Top 10 Best Health Insurance Companies in America

Take a look at the below list of Top 10 Best Health Insurance Companies in America 2017. Health insurance has become affordable in recent years across United States of America. The major challenge at the moment is finding that company which suits patient needs. New insurance companies keep sprouting every other day citizens need to be aware of fraudsters posing as insurers. In order to get the insurance cover that suits your needs, it is necessary to make comparisons between various companies. Affordable care act that was recently enacted has made life assurance affordable unlike in the past when low income earners had to take a risk of avoiding insurance covers because it was beyond their reach. Fines stipulated in the act have also made people prefer taking insurance covers rather than pay such fines. This article discusses the top health insurance companies in America 2017.

List of Top 10 Best Health Insurance Companies in America 2017

10. WellPoint insurance company

wellpoint-insurance-company, Top 10 Best Health Insurance Companies in America 2017

It ranks among the top health insurance companies in terms of its customer base. This company was formed in 2004 following the merger of Anthem and WellPoint Health Networks. It has its branches spread across 14 states in America with its headquarters in Indiana State. It has a number of health plans that cater for both high and low income earners with at least a tenth of Americans insured with the company. Furthermore, the company offers self-sponsored customers, managed health care services, wellness programs among other services suited to enhance healthcare systems among its insured customers. Subsidiary companies of WellPoint offer a range of services in dental, vision, disability, radiology and behavioral health plans at a relatively competitive prices. The major advantage of this company is its large customer base that makes it more appealing to those seeking an insurance company for health insurance.

9. Highmark Blue cross blue shield

highmark-blue-cross-blue-shield, Top 10 Best Health Insurance Companies in America 2018

This company has health insurance plans covering over five million people in united states. The company has its head offices in Pittsburgh. It is ranked among the best companies offering health policies in America due to its marquee plans in health insurance, vision, dental as well as superb reinsurance cover. This company was formed after the merger of the highland insurance company with Northern Blue Cross from Pennsylvanian. The company offers relatively fair prices for their health plans. The introduction of juvenile health insurance policy is also a n advantage for those with young children as it has helped cater for quite a number of children in the states they cover. The company offers a range of policies that accommodates both high and low income earners. The major drawback of this company is that its operations are limited to the three states.

8. Molina Healthcare


It is among the most recent companies that rank high to open doors to customers seeking health insurance policies in 1980. The company runs a number of health clinics where its customers seek medical attention. The company has risen from a single clinic and today, it boasts of a total 29 clinics in 11 states across America. It focuses more on the government paid plans on health. The company has won several accolades for its health care policies that takes care of both the customers and its employees. Furthermore, its competitive prices are a darling to the low income earners. The major setback was in 2011 when the company was gravely accused of discrimination of its workers and breaking labour laws. Nonetheless, the company remains one of the best in America.

7. Homeland Healthcare


This company has been operation for a long period of time now with almost 100 years since its establishment. The longevity of this company is a confidence booster for those looking for a credible insurance company offering health plans. The company is among those with high number of branches across United States of America covering 40 states. Nevertheless, it boasts of favorable prices for their health plans that are attractive to the low class. The number of branches is also a plus for this company as not many insurance companies can match its customer base. The only conspicuous drawback of this company is that the quality of its services certainly depend on the branch and location.

6. United Healthcare


It is deemed as one of the most expensive insurance company for health plans albeit policy prices vary greatly depending on the insurance plan. The major Advantage of this company is its attractive online support system that seems to lure many people who prefer online health care management system. Its online support tools come in handy and every insurer manages an own account which allows one to easily access information right on their smartphones rather than book an appointment with the doctor. The insurer also gets prescriptions, check his remissions and find doctors in their area online making it one of the most convenient insurance companies for health plans. The company also has wellness programs and vital information that can easily be accessed on their website. This is one of the Top 10 Best Health Insurance Companies in America 2017.

5. Cigna insurance company


This company has health insurance plans that caters for Affordable care Act, global health insurance plans and plus dental insurance plans. The major drawback is that the company has branches in just twelve states in United States of America. The other disadvantage of this company is lack of short-term health insurance policies that is usually meant to bridge gaps in the insurance cover. Low income earners on the other hand, are easily taken care of by he subsidized insurance plans offered.

4. Aetna


It provides a wide range of insurance plans which include health insurance, dental and vision plans as well as student and international insurance. The company also provides supplementary insurance cover to facilitate you other insurance plan on health which include hospital inpatient and critical care health plans. The major drawback of this company is lack of short term insurance policies to bridge gaps in the insurance. The major advantage of this insurance company is its low rates among major insurance companies in United States. The fact that the company has been operational since 19th century should be a confidence booster for those looking for an experienced company with clean track record and quality programs. Its Affordable care act-approved plans makes it conspicuous in health insurance and its low premium rates are very attractive to those seeking health plans. The quote features is also a challenge associated WITH Aetna insurance company.

3. Kaiser Permanente


This company has a healthcare policy that covers nine states in United States of America with its own line of hospitals and doctors. The company boasts of one of the best rates among the insurance companies offering health plans `making it rank among the top ten insurance companies. His insurance policy pegs you to permanent system worth evaluation when seeking health insurance plan. This company is suitable for those seeking a good insurance cover for their special healthcare needs. Kaiser Permanente system consists of doctors as well as the medical facilities although it’s limited to fewer than ten states in United States f America. Nevertheless, the company’s health insurance policy does not take care for patents outside their own facilities. The company provides for a wide range of health insurance plans at low prices hence, suitable to the low income earners in United States.

2. Humana


This insurance company is located in western or mid- western region and citizens in those states can easily opt for this company. It stands out among other insurance company due to its premium services, wide range of insurance plans and immaculate wellness programs offered. The company offers insurance plans in health at relatively low prices making it favorable to the low income earners in United States of America. The major undoing for this company is the fact that it operates in just 22 states denying other states the opportunity to access their services. The company therefore, covers less than half the states in America despite ranking among the best with health insurance covers because of favorable number of insurance covers. Low prices for its health covers and suitable wellness programs that give lifetime to health makes this company be outstanding among those offering health insurance. This company still provides health insurance across America for those with nationwide PPO plan. The company does not provide short-term coverage although its insurance covers that include home health plans. He Company also has guidance centers that help promote community development sense. For those from states covered by this insurance company it will be prudent to give this company a try.

1. Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS)


This company provides health insurance across United States of America. It is a group of companies which consists of some locally run and independent companies, thirty seven in number. The main advantage of this insurance company is personalized attention which is very crucial for the insurer. On the other, this scenario allows for biasness in the service delivery depending on the location of the company. This company is regarded as the best life insurance company across America due to its favorable prices with numerous assurance options. Discounts on their products make Blue Cross Blue shield the most outstanding health insurance company in United States of America. This company provides easy access to manager and provides for easy online order for medications besides mail order. Easy access to doctors or nurses through online platforms saves time and money required to physically visit them. The major drawback is that access to these services depends solely on the local branch of Blue cross blue shield company operating in your locality.

There exist a number of health insurance companies in America 2017 offering health policies. The above essay analyses those top ten companies in terms of competitiveness of their health plans. Its therefore, prudent for one to review the individual company when making decision on the right insurance plan to invest in.