Top 10 Best Interior Design Apps for Your Home

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Interior Design Apps for Your Home 2017. Do you love redecorating your home or space often? Do you enjoy playing around with floor plans and making different styles? If the answer is yes then what you need is to get an interior design app on your smartphone or iPhone. Almost everyone is attached to their phone these days so you would definitely be doing good by downloading one to your phone instead of a computer or tablet. Phone are more portable but also with you everywhere you go.

When you think of interior design, you probably think of the inside of your house like your furniture or appliances but that is not all that is included. There is also floor plans and decorations, even the outside of the house needs to be thought about. With the apps I have listed below you will be able to find the perfect look for your house much faster and probably decide a lot better than trying to visualize the products because you will be able to see how each piece or color looks in real life photos of whichever room you are redoing. Take a look at the apps listed for the top ten best selling interior design apps for your home in 2017 listed below and see if you can find one that matches your needs.

List of Top 10 Best Interior Design Apps for Your Home 2017

10. ColorSnap-

colorsnap, Best Interior Design Apps for Your Home 2017

Sherman-Williams is the creator of this app and they have found a way to let you match the color of your favorite landscape to the interior of your home. The app is capable of analyzing the color of any photo on your phone and it will tell you what shade of Sherman-Williams paint it matches. It looks through thousands of its content inventory and then will put it in a virtual room sample so you can have a visual of what it may look like on your walls in your home. ColorSnap is free to download and will work on android or iPhone.

9. Zillow Digs-

zillow digs, Best Interior Design Apps for Your Home 2018

This app is brought to you by Zillow, the online website that searches almost every address in America and estimates the values of them homes. Zillow Digs is an app that will work the same way as the site but instead of giving you an estimate on the real estate it will show you an estimate on the interior design project you are wanting to do. It will then give you names of retailers to help find your products. The app will let you choose your project that will match your budget. You get advice from real interior designers and can use the social media feature to like, share, or follow other Zillow Digs users. The app is only available for iPhone but can be downloaded for free.

8. Houzz-

houzz, Best Interior Design Apps for Your Home 2019

This has been called the Wikipedia of interior and exterior design by CNN. Its contents have more than five million images of homes that are tagged and organized by the style, what room the image is of, and the location. You can browse through images, search for a specific project, or save your favorite ones to you Ideabook. This will then store your idea and give the apps professional design team an idea of what you like. The app is free in the android app store or the iPhone market.

7. Homestyler Interior Design-


This interior design app considers itself a virtual fitting room. You can try out different products to see how they would look in your own home. There are 3D images of various furniture pieces, fixtures, and much more options that you can place in the actual photo of your room you are redesigning. You can share your ideas in the design gallery and are able to see what others have done too. You can also look through profiles and portfolios of designers that are located near you so you can ask questions and make connections for yourself. You can get the app on both android and iPhone for free.

6. Curate-


For all the art lovers out there, this is the perfect app for you. It allows you to take a photo of your wall and then place the painting onto it so you can see what it will look like much faster than staring at the artwork for hours trying to figure out if it will look good on your wall. This app will always help you place your art in the best places. Get it free on android or iPhone. This is one of the Top 10 Best Interior Design Apps for Your Home 2017.

5. LikeThat Décor and Furniture-


You can use this app to find individual pieces of furniture by taking a picture of the item and then the app will search through its inventory to find the model and a similar style. You can compare prices and save the product so you can come back to it later. This app is not only for android and iOS but you can get online and use it as well. It is free for any way you decide to use it.

4. MagicPlan-


This app is great for saving you from having to waste time taking measurements or making floor plans. It will convert distances in a space by simply analyzing a picture. You can add notes to your photos of your ceiling height or hallway width and you will not have to worry about a piece of furniture getting stuck in your doorway ever again. Android and iPhone offer downloads of MagicPlan for free.

3. MyPantone-


Do not have an argument over what the real color of a product is. The Pantone app will give the final say on what the accurate color is. This app is perfect for communicating correctly your color choices to professional decorators, designers, or manufacturers. You can even take a photo of a color you love and the app will identify the color and then show you shades that will match. You can download it for your smartphone or iOS system for a low price of $9.99.

2. BrightNest-


There are two main rules to interior designing. The first is to stay organized throughout the entire process so that you can keep focused without worrying about losing your essentials or forgetting to do an important task. Then you need to be able to keep the vision you have for the project once it is already finished. BrightNest is going to solve both issues for you by being your digital personal assistant that is going to be a huge help and major stress reliever. You are able to write out your most important household tasks on a regular schedule. The app will then give you reminders about when the task is due. You can also get advice for better ways to do the project you are already working on. It will be easy to finish your home improvement projects with ways you had not quite thought of doing. Projects are all about the upgrades. Get bright nest for free on android and iPhone today.

1. Home Design 3D-


This app has a new interior and exterior design plan that gives you the ability to drag and drop items where you want them. You can import floor plans and change the space if you want to. Imagine new openings in the walls, raise up ceilings to a higher height, or remove complete walls. After you finish playing around changing your plan up then add in some furniture and accessories that you decide will go into your space perfectly. You can make your plans while in 2D or 3D but also are able to share your ideas and plans with others that are on the app that is then able to make modifications to your designs in real time. Android and iOS both offer this app download for a low price of $9.99. Seems to well worth it to me for being able to modify floor plans in fine detail and adding your own touch to the whole thing as well.

Overall, having an interior design app will not only save you time but possibly save you tons of money since you will already be able to see how the product looks in your home from the images you have seen with the app. Without one of these applications you risk walking into a store and buying the item then getting it home and maybe it will not fit inside your doorway or maybe the style is all wrong for what you are wanting, or just maybe the color you are rolling on the walls turns out awful once it is painted on the wall. Download one of these apps to solve any of these issues that will be easy to prevent beforehand anyways.