Top 10 Best Keyword Research Tools

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Keyword Research Tools 2017. Anyone who is seeking to build a brand or sell in the virtual world should be familiar with how keywords work. Even if someone chooses to go with an outside marketing agency or virtual assistant with digital marketing knowledge, familiarity with the basics can give an ideal of how their public sees the client’s real estate. Better is knowing what keywords or phrases are needed to land on the first page of an engine search.

The top 10 best keyword research tools in 2017 are an assortment of free and paid resources that can help in an online marketing strategy. While there are many types of keyword tool sites services on the internet, these have been praised by real people who have seen some type of revenue through online promotion. While some of the paid services include extra services that assist the client, those clients willing to learn and practice marketing fundamentals find that the free services suffice as a primary or secondary promotional tool.

List of Top 10 Best Keyword Research Tools 2017

1. Bing

Bing Top 10 Best Keyword Research Tools in 2017

This is available to anyone with a Microsoft account and like Google, there is only one free application. All data is organic and up to six months of historical data is available to users, along with a keyword research tool. It also allows the user to tailors keywords or phrases by the region or preferred language. Bing also has plugins and widgets the user can install for free.

2. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner Top Best Keyword Research Tools in 2017

Probably the most used free keyword search tool. While there is no paid version, a Google or Gmail account is needed to access this tool. It can be set up to filter locations, language and bad (or useless keywords). There is also plug-in that can access live URLs to filter keywords. For additional local results, Google Trends lets the user compare traffic for different sets of keywords, even by geographic region. One expert says Trends may be used for seasonal promotions.

3. Hubspot

Hubspot Top Most Famous Keyword Research Tools in 2018

Some say that this all-in-one software is like having a live digital marketing assistant, as it allows the user to create online keyword strategies. Here, the user can view live SEO results track rankings, optimize website so that it’s visible to the keywords that matter in an engine search. The Hubspot Academy offers a free, extensive tutorial on how to use keywords for optimum engine searches.

4. Keyword Eye

Keyword Eye Top Most Popular Keyword Research Tools in 2018

This is a free service that filters keywords based on language and country. However, the client can also set it up to calculate or research keyword potential. It also gives data in the form of a visual graph. There is also an automatic suggest feature that offers synonyms and search string without leaving the website.

5. Keyword Spy

Keyword Spy Top Famous Keyword Research Tools in 2019

This software has a number of subscription options but each has a vast number of features. There are plans that perform research or tracking; however, the Professional plan includes both along with affiliate tracking. Keyword Spy works with the major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing). Intelligence data for organic keywords, pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, use with major affiliate programs like Commission Junction and exportable data comes with all subscriptions plans. This is one of the Top 10 Best Keyword Research Tools 2017.

6. Moz Explorer

Moz Explorer Top Popular Keyword Research Tools in 2019

This software offers a free trial and various paid subscriptions. There are free tools like the link building tool, Twitter analytics, and webpage performance that can be accessed by anyone. Moz Local lets users see their local listing score, or visibility among the local demographic. Paid subscriptions offer branded reports, keyword lists, and keyword reports for multiple campaigns. Keyword analysis metrics show the competition rankings.

7. SEM Rush

SEM Rush Top 10 Best Keyword Research Tools in

Offers a number of digital marketing plans under several premium subscriptions. Some of the offerings include SEO ideas, social media tools, and keyword difficulty. Most impressive is the wide assortment of analytical reports that cover organic searches, advertising, keyword research and video advertising.

8. Ubersuggest


This free software is growing in popularity and claims on its website that they can quickly find keywords not located in Google Keyword Planner. The toolbar extension is compatible with Chrome and Firefox and has the capability to locate suggested keywords and phrases based on the seed keyword. It can also give geographical information and works with a number of search engines and online tools.

9. Wordstream


This tool is available in free and premium versions. It contains a huge database that filters out adult keywords, negative (or opposite meaning) keywords, and keyword niches. The free version will select from the top 100 results whereas the paid version presents thousands of results. Additionally, the paid version offers features such as weekly Smart Alerts in previous keyword searches.

10. Wordtracker


This easy-to-use software is offered as a free trial and premium versions. Both versions give suggestions for keyword phrase along with a competition analysis for each keyword search. The paid version offers features like link building tools and a strategic competition tool that assists in locating keywords most used by the client’s customers of preferred demographic.

These are the Top 10 Best Keyword Research Tools 2017. It’s up to the website owner to find the best search tools for their type of business and this is based on its offerings like social media and videos used for promotional or direct selling purposes. Ideally, a premium and free tool like Google Keyword Planner for Adwords used concurrently works for many businesses. It also helps to note that keywords and keyword phrases can change rankings by the month. In the case of using an outside person for digital marketing, make sure they are verifying and making changes as needed.