Top 10 Best Selling Mountain Bike Brands in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Mountain Bike Brands in The World 2016-2017. The bicycle is a great form of transportation for two reasons. First, it gives you the cardiovascular exercise that you need. Moderate bicycling per day can burn calories. If you don’t feel like walking or running, go for a ride on a bike. Second, it’s an environmentally friendly form of transportation. It takes no fossil fuel in any form to ride a bicycle. This post is about some of the best-selling mountain bike brands of 2016-2017. If you want a bicycle but can’t afford any that this article will discuss, go to a department store, such as Target or Walmart and you can save lots of money as you prepare to get in shape or cut down on your use of fossil fuels getting to and from work. But if you can afford it and want to know about some of these brands, read this post. So, from 10 to 1, here are the Top 10 mountain bike brands of 2016-2017 so far.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Mountain Bike Brands in The World 2016-2017

10. Marin Attack Trail 9.

marin attack trail 9, Top 10 Best Selling Mountain Bike Brands 2017

The Bicycling calls this brand name “one of the most exciting models.” This bicycle is a 27.5 inch, 150 mm bike with a dual-link suspension design. A carbon front triangle, a ride bar, short stem, a SRAM X01 drivetrain and a KSLEV dropper seatpost. The Bos suspension is the standout feature on this bike. The design, by the way, was named for Oliver Bossard, a Frenchman who has designed bikes for two of the greatest downhill racers that ever were–Nicolas Voilloro and Caroline Chausson. The bike’s asking price stands at a whopping almost $6,600.

9. Spot Rollik

spot rollik, Top 10 Best Selling Mountain Bike Brands 2018

This bike has a 140-millimeter frame, and has a twin, according to the website, known as the Yabbo. It is a bit larger, with a 160-millimeter frame. Both bikes have a dual-link suspension design that looks like a DW-link system. The rear part if the lower link sues a composite leaf spring instead of a ball-bearing axle. Spot claims that the design is right on because it requires less maintenance, is stiffer, and lighter, and improves suspension performance. The bike, if bought whole, can cost somewhere in the $6,000s.

8. Ibis Ripley 29LS

ibis ripley 29ls, Top 10 Best Selling Mountain Bike Brands 2019

This model is an award-winning bike type. It has received the prestigious Bicycling Editors’ Choice Award for 2015. However, the makers have decided to revamp it from a year ago. The below listed upgrades the builders have made for 2016 make it a good candidate for a similar 2017 award. According to Bicycling Magazine, it comes with:

a) Better pivot internals;
b) a lower seat mast;
c) a seat mast accommodating to more dropper posts;
d) a better tire clearance;
e) a threaded BB;
f) a Boost 148 option.

In Bicycling Magazine’s assessment, all these features make an already great bike an even better one. It also boasts a lower bottom bracket, and a longer wheelbase as well. The price of this bike–a still whopping $5,899!

7. Yeti SB5C Beti


This bike shares a common geometry and Unique Switch Infinity Design with the Yeti SB56 Trail Bike, which won the Editors’ Choice award in March of 2016. It is known for its lightweight frame design. It has more than 5 inches’ rear suspension slack angles and a 140 mm fork to help with that. It weighs all of 28 pounds. This makes it a good racing bicycle. Other features include a Rock-Shox reverb dripper, and seat post and smooth shifting. SRAM + 01 Drivetrain. It was mentioned as one of the best women’s mountain bikes of 2016-2017. Its asking price: almost $6900.

6. Pivot Mach 4.29 Trail


This bike is known for its stiff frame that makes its handling very good. The 429 Trail, according to Bicycling Magazine, feels smaller under rider than many 29er trail bikes. This makes it easier to manipulate and whip around switchbacks. Rear suspension has 116 millimeters of travel, but it feels like more. The suspension is described as feeling crisp and efficient, with little unwanted motion.

5. Juliana Furtado


This bike is back with a very noticeable Spearmint paint job, and according to Biking Magazine, a fiercer attitude than in 2015. It has 130 millimeters of travel and one-degree slacker head. A shorter rear end and a longer top tube. It also boasts a 760 millimeter handlebar. It is also more capable on steep high speeds and rocky terrain. A mountain bike in the truest sense of the word. All of this excitement can be yours for about $3589 to $8700. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Mountain Bike Brands in The World 2016-2017.

4. Jamis Defcon


Jamis is becoming a quite well-known name in bicycles. The Defcon is Jamis’s new 160 millimeter enduro-racing bike for trail riding. New for 2017, it is, according to Biking Magazine, one of the year’s finest. It has a 66.5-degree head-tube angle. This is one of three of the models that Jamis has built on the same frame. There is another option in the Defcon name brand–Defcon II. It has a rock solid fork and SRAM of 1 X 11-inch drive train.

3. Rocky Mountain Blizzard


For years, the Blizzard has been a Rocky Mountain name plate, as the Bicycling Magazine website points out. But when the fat bike trend became popular, Rocky Mountain was ready. They had just the right model for the fat bike era, indeed.

The Blizzard comes with an aluminum frame. It has a 120-mm BB and a 197-mm rear axle spacing that provide clearance for the 4.7 millimeter tires. Up front there is a 120-mm Rock Shox fork that is ideal for moving through snow, mud and other types of terrain that your average supermarket-bought bike just isn’t tough enough to deal with. For diehard biking fans who, like myself, like to ride around in the winter, this bike would be ideal. All this luxury and pleasure, if you are willing to pay $2,599.

2. Alchemy Arktos


If you were to ask me what the stand-out feature for this bike that would make it Number 2 on this list, I would tell you about the unique paint job on it. In addition, the makers will customize it according to your likes or dislikes. The front triangle of this carbon enduro bike is made in the States, while the rear-end is made overseas. The geometry, according to Bicycling Magazine, is enduro-ready. There’s 66.5 degrees of head angle here, 17.2 inch chainstays, and 13.6-inch-high bottom brackets. Dual-link suspension is also a feature of this model, and the price is $3,799.

1. Specialized Rhyme FSR Comp 6 Fattie


This bike commands the top spot amongst all of the bikes for a very good reason. The way it is built is such that it can give you a relaxed ride, even on steep hills. I have had to get off my bikes and carry them up those types of hills. It was not a fun experience for me. But for the asking price of $3500, the rider gets 150 mm of travel, 27.5 inch wheels, and, according to Bicycling Magazine, 3 inch tires that do not require lots of air pressure. It is a true mountain bike in the truest sense of the phrase.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Mountain Bike Brands in The World 2016-2017. These are just 10 examples of bikes that will become extremely popular–especially if the prices of these bikes ever come down to levels more affordable to the common public. Indeed, the older a biker gets, the more he or she is going to want a bicycle that will take him or her up steep hills with ease. You will become less concerned with the outer shell of the bike, and more concerned with performance. Indeed, that is–and should be–the chief issue for the biker–the quality of the vehicle and the performance. You want a bicycle that will endure for a long haul. The best part about these bikes are that they are lighter weight than ever before, as the Top Tens website points out, and that is at least part of what makes them more roadworthy.