Top 10 Best iPhone And iOS Apps of All Times

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best iPhone And iOS Apps of All Times 2017. The iPhone is the reigning heavy weight champ in the market for smartphones. This Apple manufactured device provides the best smartphone experience for consumers. The thing that really makes the iPhone great are the apps.

Apple’s former CEO and iPhone founder Steve Jobs said that “software is the soul of a smartphone” and he is absolutely right. He also stated that without apps an iPhone would just be a piece of metal. The point is that Jacobs knew how important software would be to the iPhone. The following information will describe the best iPhone and iOS Apps of all times till 2017.

List of Top 10 Best iPhone And iOS Apps of All Times till 2017

10. Candy Crush

Candy Crush Top Most iPhone And iOS Apps of All Times 2017

The Candy Crush craze has finally come to an end. The Candy Crush craze started back in 2012 and it took over the world of video games for nearly 4 years. The game peaked sometime in 2014 and by the end of 2015 the craze was winding down.

Candy Crush had to make way for Pokemon Go and other big name video games. However, people still continue to play this game. iPhone users have downloaded this app over 300 million times. Candy Crush truly deserves to be added to this list for the best iPhone apps of all time.

9. Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go does not come with the iPhone device. However, it can be downloaded from the iStore. This game was designed for the iPhone and Samsung’s Galaxy Note. Pokemon Go was released in July of 2016 and by August of this year it had been downloaded at least 100 million times by Apple users all over the world. This game broke video game records to become the biggest and best selling game in history. It even surpassed Candy Crush and Angry Birds which recently held the highest gaming spot.

8. Twitter


Apple is big on social media sites and Twitter has been included on the device for this reason. Twitter is not as big as Facebook but it is the second largest social media application. People who use this app will be able to send Tweets (a long form of text messages) to friends and family. They often use Twitter for communication with the masses.

7. iTunes U

iTunes U Top 10 Best iPhone And iOS Apps of All Times

iTunes is Apple’s music service and it must be included on the device. Apple owners who are music fans will simply enjoy this app because it allows them to purchase, play and organize music. They can find the type of music that they like to hear and put it directly on their device. The app even offers internet radio services as well.

6. WhatsApp Messenger


iPhone owners enjoy the WhatsApp Messenger because it allows them to send texts without charges. People who use this app can keep in touch with family and friends through text messages while on the go. All they need is an internet connection to use the service. This app is a really great way for people to keep track of kids and loved ones and is welcomed edition to the iPhone app lineup. This is one of the Top 10 Best iPhone And iOS Apps of All Times till 2017.

5. Angry Birds

Angry Birds Top 10 Best iPhone And iOS Apps of All Times 2017

Angry Birds has been included on this list because it is a game that is automatically added to the iOS app lineup. Angry Birds was a real popular game back in 2010 but it is also has been added to the app line up for Apple devices. Keep in mind that Angry Birds is an integral part of the gaming world and keeping this app on iPhones is great for entertainment value and for fun.

4. Skype


Skype is an iPhone app that allows people to make free video calls all over the world from their devices. This technology provides a great way for people communicate and to keep in touch. Skype is also a great too for business.

This app is included on the iPhone because it provides users with a great way to communicate and it can be used as an emergency way for iPhone users to stay in touch in case they lose service from their other communication apps.

3. Instagram

Instagram Top Most Popular iPhone And iOS Apps of All Times 2019

What YouTube did for videos, the site Instagram has done for photos. Instagram has taken photography to the next level. Billions of photos from just about every facet or aspect of life can be found on Instagram. This app is naturally included on Apple devices. Many iOS owners love this app because it provides them with a great way to take and share photos.

2. YouTube


YouTube is a free community cable station for the whole world. Anybody can make and upload a video to YouTube. Some people’s videos will stand out more than others. YouTube has made a big name for itself over the years and it too has also been included on iPhone units.

iPhone owners can make their own video shows directly from their phones. They can entertain or inform the world in their own unique way. YouTube is a great app and it will also be featured on the iPhone line up as well.

1. Facebook

Facebook Top Popular iPhone And iOS Apps of All Times 2018

Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg’s creation. After he released this social media site back to the internet back in 2004 it became the number one website on the internet. Facebook was released on the iPhone as one of its original apps. Since that time, it has remained a vital part of the iPhone’s lineup. iPhone fans can definitely expect to see this app on their smartphones and tablets.

Facebook’s app for iPhone is the top selling and most downloaded app in the device’s history. This app is spread across many different platforms and it really has been touted with iPhone devices. Since Apple has the number one smartphone it just makes good business sense for the company to make the number one internet site to be included in its line-up of apps.

These are the Top 10 Best iPhone And iOS Apps of All Times till 2017. The apps mentioned on this list are commonly found on most iPhones devices. These are the biggest and best apps that Apple provides for their customers and they help to make the iPhone experience so much better.