and in full is united Parcel Services. The parcels include live animals and many other dangerous goods. The goods can be shipped at the comfort of your home since there is a mobile app as well as a website that takes care of all this. The shipment basically takes an approximate of 1 to 5 working days but you can hurry the shipment at an extra cost. You may be able to track your shipment and also tell them to secure it for you if you are not able to fetch it immediately it arrives.

These are the Top 10 Best Shipping Companies in The World 2017. The shipping companies discussed above are mostly international and most of them have no limitations to the size of the product. Therefore it all depends on the company you prefer.