Top 10 Best Milk Providing Countries in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Milk Providing Countries in The World 2017. Farms worldwide produce milk in large quantities annually. Those countries that have surplus export to other countries that have shortages. Ilk products are source of strength and energy a reason why it is a very important component in every person’s diet. Milk can come from not only cows but there are other animals that can provide milk. These animals include camels, sheep, goats and buffaloes. Another very importance of milk to our body is nourishment and strengthening our bones since it is rich in protein. Below is a list of some of the top ten milk producing countries worldwide 2017, they are as follows

List of Top 10 Best Milk Providing Countries in The World 2017

10. Turkey

turkey, Top 10 Best Milk Providing Countries 2017

Milk is produced in large amounts in this country. An approximated 42% of milk in Turkey comes from cows. Turkey’s economy highly depends on milk production sector. People in the rural areas of Turkey rear cattle as a side job for milk production. This makes part of their employment. They produce milk in surplus that they export to other countries. This is a business that many people in Turkey own and are more familiar with. By selling milk, local communities have improved not only their standards of living but also economy of their country.

9. New Zealand

new zealand, Top 10 Best Milk Providing Countries 2018

New Zealand is not only a beautiful country but also produces milk in very large quantities. It is a major milk exporter to the international market. Of the total milk produced in this country, 90% is exported to other countries. In life milk is a basic necessity just as food or shelter is, this is because it provides the body with energy and proteins that it requires. New Zealand does not only export milk, it also imports at times. Milk exporting in New Zealand dates back to the year 1864. The main source of milk in this country is cow. During the year 2010 and 2011, there was a very high increase of these animals. The cows increased to approximately 4.5 million from 132,000 and this also led to increase of the dairy sector in this country.

8. Francefrance, Top 10 Best Milk Providing Countries 2019

Worldwide, this country is popular for dairy farms. The number of farms where milk is produced on regular basis is estimated to be around 15,601 farms. Annually, milk that is exported to other countries is reported to be approximately 330,000 liters. Only 17.1% of this milk comes from cows. Farming industry in France is very stable because of the policies that the government has put in place. Famous exports of this country include dairy products. The government ensures that milk exported to other countries is of high quality since it’s the major earning there.

7. India

india, Top 10 Best Milk Providing Countries 2017

Worldwide this is the largest country consisting of 11 provinces. Many livestock that are domesticated here are milk producing. India holds a record in milk export; it exported an estimate of 54 M tons in 2012. The livestock are taken care of in a good way and in return result to huge amount of milk. The economy of this country also depends on milk export. This is one of the Top 10 Best Milk Providing Countries in The World 2017.

6. USA

usa, Top 10 Best Milk Providing Countries 2017

America is a large country that consists of 50 states. The dairy industry in this country not only obtains milk from cows but also from buffaloes, goats and sheep. Many people are very familiar with the dairy industry where these farms are referred to dairy sheds. Some of the dairy products produced here include cheese, yoghurt, and milk and for children powdered milk. There are estimated 51,000 dairy milks in USA.

5. Germany


This country has many counties that are milk producing. Germany exports an estimated 21.1% of dairy products in European market. Some of the milk providing livestock that are found in this country includes cows, goats, sheep and buffaloes. The quality of the milk exported and the price makes Germany a huge exporter of milk. Cow milk forms the major part of the exported milk with an estimate of 4.2 million liters. Each day milk production in Germany increases tremendously.

4. Pakistan


The economy of Pakistan largely depends on the dairy industry. Many of the milk producing livestock are found in rural areas of this country. Some of the milk producing animals includes cows, sheep and buffaloes. Dairy products sold here include yoghurt, cheese and milk apart from other products. Money earned from milk export helps locals improve their living standards.

3. Brazil


Apart from football, this country is well known in milk production. Total cows in this country are estimated to be 205 million and 10% of this is dairy cows. Milk that is exported from Brazil is mostly from the cows. Annually milk produced in Brazil is approximated to be 27.9 million liters. 26% of the total milk produced in this country comes from a state known as Minas Gerais. The economy of this country is supported hugely by milk export.

2. Russia


Russia is country well known for the high quality of milk it produces. There is an organization that controls the quality of milk produced by ensuring that no chemicals and harmful substances that are added. Dairy industry supports an estimated 20% of the economy and its growth is tremendous each day. Russia is one of the most milk producing country in the world.

1. China


With the largest population in the entire world, this developed country is one of the most milk producing countries. This is because many of the people here practice dairy farming to earn their living. Dairy cows in China are estimated to be about 14millions. 10% of Chinas economy hugely depends on the dairy industry. The government and even private organizations largely offer support to dairy famous to ensure that this industry grows tremendously. Dairy products that are exported from China include cheese and yoghurt. Countries prefer to import milk from this country because of its fair prices and high quality.

The above countries are some of the top ten milk providing countries worldwide and have well-structured dairy industries.