Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps in The World 2017. According to stats, more than 350 million photos are shared on Facebook, plus another 95 million on Instagram – on a daily basis! This goes to show just how much photos play a lead role in our day-to-day lives. In fact, some of us are guilty of sharing photos after every other, five minutes or so– fret not as you are not alone. When sharing our portraits with friends and family, we always want them to look outstanding and hence, explaining the ever surging popularity of photo editing apps. If you are on the lookout for the best app with tools such as vignette, filters and cropping among others, here are the options you have.

List of The Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps in the world 2017

When compiling this list, we sought to look for apps that not only have a wide array of features, but also those with a comfortable, easy-to-use interface. Here is our top 10 list of the best photo editing apps this year.

#10. Google Snapseed


Google is always ahead of the pack when it comes to technology and while the Snapseed isn’t necessarily the best out there, it does a great job in making photos way better. It packs the usual combo of contrast, color and brightness adjustments found in most editing apps. However, you have more tools at your disposal in the advanced controls, including geometric corrections options, selective color channel adjustments and a healing brush. That’s not all as is the case with most Google software. There is a wide range of filter effects at hand to spruce things up and they consist of HDR Scape, Lens Blur, Grunge, Glamour Glow and Noir. This is not to mention the infinite range of frames among other customizable options. With all these options at your disposal, it’s not hard to see why Google Snapseed makes our cut.

#9. AutoDesk Pixlr

AutoDesk Pixlr Top Best Photo Editing Apps in 2017

The free photo editing app ranks among the most popular in the niche and for good reason. Imagine what you can do with over 2 million combinations of overlays, effects and filters? Pixlr is designed to deliver as much customizable options as possible and with it you can create unique photo collages using an array of spacing, layout and background options. Just in case you are unable to get the balancing right, there is an Auto Fix feature intended at balancing out the coloring. You also can blend or layer multiple photos together or choose to stylize your photos with ink sketches and/o pencil drawings to make things interesting. As if that’s not enough, Pixlr allows users to get rid of reddish eyes, teeth stains and blemishes. Once you are satisfied, overlay your photos with texts or simply add a caption before posting it on your preferred social media platform.

#8. Darkroom

Darkroom Top Famous Photo Editing Apps in 2019

Darkroom is not only one of the most versatile photo editing apps currently, but also one of the easiest to use. It packs all the bells and whistles you would expect as a selfie-taking enthusiast and they include the basic brightening, saturating, fading and cropping options. Moreover, the app allows you to add filters, besides delivering tone, curves and color adjustments. Just in case you’ve outgrown your old custom-made photos, it has an infinite undo history option. The main reason why Darkroom makes our cut, though, is its distinct ability to edit photos without having to import them to the app itself – cool, right? For quick access of your best photos, just add them to the favorite list and voila! While the app is available as a free download, you will sadly have to fork out some bucks for a plethora of valuable in-app tools – the only downside.

#7. VSCO


VSCO has a good range of preset styles that makes it quite easy to use. In fact, it is actually the most user-friendly app on our review. Unlike other apps here, which focus on sophisticated HDR-style effects, VSCO takes a more subtle path with naturalistic effects and styles. For quick editing, simply choose your preferred style and adjust its strength to your liking. In addition to this, it allows you to adjust the shadows, white balance, exposure, clarity, highlights and skin tones just to name a few. VSCO also has perspective and straightening correction options just in case you need to make the photos perfect. There are more options available via in-app purchases, but all in all, you should be satisfied with the free download version.

#6. FaceTune

FaceTune Top Popular Photo Editing Apps in 2019

If you are the finicky type, this is a must-have photo editing app. It is basically designed to get the most out of your photos and selfies – some wish it was available back in High school for the yearbook photos, but hey. FaceTune is one of the most customizable photo editing apps currently with tailor-made tools to help you brighten teeth, widen smiles, brighten eye bags, remove pimples and red eyes. In fact, you can even replace your grey hairs with black or blonde colors, or even fill the bald patch on your head if need be. As if that’s not enough, it allows users to refine their jawlines, apply blush shades and eye shadows, add colors to their lips and reshape their nose. In a nutshell, this is a photo editing app designed with great attention to detail. This is one of the Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps in The World 2017.

#5. Microsoft Selfie


Being the tech giant it is, you can almost always be guaranteed of high quality products with Microsoft. The reliable photo enhancement app uses things like gender, lighting, age, and skin tone among other factors to enhance your portraits. The one thing that makes this app unique is, it technically does everything for you just in case you need quick edits for instant uploads. Using the Intelligent Portrait Enhancement feature, Microsoft Selfie will fix up every flaw in your photo in just one click of a button. For instance, it will automatically activate the Denoise mode and auto exposure feature to correct dimly lit selfies in a heartbeat. This is the ideal photo editing app for busy individuals who require fast, instant uploads.

#4. Google Photos

Google Photos Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps in

While the app is greatly intertwined with Google Drive, it offers unlimited video and photo storage services ideal for anyone with plenty of photos. It will easily store videos of up to 1080p resolution and photos up to 16 megapixels for free. To customize your photos, simply tap on the pencil icon on a specific portrait and it will instantly switch to edit mode. Once you have activated the editing feature, it will allow you to adjust the color, vignette, pop and light effects or rather, crop and filter the photo to your liking. The one thing that makes it unique, though, is its storage abilities that enable you to search photos with ease.

#3. Camera+

Camera+ Top Most Famous Photo Editing Apps in 2018

Camera+ is one of the most sophisticated photo editing apps with plenty of tools to spruce things up for selfie enthusiasts. For instance, it packs a Stabilizer shooting mode that allows users to take extra sharp portraits and zoom up to 6 times its size. The Clarity feature is designed to help you make intelligent adjustments in a touch of a button; while the multiple scene modes such as Sunset, Night, Beach and Food will help you tailor make photos to great detail. We would recommend you to activate the Horizon Level feature when taking pictures with Camera+ as it helps prevent crooked and blurry shots. It is a great photo editing app with additional tools consisting of brushing, white balance, vignette, 1-tap red eye removal and layering just to name a few.

#2. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps in 2017

This is a photo editing app with plenty of advanced settings for finicky selfie enthusiasts. For starters, it packs all the basics like red eye removal, flip, color adjustment, white balance, rotate, straighten, brightness adjustment, crop and hue adjustment. When it comes to filters, Photoshop Express has a wide variety including Glow, Vibrant and Superpunch, alongside plenty of frames and borders you can add to your photos. Add-on packages will activate advanced features such as DeFog and noise reduction, plus a Photoshop mix that allows users to layer multiple photos in one image.

#1. Camera360

Camera360 Top Most Popular Photo Editing Apps in 2018

The fact that this photo enhancement app has over 700 million users around the world should tell you something. It is a reliable app that even has numerous celebrities endorsing it and for good reason. It packs a wide range of effective enhancement tools, more than 200 filters and a wide range of customizable effects. It will even allow you to spruce things up by providing stickers and live face effects options.

These are the Top 10 Best Photo Editing Apps in The World 2017. Enhancing photos is a popular trend among the current crop of Smartphone users. Everyone wants to look their best before uploading photos and sharing them on social media. This is now a possibility regardless of where you may be thanks to effective photo editing apps such as those on our review above.