Top 10 Most Powerful Intelligence Agencies in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Most Powerful Intelligence Agencies in The World 2017. Believe it or not every last country on Earth must have an intelligence agency. If not, they are going to be overrun by other nations. It is nothing personal but this is how the world operates today. Many nations are secretly vying for power and control over various regions of the Earth. Since this is the case, each nation must be able to deal with threats as they arise.

Here is a look at the world’s most powerful intelligence agencies. The countries listed here are the primary movers and shakers in the world. Their intelligence operational ability tends to overshadow most of the other nations across the globe. Here is a list of the most powerful Intelligence Agencies in the world 2017.

List of Top 10 Most Powerful Intelligence Agencies in The World 2017

10. Direction Generale De La Securite Exterieure (DGSE)


The French government has a very versatile and effective intelligence organization. It is known as the Direction Generale De La Securite Exterieure or DGSE. This agency was formed in 1982 as a counter-terrorism unit. It was also brought into existence to gather intelligence from various countries around the world.

The DGSE also engages in paramilitary operations and works the French agency DGSI or the General Directorate for Internal Security. This DGSE has been very busy in 2016 dealing with terrorist who have been trying to tear the nation apart. They have been successful with stopping 15 attacks that could have caused further damage to the nation. The DGSE has replaced France’s Secret Service organization.

9. Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS)


ASIS or the Australian Intelligence Service is Australia’s primary intelligence operation. This agency was founded in 1951 and is one of the oldest intelligence agencies in the world. ASIS has locations all over the world and they are deeply entrenched with intelligence operations within various nations. ASIS intelligence covers many of the Australia’s closest allies (in terms of location) who might not have as many resources or experience as this nation.

8. Ministry of State Security (MSS)

Ministry of State Security Top Famous Powerful Intelligence Agencies 2019

China uses the Ministry of State Security to protect their nation from foreign and domestic enemies. This organization has a deep spy network that is ingrained within key regions across the globe. China’s intelligence organization is able to detect problems before they occur (in most cases) and they are successful with watching their enemies and allies movements in the world.

7. Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND)

Bundesnachrichtendienst Top 10 Most Powerful Intelligence Agencies 2017

Germany is a country with a long and rich history. Their intelligence agency is known as Bundensnachrichtendienst and it was created before World War II. Germany is one of the world’s most advanced nations on Earth in terms of science and technology. They use the latest technology and methods to help gather intelligence from other countries. They are very organized and highly efficient. They can stop many problems before they occur.

6. Research and Analysis Wing (RAW)

Research and Analysis Wing Top 10 Most Powerful Intelligence Agencies

India’s Research and Analysis Wing is known as RAW and it is an intelligence agency that was created in 1968. This intelligence agency ensures that the nation is protected from various problems at home and abroad. RAW is also responsible for monitoring corporations, persons of interest and politicians. RAW has stopped many attacks within the nation and they carry out various operations when needed. This is one of the Top 10 Most Powerful Intelligence Agencies in The World 2017.

5. Secret Intelligence Service (MI6)


MI6 is the U.K.’s Secret Intelligence Service. It came into existence shortly before World War I making it the oldest intelligence organization in the world. While MI6 has been around for a very long time it was not officially recognized until 1994. This intelligence agency has a long history and is involved within many of the world’s most dangerous situations. MI6 also has a very powerful spy network which is arguably the best in the world.

4. Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI)

Inter-Service Intelligence Top Most Popular Powerful Intelligence Agencies 2018

Pakistan’s Directorate for Inter Service-Intelligence was created in 1948. This organization is old and is very effective at accumulating information about various situations happening within the world. This organization is often seen in the wrong light because it has been accused of allowing terrorist organizations to attack nearby countries. However, many countries do rely on the information that they provide because the nation has a close connection to some of the major terrorist networks in the world.

3. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

Central Intelligence Agency Powerful Intelligence Agencies 2017

The United States CIA or Central Intelligence Agency is one of the most recognized intelligence agencies within the world. It was created in 1947 shortly after World War II. This organization analyses information about incoming foreigners, politicians and various domestic organizations operating on American soil. They have a spy network and usually partners with various countries that are allied with America.

2. Federal Security Services (FSB)

Federal Security Services Top Popular Powerful Intelligence Agencies 2018

Russia’s intelligence agency is known as the Federal Security Services is an important organization within the Russian Federation. It was created in 1995 and it is a very powerful intelligence gathering organization. This organization stops terrorist activities and provides border security and Russia’s interest in the world. They are effective with finding out plots and can effectively deal with anti-Russian activity that could harm this nation.

1. The Institute For Intelligence and Special Operation (MOSSAD)


The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operation is known as MOSSAD and it is the best terrorist organization within the world. Israel cannot afford to have a slack intelligence gathering service. This country is located within an area of the world where they are surrounded by “enemies of their state”.

MOSSAD has to be on top of their game. They not only monitor what is happening in and outside of their nation, they also protect various Jewish communities throughout the world wherever they are located.

This organization also works with their allies. MOSSAD has a powerful network of spies, unlimited resources and the latest technology at their disposal. This is one reason why this nation is considered the best in the world.

These are the Top 10 Most Powerful Intelligence Agencies in The World 2017. All of these intelligence organizations have a hard job with ensuring that their borders are secure and that its citizens are protected. Once again, many nations would literally be overrun by other territories if it were not for intelligence organizations. This is why this modern government institution is a critical part of various governments around the world.