Top 10 Best Herbs For Weight Loss

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Herbs For Weight Loss 2017. Obesity and overweight has been a major tragedy to many people in this century. Increased waist line and under arms makes people feel unfit and try every method to gain back their normal shape. People have ended up investing lump sum amount of money in trying to reduce body weight by buying expensive weight trimming machines and enrolling to expensive gym activities. What they don’t know is that you can actually reduce your weight at the comfort of your home by using some natural herbs, which are very effective, easily available and affordable. They also work well to all individual body types and they rarely have any side effects. These herbs include the following.

List of Top 10 Best Herbs For Weight Loss 2017


CUMIN Top Famous Herbs For Weight Loss 2019

Cumin powder can help start weight loss, decrease body fat, triglycerides and improve unhealthy cholesterol levels. This is because cumin increases your metabolic process, suppresses appetite leading to decrease in amount of food intake and contains a lot of antioxidants. Adding a tea spoonful of cumin powder to your favorite vegetable recipe can help you reduce your weight. Drinking one teaspoonful of cumin in your favorite beverage in the morning before eating breakfast will also produce effective results.


CARDAMOM Top Most Herbs For Weight Loss 2017

Cardamom has the ability to increase fat metabolism, help reduce water retention, improve your lipid level and also boost digestion. Taking cardamom in food can also help in burning belly fat. Serve your tea with Cardamom, add low fat milk and do not add sugar or cream; cardamom will not only help you in weight loss but will also improve the taste of the tea. Try once and it will be irresistible.



Ginger can be used in tea, salads, food and in making some concoctions. Ginger improves digestion, and activates metabolism making it an effective fat and calorie burner. Make a ginger lemonade by combining freshly grated ginger, lemon juice, honey and water and drink it in the morning before breakfast. Ginger will never disappoint your effort to weight loss.



Turmeric acts as an anti-inflammatory agent, and it assists your body in metabolizing fat undoubtedly stimulating weight loss .Turmeric also help to detoxify the liver and protect cell damage. Detoxifying the liver helps it function effectively in burning fat, therefore weight loss. Turmeric extracts also lower blood cholesterol. Incorporate turmeric powder in your recipes like rice and besides making it eye catching due to the yellow color it will help in weight loss. It works effectively when served in tea.



Add mustard in healthy low calorie and fat meal and it will help your systems in boosting fat burning. Mustard seeds are low in calories and carbohydrates. Add them to your weight loss meal plan and they’ll be effective. While making sandwiches, make use of low calorie bread, and instead of using condiments which may be high in calories, opt for mustard. Your breakfast will be low in calorie and eventually if you continue with this recipe you’ll lose some weight. This is one of the Top 10 Best Herbs For Weight Loss 2017.


DANDELIONS Top 10 Best Herbs For Weight Loss

Many refer to dandelion as a garden weed but it’s also a useful herb. Dandelion acts as a digestive aid and detoxifier. It reduces water retention and therefore assists in reducing water weight. Use dandelion extracts in your tea and it will help prompt diuresis and lose reduce body water weight.


BLACK PEPPER Top 10 Best Herbs For Weight Loss 2017

Black pepper is more than just a spice. It contains a potent nutrient (phytonutrient) that helps speed up the breakdown of fat cells. Black pepper also helps in improving digestion. If you use ground pepper make sure that its freshly ground .Mix juice of half a lemon in a glass of warm water, add black pepper and honey to it. Have it on an empty stomach, perhaps in the morning before breakfast.


CINNAMON Top Most Popular Herbs For Weight Loss 2018

Cinnamon help in weight loss in a number of ways. Firstly it controls insulin levels and decrease blood sugar; insulin in the body helps regulate blood sugar which if not controlled will be stored as fat. Cinnamon therefore helps regulate your levels so this excess fat does not accumulate. Secondly, cinnamon speeds metabolism rate of blood sugar and carbohydrates. Cinnamon also burns belly fat and suppresses appetite by slowing down the process digestion, therefore you’ll feel full for longer hours and avoid excess food intake. Add a teaspoon of cinnamon to your breakfast cereal or you can mix cinnamon with honey and take it on an empty stomach.


CAYENNE PEPPER Top Popular Herbs For Weight Loss 2018

Cayenne pepper helps in weight loss by curbing your appetite, speeding up your metabolism and burning fats and calories. Eat half teaspoonful of cayenne pepper and the result will be increase in the amount of calories your body burns. You can cook cayenne pepper in your food or add cayenne paper spice to your drinking water, milk shake, etc.



Ginseng triggers hormones such as leptin, insulin and adiponectin which are involved in fat and cholesterol metabolism. Ginseng extracts stimulate oxidation of fats therefore reducing body fat and thereby weight. It also contains ginsenosides which help in reducing appetite. Therefore ginseng stimulates weight loss by controlling hormones and enzymes that regulate appetite. Take ginseng in tea or chew its roots and take for two weeks, then take a break before consuming it again.

These are the Top 10 Best Herbs For Weight Loss 2017. Make smart dietary choices, consider the calories you burn versus those you consume in your diet, even if you are applying one of the above herbs for weight loss. Increasing physical activities by engaging in activities like swimming, jogging, etc. will also help in reducing your weight.