Top 10 Best Selling Children’s Books in The Market

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Selling Children’s Books in The Market 2017. Have you ever heard of classical books for young ones? Well, J.K Rowling is a favorite among many. There are very many books for kids which are both enjoyable and informative or educative despite their genre. Books have evolved over time, the style of writing and content. Nonetheless, they remain as the sole inspiration for many movies, many imaginative stories, and other books.

However, every year there several which have risen above the charts. The following article will look at the top 10 best-selling children’s books 2017 that were a great inspiration to many regardless of their place of residence across the globe.

List of Top 10 Best Selling Children’s Books in The Market 2017

10. Pokemon Deluxe

Pokemon Deluxe Top Popular Selling Children's Books 2019

Heard of Pokemon Go? Well, this application arouses as a result of inspiration from the book; Pokemon Deluxe. The book entails all the Pokemon stories in one place. Either the revised or the used version offer a great opportunity for kids to understand the origin of Pokemon and different episodes like the ones seen on the TV show. Pokemon books have over 600 new Pokemon characters who have different abilities. The book seeks to impact the life of upcoming kids by showing them the possibility of succeeding. The book costs only $8 and can be found on any store shelf in the country.

9. Boats for Papa

Boats for Papa Top 10 Best Selling Children's Books 2017

Bagley’s book is filled with one warm story which portrays one characters story of coping up with the absence of his father. The book is filled with many climaxes. The $10 book can be acquired from multiple shops worldwide. The book captures the story of different people across the globe.

8. The World’s Worst


The wickedly funny surreal story is an amazing book that is a terribly the best-selling book for kids in 2017. The amazing book for kids written by David William only costs $14 and is an amazing book which has entertaining stories contained inside. The book released in May has sold over a million copies and is a book that is worth for any reader out there.

7. This Dave


This Dave is one epic book for both kids and grown-ups. This epic book has a collage-style of illustration with a short text which is punchy and guaranteed to leave your children laughing. The deeply profound book is a poetic book which is fully crumpled at the edges. The book only cost $8.

6. Goodnight Moon


The Goodnight moon is a school library journal that became the bets book in 2017. It is one lovable children picture books that have been loved by many kids/ it’s easily personifies ritualistically the process of saying goodnight during the existence of a moon. The book is classical for any kid who is going to bed and can be a vital book to rock your kids to bed. It only costs $12 and of course can be shipped to any place but at a small extra fee.

5. Harry Potter


Of course, how could we leave out Harry Potter? Harry Potter is the best book loved by many across the earth. No matter where you are, I’m so sure you have heard of it. The $20 book remains the number one most selling and best-loved book for kids. The book is actually on the top list for the best loved 2017 book for kids. However, the book is best recommended for kids over the ages of 12 since it has a lot of graphical images. The book shows Harry, who is the main character, struggling with his past and the death of his parents. The book has several volumes released and some yet to be released. This is one of the Top 10 Best Selling Children’s Books in The Market 2017.

4. First 100 Words


The Roger Prittybook, the first 100 words is a book recommended for upcoming kids. The book is an ideal book which helps kids learn simple words and has over 100 vibrant pictures. This picture helps the kids easily learn through these pictures. The pages form the book is made from tough board to withstand tear and wear.

3. Wonder


The wonder book is a book which is a book for a ten year old named August who has facial issues which have prevented him from going about with his daily activities. The book is recommended for any five grader who has a passion for books. The book is based on the difficulties August experiences during his childhood and the pressure from his classmates and friends. The book is a classical book which can be bought from any shop that sells the book for kids.

2. Hour of the Bees


This book was first written a few years ago and came back with a new revised edition which entails a book about a grandfather who has 100 bees and experiences 100 years of draught. The book only costs $9. The bond between grandchild and grandparents in this book is inseparable. The hour of bees is a classical 12-year-old based book which has its setting in New Mexico. Like the other books, the book can be gotten from any book store worldwide.

1. Tom Gates


Topping our list is Tom Gates. The book is a state that is filled with zombies and has the best band in the world. The $12 book is a must read, and it is recommended for kids above the age of 12.

These are the Top 10 Best Selling Children’s Books in The Market 2017. You can acquire any of the books listed in our list at any store nearby. The books are recommended for various kids, and it is good first to know which book to get for which age. Nonetheless, they are both fun and can be bought at affordable rates.