Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies in The World

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies in The World 2017. When a nation wants to find out what is really happening in the world they rely on their Intelligence Agency for this information. An intelligence agency is critical to the success or failure of a country. These particular government offices are necessary for protecting a country’s interests, security, debts and political position.

Nearly all countries have an intelligence agency. Since there are so many of these agencies it is hard to figure out which ones are the best. However, some countries have intelligence agencies that have more resources, manpower and connections than others. The following list will provide a brief analysis of the top 10 intelligence agencies in the world 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies in The World 2017

10. Directorate for Inter-Services, Pakistan


Pakistan’s intelligence agency if officially known as the Directorate for Inter-Services. It also has been dubbed the Inter-Services Intelligence or ISI. This organization has been in business since 1948. This organization is headquartered in Islamabad. Inter-Services Intelligence reports directly to the Prime Minister. The Chief of Army staff makes recommendations.

The Intelligence Bureau and Military Intelligence operates in conjunction with the Inter-Services Intelligence. This organization provides counter intelligence services and counter-terrorism operations. ISI is also the nation’s primary think tank place.

9. Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), India


India is a developing country that is growing in wealth and power. It is ranked as one of the top 20 nations in the world. The intelligence agency for this country is named Researched and Analysis Wing or RAW. India’s intelligence agency is not answerable to anyone but the Prime Minister. The Parliament cannot even question, enforce or authorize this agency to perform any action.

This organization gathers and evaluates information about governments, corporations and any other matter that can directly impact or affect India’s economy, military or society. This organization is situated in New Delhi.

8. Direction Generale De La Securite Exterieure (DGSE), France

DGSE, France Top Popular Intelligence Agencies in The World 2018

France’s intelligence organization has really been busy since 2015. This organization is constantly monitoring the threat of terrorist attacks and any threat to their society. The organization is known as the DGSE or as the Direction Generale De La Securite Exterieure. The DGSE works with France’s DGSI or the General Directorate for Internal Security.

The DGSE constantly performs paramilitary and counterintelligence operations. The organization does its best to keep foreign and domestic threats from tearing the country apart. It also works in conjunction with other intelligence agencies to protect its interests and the interest of their allies.

7. Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS), Australia

ASIS, Australia Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies in The World 2017

The Aussies have a sound intelligence agency that is called by its acronym ASIS. The official name of this organization is the Australian Secret Intelligence Service. It was created in 1951 by the Commonwealth. The government controls the agency and they control it according to their discretion.

The city of Canberra is home to this agency. Australia’s government decided to model their Intelligence organization on MI6 which is the British Secret Intelligence Organization. As a matter of fact, the Aussies once called their organization MO9. Like all other intelligence organizations, ASIS protects its people and ensures that its assets are safe in various parts of the world.

6. Bundesnachrichtendienst, (BND), Germany


The Federal Intelligence Service is Germany’s premiere intelligence organization. It is located in the city of Pullach near the nation’s capital of Munich. This organization is also known as Bundesnachrichtendienst or BND for short.

Germany is a first rate country that is on the cutting edge of technology, science and politics. This country has a vast amount of resources and is a powerful state. They utilize updated state-of-the-art technology to safeguard their borders and they also have a network of spies and special forces that work as a part of their intelligence operations.

BND relies on surveillance and communication monitoring to ensure the safety of its people. This organization has locations spread out across the globe and each one serves the interest of the German nation and its political position in the world.

5. Federal Security Services, (FSB) Russia , Federal Security Bureau of Russian Federation (Russia)

FSB Russia Top Most Popular Intelligence Agencies in The World 2018

Russia is a nation that has a long standing history with intelligence gathering. This country had the famous (or infamous) KGB which provides intelligence services for the nation. Currently, the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation or FSB is the primary security force in Russia.

This agency was created in 1995 and it consists of nearly 250,000 personnel. They are spread out all over Russia and across the globe. Their main objective is to protect Russia but they also promote Russia’s agenda in the world.

The FSB uses a force of undercover agents, spies and security officers to get the job done. They regulate drug smuggling, stop acts of terror and combat state crime. Outside of international threats they use surveillance tactics to find and eliminate threats. FSB has a military component but it is not restricted by “rules” when performing their duties. This is one of the Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies in The World 2017.

4. Ministry of State Security (MSS), China

MSS, China Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies in The World

China has the world’s second largest economy and it is the most populated nation on Earth. China is a powerhouse in terms of national strength and military might. This company uses the Ministry of State Security (MSS) to ensure the safety of its people, assets and interests.

The MSS is responsible for securing their politicians, intelligence gathering and for counter-intelligence operations. They also work with the public security bureaus pertaining to non-state security matters. This organization is located in Beijing. It was created in 1937 to collect intelligence during China’s civil war during the time.

3. Central Intelligence Agency, (CIA) United States

CIA United States Top Most Intelligence Agencies in The World 2017

The CIA is one of the world’s premiere intelligence organizations. It was first created in 1947 for domestic threats. It soon expanded to take on wider threats outside of the U.S. The organization is responsible for analyzing information about incoming foreigners, underground operations at the discretion of the president and for gathering information on terrorist threats in the world.

The Central Intelligence Agency is located in Langley, Virginia. This organization is a part of the IC or Intelligence Community which reports to the Director of National Intelligence. This individual then informs the president and cabinet members about any potential threats to the U.S. The CIA is the best of the best in terms of intelligence but it did not make the number one spot because the U.K. and Israel’s intelligence agencies have been rising through the ranks since the 2010’s.

2. Secret Intelligence Service, (MI6) United Kingdom


The U.K. is a collection of countries that work together as one unit. Great Britain is the primary country out of the group and is home to the Secret Intelligence Service which is also known as MI6. The agency is located in Vauxhall Cross, London. MI6 ensures that no threat in the world is able to attack and destroy the nation and their international interests.

M16 was not formally introduced to the public until 1994.They were cloaked in secrecy for many years out of necessity. Spies are among the backbone to M16’s operations. They are also masters at gathering intelligence through surveillance and computerized methods. M16 has on the frontline of many international incidents. They have a knowledge of many things happening in the world; long before the average person is aware of any problem.

1. The Institute For Intelligence and Special Operation (MOSAD), Israel

MOSAD Israel Top Famous Intelligence Agencies in The World 2019

The nation of Israel has been relatively safe since this country was first formed in the 1940s. Israel’s safety depends on a number of things. First, it must have a well-trained and well equipped military force.

Next, it must be ready to strike at a moment’s notice. The people of Israel are automatically conscripted and taught how to fight once they reach 18. They also need a solid intelligence gathering group to ensure that Israel is not being wiped off the map.

The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operation (MOSAD) is Israel’s primary intelligence force. This agency has undercover agents everywhere. After the nation went through the experience of the Holocaust they refuse to be placed in that situation again.

MOSAD gathers data, they carry out covert operations and they have forces in place to protect every Jewish community no matter where they live. MOSAD reports to the prime minister of the country and they back the Israeli military units when needed.

These are the Top 10 Best Intelligence Agencies in The World 2017. Intelligence gathering is extremely important for nation security and to protect national interest. Each country and not just the top 10 listed here; must ensure that their nation is as safe as possible when securing their borders and their position in the world.