Top 10 Most Read Newspapers in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Read Newspapers in The World 2017. Many if not all of us get a lot of information from newspapers. They are one main sources of information in our modern society. To ensure that you are up to date with everything, they are distributed weekly and daily. They are easy to get access as they are sold by vendors, in shops and even in supermarkets. Front or cover of a newspaper displays some important information. Content in a newspaper include news, opinions, entertainment, sports and advertisements. Below is a list of most read newspaper worldwide 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Read Newspapers in The World 2017

10. Daily telegraph

Daily telegraph Top Popular Read Newspapers in The World 2018

The Daily telegraph is based in United Kingdom and was founded in 1855. Founder of this newspaper was Arthur B. Sleigh but ownership from 2004 changed to David and Fredrick Barclay. Readers of the Daily telegraph is approximated to be around 8.2M worldwide. Investigation into corruption charges against former England national coach Sam Allardyce is just but a few cases that have led to increased popularity of this newspaper. Also a member of parliament in U.K had to resign after his expense scandal was brought to light by the Daily telegraph newspaper. This newspaper is regarded as a principal newspaper in U.K for records.

9. Times of India

Times of India Top 10 Most Read Newspapers in The World

This newspaper is Indian but written in English language. It was founded in 1838 and has an audience of around 15 million. However a large number of readers are those that read it online and that totals to almost 12M readers. The circulation of this newspaper is approximated to reach around 3M readers and this is a reason it is ranked third in a list of top circulated newspapers worldwide. In 2012, it was ranked top and one that has most readers.

8. Asahi shimbun

Asahi shimbun Top 10 Most Read Newspapers in The World 2017

Asahi shimbun was founded in 1879 and it uses Japanese language. In japan, there are five national languages and Asahi shimbun falls in this category. Recently it introduced an online portal for purposes of readers who prefer English. Circulation of printed copies is approximated to be 7 M and an online viewership is around 7 million. Hence, the readers add up to an estimate of close to 14.7 million. It has been ranked second best circulated newspapers worldwide.

7. Wall street journal


The Wall Street is based in New York City and was founded in 1872. The readers of this newspaper are approximated to be around 16.4 million. It has been estimated that 13.9 M are unique visitors who read it online. Printed copy circulation is estimated to be 2.4 M publications making it to be ranked as United States widely circulated newspaper. It has been a winner of 35 Pulitzer award that include 1997 aids treatment, 2010 MC Donald’s healthcare issue, 2001 9/11 coverage and also not forgetting 1987 RJR Nabisco buyout coverage.

6. The sun

The sun Top Most Famous Read Newspapers in The World 2019

This newspaper was launched in 1964 and is published in Ireland and United Kingdom. It boost an approximate 22.9 M readers and a higher number are reported to be online readers. Printed copies that are circulated are estimated to be 2.7 M being one of the largest circulated newspaper not only in U.K but also worldwide. This newspaper has had great achievements and awards. These awards include winning reporter of the year award on five occasions. This is one of the Top 10 Most Read Newspapers in The World 2017.

5. Washington post


The Washington post was founded in 1877 and it is American. It has been Washington’s widely circulated newspaper. It enjoys an audience of around 26.4 M where close to 26 M of these readers do it online. Only 474,000 of these newspapers are circulated on a daily basis. Washington post has been famously known for investigation of Watergate scandal which regarded President Nixon. One famous reporter by name Carl Bernstein and Woodward of Washington post investigated this scandal. This American newspaper has been awarded many accolades which include, 18 nieman fellowship, 368 white house news photographers association awards and 47 Pulitzer prizes to mention a few.

4. People’s Daily


People’s Daily was established in 1946 and was originally published in pingshan but their offices were relocated to Beijing in1949. Since it was founded, it has been controlled by Wu lengxi and Deng tuo. It is right to say that this newspaper is owned by so called communist party of china. It enjoys an audience of close to 36 million. With the online readers totaling 33 million. Daily circulation of printed copies is approximated to be about 3 million. Main edition of this newspaper is Chinese language. There are other editions in different languages that include French, English, Japanese, Arabic and Spanish that communist party’s are in top leadership. People’s Daily has been considered as one authoritative conveyor of government’s policies in Chinese.

3. The Guardian

The Guardian Top Most Popular Read Newspapers in The World 2019

The guardian was formed in early 1821. This is known as a national British daily boost an audience of close to 39 M and online readers that are approximated to be around 38.9 M constitutes a bigger share. Printed copies circulation is estimated to be around 204,000. Not only has this newspaper been giver of major literally awards, guardian children’s fiction prize, this newspaper has also received numerous awards over the past. Over the recent past this newspaper has been finalist in foreign reporter, columnist, reporter and feature writer of the year, cartoonist awards among many other.

2. New York Times

New York Times Top Famous Read Newspapers in The World 2018

It was launched in 1851 and it is an American newspaper. The readers of this newspaper are approximated to be around 50.5 M with online readers forming a larger share of 48.6 M. This makes this newspaper top most popular newspaper in America. Weekly circulation of printed copies is estimated to be 1.8 M apart from Sunday. It is 3rd in America and largest local newspaper.. It boosts of 112 Pulitzer prizes, more than all other newspapers in worldwide. This newspaper also owns New York Times Company that also publishes 18 more newspapers. International herald tribune is also owned by New York Times.

1. Daily mail

Daily mail Top Most Read Newspapers in The World 2017

Thee Daily mail tops this list of top ten most read newspapers worldwide. It was launched in1896 and has an audience approximated to be around 128.6 million, thus ranked 1st in top most read newspapers worldwide. Online readers form a larger part of total readers.. Daily circulation of printed copies is approximated to be close to 1.8 million. It is ranked second in United Kingdom as most selling newspaper. The Daily mail made history as first ever newspaper in Britain to sell a million copies. Since the first publication that included content about women audience, it is the only newspaper that has 50% of female readership.

These are the Top 10 Most Read Newspapers in The World 2017. although reading a newspaper has been perceived as an interest, it should be read by each and every one. News is vital to people’s lives.